I promised to have a giveaway today so let’s get started!

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EDIT: We have our winner – contest over!

I hinted this week that I would give away some swag including some Uber-kool and sought after Delta Points luggage tags (these are going for $599.00 on ebay – gezzz – I kid)!

Anyway, rather than do a quick draw, I will do this, I have 20 more luggage tags and another set of iGo headphones. Tomorrow, Sunday night some time, I will use Random.org to pick 20 winners of the luggage tags. Then, one of these 20 will have the chance to win the iGo Noise Canceling headphones!

Again, no e-mail, all you have to do is look down to the bottom of this post and click on the COMMENTS word as you see below and then add at least your first name and a VALID e-mail (I often get winners but the e-mail comes back bad). – Rene

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  1. Soon we will be having to actually work on these contests 😉

    EDIT: From Rene – @ Nick – I know, I have done those in the past but my readers are so darn smart they go so fast!

  2. Yes! Headphones to go with a luggage tag?! One word: Fantasteriffic!! If you lose the headphones, no worry< You've got a Delta luggage tag on it!! Thanks for the opportunity!! 🙂

  3. I’d live to win another luggage tag. Soon all my bags will have Delta points luggage tags. Muwahaha.

  4. Now all I’ll need is the luggage to put the tag onto. At least if I win the headphones I won’t have to buy ears.

  5. Just booked my first Delta award itinerary and used great hints from your blog. Thanks so much!

  6. I’ll try my luck one more time 😀 I owe you a pint already, for the headphones lunch will go with the pint 😀

  7. I am more seasoned than a rookie credit card churner, but enjoy your website very much and all of your information and helpful tips! John 😉

  8. I already won and received my Delta tags but would the earphones. Thanks for doing these giveaways!

  9. I really enjoy your posts, adhave learned tremendously. My next feat, will be to attempt to book award travel from Delta.com from BHM to SIT through Delta and Alaska Air for low award travel…ought to be fun……wish me luck

  10. I don’t like this random number generator. I’d rather know that I am not selected intentional 🙂 ….

  11. I’m a newbie and I am learning so much from your blog. Now I did the Delta Points luggage tag to use on my MRs.

  12. Rene, I had an awesome Delta agent on the phone today. Is there a best way to give this person accolades (a shout out on Delta Points, contact Delta management, etc?).
    Thanks for all the great work!
    – Chris
    EDIT: From RENE us the contact and commend on Delta.com

  13. Oh p,ease, magical Internet random number picker, please pick my number and make me happy!

  14. Ah, a fashion statement for my Business Class award ticket from ICN-DTW-LAX. Hope I win. If you don’t catch me then, how about the return to LAX-MSP -DSM, or DSM-DTW-ICN. Thanks.

  15. Luggage Tag? Why Not – that way I will know which smashed/battered/ripped/crunched/painted/torn/zipperless/priority bag is mine on the carousel!!!

  16. Got my luggage tag ALREADY from the contest last week! Thanks, Renee. Hoping for the headphones today!

  17. Can’t wait to win the luggage tag and headphones – I’ll think of Delta Points every time I use them!

  18. Those headphones would be great, I have a MR cvg-dtw-lax-jfk-sju 2 days in sju-jfk-lax-mem-cvg leaving thursday and ord-ams-ist 4 days ist-cdg-ord leaving the 14th with my gf. They will come in handy when their are screaming babys sitting behind us.

  19. Rene, tell me where I am?

    In front of me sits a basket with;

    Bisotti,Sun Chips,apples, peanuts, Walkers Cookies,Twix.

    EDIT: From Rene – @Mark – Enjoy your GoGo and 1st class Delta trip! 🙂

  20. Thank you for the informative daily e-mails and the smart tips. Being picked would be an additional bonus!

  21. I’ve only been lucky in love and never in give-a-way contests but I read and enjoy the blog and is sure easy to sign up for the prize

  22. I forgot my noise cancelling headsets on the last flight i took from TLV , these will come handy. Thanks for a great blog Rene.

  23. I really want one of those snazzy delta points luggage tags! I even promise not to sell it on Ebay!

  24. Adding my name as we descend into ATL. Gogo is a good thing to have . Glass bottom boat is interesting.

  25. It’d been interesting to see how many comments there would be if your prize would fetch even more money on eBay than the luggage tags do.

  26. Rene,

    Have learned a lot the past few months.

    Would be great to start off 2013 winning something so please include me in your drawing.


  27. Rene.
    Definitely a cruise for your next warm vacation. I speak from experience. 24 and counting. :).

    All the best.


  28. I hope I win something. Never won anything in my life though soe at age 65, why would it suddenly start now. Well Ill be hoping as usual. Im new here so I dont understand how things work.

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