Why don’t I EVER get a targeted DELTA AMEX offer? What am I doing wrong?

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Have you ever wondered about why some people get all the great targeted Delta offers while others get none? There are naturally many factors that determine just who gets them, but one of the reasons could be an OLD DEAD CANCELED card that is still listed at Delta.com.

As you can see from the photo above, if you log in to Delta.com and then go to:


You will more than likely see a long list of old dead cards. If any of them are DELTA AMEX cards, you can just about BANK on the fact that this is the reason you are NOT getting any targeted offers as Delta IT is telling AMEX you already have a Delta AMEX so don’t even bother.

Don’t expect changing this to create a flood of offers, but it can make a difference. Lastly, if you DO have the Delta Reserve card, it may be wise to put that in as your main or only card to make sure Delta’s IT sees you have it for upgrades etc.! So after this morning’s post about your Secure Flight data you have now cleaned up 2 bits at Delta.com today. I love progress – René

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  1. What are these targeted offers you speak of? Any way to increase the odds of being targeted?

  2. It’s not necessary to have your Reserve card as a single or primary card. If you login to your profile, you see on your dashboard that you carry the card. In my case, it is like the 3rd card on my account and I never use it for Delta purchases. Obviously, unless you are trying for spend on the Delta card, the better card to use is the Amex PRG for the main card (which is why it is not my primary card).

  3. Admittedly a stupid question, but why is the MR gold Amex better to use to pay for delta tickets? Isn’t the spend needed to get you to the $60000 spend for MQM bonus on the reserve card?

  4. @Christine – there are NEVER dumb questions. The MR GOLD pays 3x points vs the DL cards that pay 2x points. But yes, if trying to meet spend, it may be smart to give up the extra points to get to the other goal. Always trade-offs.

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