Last day to get the $99 companion Delta ticket!

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After tomorrow, the buy one get one for $99+tax companion ticket from the Delta Gold personal and business card will be gone. The Platinum and Reserve card both will retain the buy one get one free+tax in coach and the Reserve in 1st class as well (all are for continental USA only). American Express has confirmed this date and on the $99 GOLD card certificate benefit is no longer listed.

Keep in mind you will not get your certificate on any of these cards until year TWO when your card membership fee is billed (no fee on both Delta GOLD cards for year one). So next year this time, you will then have up to 1 year to both book and complete travel with the certificate.

Are these certificates a good deal? I use mine each year I can (I can only take so many vacations)! I just got back from a trip to Denver skiing and saved myself $200 for the second ticket, but depending on the price of the 1st ticket your savings can be much higher or even lower. To learn more about these and some restrictions and options you can see THIS post. And before someone comments that these are hard to use, if you think you are going to be able to use these over Christmas to Florida or New Year’s Eve to NYC, you are barking up the wrong tree.

Most will say, for value, paying the $300 for the Platinum Delta AMEX card is a better deal ($150 year one + $150 year two) as that certificate is free+tax. True, but you are paying $300 in fees to get it. With the GOLD cert you pay no first year fee plus $99 for the cert plus $95 for the 2nd year fee. So, a small savings of $106 if you go Gold. However, with the Platinum Delta AMEX you get 5000 MQM’s that can have a MUCH greater value than $106 if it helps you earn medallion status!

Personally I will always have a Delta Reserve AMEX card despite the $450 annual fee because of the 10,000 MQM bonus points with the 1st charge to a new card (when you have NOT had a Delta Gold/Platinum/Reserve AMEX card for 365+ days) and moving up the upgrade list and Skyclub access and on and on! – René

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  1. I don’t see the companion ticket mentioned as a benefit on ANY of the Amex DL cards any longer. I’ve scoured the Amex site and the only mention I see of companion travel is for the Amex Platinum’s overseas BOGO.

    I know you keep up to date on these things so if you say the benefit is still there for DL Plat and Reserve cards I believe it but why is it so difficult to find?

  2. @Bill – There are bits about this that AMEX is working out on wording. Clearly, from the DELTA site, we know Delta is fine talking all about it. But keep in mind under the new rules, a fare must include the REAL TOTAL price, including tax, and this is hard to post. I think soon AMEX will have the wording right.

  3. Any word on whether this benefit is being revoked for existing cardholders? My DL Amex Gold companion cert typically posts first week in Feb…any chance I won’t receive it this year?

  4. @Charles – yes, (until tomorrow – next year), anyone who has the card will get 1 more cert when the annual fee bills! So, you should see it at your MY DELTA soon.

  5. Can you get a delta Reserve Business Card and still get the MQMs if you have the Gold card?

  6. @Robin – to be clear, if you have the PERSONAL GOLD AMEX DELTA, then yes, you can get the BUSINESS Reserve card and get the MQM’s. Understand that from a bonus stand, in the personal cards, the GOLD/PLAT/Reserve all all the same “family” of cards. Same in the business card area. – Rene

  7. Hi! I’ve been following this for a while and have followed suite (started to churn CC)! But….. I just booked a flight to Tampa, FL with my miles and I checked and my fare class is R in First and N in Economy. I looked online and saw that apparently since these fare classes don’t let you earn miles & MQM’s. Anyway I could change that? Always love to earn MQM’s!

  8. I got the DL Gold personal card in November. I’ve never seen any info (mailers or email) on any companion tix I may have as a benefit tied to this card. What gives? Am I just stupid and not finding it ont the website? This would be perfect to use to fly my mom on a quick vacation with me!

  9. @Lesley – as in post, you do not get it till YEAR 2 when you pay the annual fee for the card. You will have the cert by the end of OCT or early NOV.

  10. Ahhhh.. I knew my severe lack of caffeine today was going to get me in trouble. Sorry, should’ve re-read that before posting. Thanks for the help!! 🙂

  11. I’m trying to use a plat cert and after selecting the flights it shows a $40 fare charge for the companion, in addition to the taxes and fees. Have you ever seen that? I just got off the phone with Delta, talked to four different people and no help. Any ideas?

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