Junk mail = no need for a US Air retention call! Hello FREE points.

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I am sure you, just like me, get a ton of junk e-mail and real mail from airlines, hotel and credit cards. Most of the time, I very quickly scan them and dump them as the offers are just not worth our time.

This was NOT the case with this round. US Air card, which I got again in my latest round, has extended automatically to me 15,000 bonus points if I spend $750 in Feb, March & April (hello ice cream). I can do that with pleasure and this was a good move by US Air as otherwise that card would have been collecting dust in my safe deposit box until much later in the year.

Normally, and tip for us with smart phones, when you get a new card, put a reminder in your phone for 11 months. Then, here is what I do. I call for a retention bonus.

Let me digress real quick here. Some get all “high and mighty” that retention calls are wrong. That is just silly. These people have no problem paying a small or sometime HUGE fee for the “privilege” of using a card. So, if it is not wrong to pay a fee for a card, why is it wrong to ask the bank to give us something back to keep us.

Back to the retention call. Naturally, and this is for me, I will be getting more cards very soon. Thus, here is what I mention to the card issuers in general during the call:

I have enjoyed using the card but see there is a fee on the way soon and I am looking at other good card options that are out. Is there any way I could get the fee waived for another year or possibly be given some points to help me decide to keep the card? If no, is there any kind of spending challenge I could be extended for the next few months?

Most of the time, if you have used the card, they will toss you something to keep you. Then, it may be worth it to you to pay the fee and keep the card. If not, most cards you can downgrade to a no fee type card and it goes back into the safe deposit box and will just collect dust!

Either way, be sure to check your junk mail, digital and real, and make sure you are not missing out on some great free bonus points! – René

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  1. Got 15,000 mile offer for spending $750 in Jan, Feb, & March. Hoping they’ll be AA miles in a year or two.

  2. I personally can’t wait to dump this card. I have received nothing but POOR customer service from Barclays since I’ve had the card (and zero offers like this). It’ll take quite a retention bonus for me to keep it, and I say that even with Us Air being my primary airline

  3. You guys don’t know how good you have it! The offers for international card holders are no where as “RICH”

  4. This is GREAT advice. Most people are turned off by the more confrontational moments involved in mile collecting. Thank you for the script, yours is easy and honest.

  5. I just dumped my US Air Barclays card-I didn’t see any value from them. When I asked them what they would do to keep me, the rep was nice was not at liberty to do anything much.
    I too carry Delta reserve and spend excess of 60k each year. I find AX to be very helpfull and wanting to keep you.

  6. I got mine for Nov, Dec, Jan.
    I’m waiting for an email from them telling me what (if anything) I’ll get in Feb.

  7. I got this same offer from Barclays but for last Aug, Oct, Nov. I took advantage of it and just got my miles. Barclay’s seem to be proactive. I like that!

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