BREAKING NEWS: Delta APP 2.0 for Android is HERE!

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From Delta Rep  via FlyerTalk:

The new Fly Delta for Android is here
We’d like to introduce you to the newest member of our app lineup – Fly Delta for Android v2.0. The update includes all of the same features you’ve been using on our current Android app plus a whole lot more. Just like we’ve added in the iPhone version of the app, we’ve included the ability to find, compare and book flights. We’ve also updated My Trips to give you a quick and easy way to purchase Economy Comfort and our Trip Extras, including Wi-Fi and Priority Boarding. You’ll also be able to use the Track My Bags and Check Flight Status features to improve your day of travel experience.

At the core of the new functionality, we’ve optimized (and in some cases completely re-written) our backend systems to provide you with faster response times in all areas of the app. Additionally, we have updated the look and feel to help you find the most important features easily.

As some of you you have already noticed with Fly Delta for iPhone and the new mobile web site (, the ability to shop and book flights is currently available for flights within the U.S. This is temporary and we’re actively working to expand this to allow ticket purchases to all Delta destinations worldwide, just like, in upcoming releases.

We hope you like these new features and we’re looking forward to reading your comments.

Thank you! Jonathan_DeltaeCommerce
Company Representative

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  1. I just downloaded it and logged on. First time, CRASH.
    Second time, it worked.

    It seems to be running really smoothly and I like the added features so far.

    One funny part is when I looked at my milage and it shows me I need -44,144 miles to reach Diamond in 2013. (that means I am at 169,144 right now, but it just looks funny)

    Also, I don’t like that the Multi City Trips are not showing any beginning / first destination anymore, but just says “Multi-City”

  2. I love the new interface. It’s smooth and sexy. I also like I can add extras to my trips, and BOOK A FLIGHT FROM MY PHONE. You’d think we’re about to colonize mars there’s so much tech crammed into this app now. Easily the best airline app on Android.

  3. @Scott – I hear they are working on it via the FT post about it. I can tell you I love my NOTE2 but hated my S2 after the updates. Upgrade time? 😉

  4. Rene,

    I was being a bit facetious, but I do own a Nexus 7 and it is frustrating at the number of apps (not just Delta) that aren’t compatible. But you do realize that the Nexus 7 is a tablet, not a phone, right?

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