Secure Flight Passenger name data MUST match at – time to check NOW!

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I had a post before about how to enter in your “Known Traveler” number you got as part of GOES that you can have rebated back when you get the Platinum Membership Rewards card ($100 good for 5 years) and also gets you TSA Pre as well.(not to mention $200 per year in incidental fees credited back to you and Skyclub access and other lounges as well).

For a while now, if your Skymiles “name” did not match your Secure Flight Passenger name with Delta is was no big deal. That is now changing and you may be getting emails from Delta to align the two. This is being mandated by the government to Delta to have these two the same.

So let’s say that you have ONLY your middle initial on your Skymiles account but full middle name on your passport, then you need to update. Now this must be fixed and you should first try calling Delta online support to do this at 888-750-3284.

But for me, having a European name, I have a space in my last name. In the past Delta would NOT allow this and put my last name all as one word. But, on my passport, it has a space. If you find yourself in the same situation, you will have to FAX a copy of your passport to Delta to 404-715-9220. It would be a good idea to include your CORRECT name and Skymiles number on the page you are faxing to Delta as well.

The other big issue is that you may have to have a bunch of your current reservations reissued. Be alert as you may or may not get correct Skymiles and MQM credit for them as well. Either way, NOW would be a good time to jump on this and make sure all is correct.

The big perk is we should get many more “3 beeps” at TSA checkpoints when all is done right! – René

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. Just took care of this…when I went into my Skymiles profile, Delta prompted me to confirm either my “Skymiles name” or my “Secure Passenger Information name” because they were different. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. The Montane Vole Reply

    This also prevents services such as from updating your balance, since your name no longer matches the version they have on file; changing it will cause it not to match any of the others. Further complications occur if, as in my case, the passport includes a suffix such as Jr and your driver’s license does not (due to a state snafu, the form for which has no “room” for it). So one or the other STILL will not “match” at the TSA checkpoint. Kafka’s The Castle in real life!!

  3. I experienced the same thing Michael did, and all it took was a couple of clicks. I saw a similar thread on FT this morning, but I found that if you login from the direct link (, the site will NOT prompt you to change it. Instead, follow these steps:

    1) Login from the homepage
    2) Go up top to “SkyMiles” and click on “Manage My Account”
    3) Click on “Learn More” under the “MANAGE PROFILE” section
    4) The prompt will come up (assuming there’s a mismatch)

    Thanks for the reminder!

  4. I am confused. When I log onto my Profile, it only has my first and last name displayed. When I look at the Secure Flight Passenger information, it has my first, middle and last name. I just called the number you specify and Delta said this is okay.

    Is this correct?

    • @Sil – no. They should match. I would call back and make sure what you have on your passport is the same in both fields! Fax in if need be for them to fix.

  5. My secure data does match my passport information with the middle name. When I log onto, I see only my first and last name. I just called again and CS said that is fine. Even my already bought ticket only has my first and last name and she said that is fine as long as it has been issued before Jan 17, 2013 which it has.

    I called twice and insisted to add my middle name and she said it doesn’t need to have it.

    How do I solve this? She does see my middle name on the secure data.

    • @Sil – once you have the Secure data correct, then fax in a copy of your passport as described in the post. It will take a while and Delta will update so the two match and both match your passport.

  6. It’s not that simple. My drivers license has only my middle initial. My passport has my full middle name. I have nearly 100% success with precheck.

    So, what should get changed?

    • @Bill G – what do you have on your passport.?To me, that is the key. I have my TSA Pre info and GOES all the same as my passport. The next time I have my drivers license redone it also will match my passport.

  7. I noticed this as well when I logged onto United to book a flight. So, it’s just not Delta implementing this. Not trying to be too sensitive on this subject but this could potentially be a lot of headache for those who have spaces in their last names as not all states allow spaces on licenses, but US passports do. This kind of forces you to always carry your passport domestically to match your frequent flyer record. Not all people with this problem are going to be proactive and remember to bring their passport on a short trip from NYC to Florida. I wonder what happens at the ticket counter when they show their state drivers license with a last name thats together and a ticket that has it spaced? Deny boarding? I always wondered this as I too have not only one space but two spaces in my last name. Up until now, domestic and international carriers didnt care when I travelled. This would really suck, because I would have to pay to change all my family passport docs to match. My kids names are spaces and no spaces on the passport because the issuing agency bases it on their birth certificate. Birth Certificates are done by the town vital records office, who happens to be a someone with no knowledge of the confusion of putting names together or with spaces and issues birth certificates with the best of their knowledge. However, this may come back to bite me because to do a name change in my state to make everything uniform costs $500 per change. This can be very costly for me and some if its strictly enforced domestically and internationally

  8. It’s funny……US carriers are insisting that names on tickets MUST match passports exactly. But non-US carriers such as LUFTHANSA and KLM say that the middle name is not required (as I find out recently when trying to change my current ticket).!!

  9. dot cahill Reply

    our daughters have hypen – names(both mom and dads last name ) and delta lumps it together so willneed to fix for match to PP

  10. When I phoned in to add my middle name to the Secure Traveler information, the CSR (located in a nation far, far away) added the middle name in all upper-case. So it reads something like Miles JAMES Jones.

    I was logged in during the procedure and asked him to change upper-case JAMES to mixed-case James, but he refused to make the change.

    Evidently, this little issue cannot be fixed…another phone call to a different CSR wasn’t productive. That CSR would not even accept my second request, to change my first and last names to upper-case to match the middle name.

    A secure message to DL returned an irrelevant generic copy-pasted paragraph.

    In theory it shouldn’t matter whether the names are capitalized or not, but it will be interesting to see if I’m now addressed as James Jones rather than Miles Jones.

  11. Not related. But sometimes I love delta.
    In DFW now. I had deliberately scheduled dfw_dtw_atl. It was $20 cheaper than DFW-atl direct and twice the mqms
    The flight was oversold. I volunteered my seat. Got the direct flight to atl I would have gotten and a $400 voucher.
    Good day for me on delta!

    • @Steve – be sure to ask for 1st class on next flight and food vouchers too (often can be used for a massage btw)! Well done 😉

  12. I asked for first class. It was full. The best I could get was middle exit. Didnt think about food vouchers. It’s only a 30 min delay (and ill land earlier than original itenerary).

    • @Steve – That works. Keep in mind, you could, if you have time, ask for another flight that DOES have 1st class space. May not get it but worth the ask if you have flexible time. OH, and if you don’t have access, a Skyclub pass is always nice too.

  13. Mental note for next time. This was a long week and I want to get home.

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  15. Not sure I want to rock the boat though since PreCheck is about 100%. Wanna bet when I change everything to match I’ll never get chosen again?

  16. Great info Rene!
    I am among those who’s passport differs from
    Delta name
    Thank you for your great information
    You are fabulous

  17. @Steve f, you may be able to send Delta an e-mail after the fact and request ORC (original routing credit) and still get the extra MQM’s and extra segment. I have done this during IROPS, but I’m not sure if it will work in a VDB scenario. Couldn’t hurt to try!

  18. thanks for the suggestion Nick E.
    I just fired them an email asking for the 700 or so extra MQM.

  19. @ Nick E. (and thank you too Rene!) – They approved my ORC request. Ended up being an extra 849 MQM and 1061 skymiles!
    Not bad considering I paid $225 for the ticket (ended up with $400 credit and the mileage from the original itenerary). And my co-workers made fun of me for doing ATL-MSP-DFW-DTW-ATL, rather than ATL-DFW-ATL for $20 more/ticket!

  20. In SFPD my first name and middle name is put together… Rang the CSR to change it but after they say its done it still remains incorrect. Should I worry?

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