Is Chase about to lower the Sapphire Preferred new card bonus points?

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I do a bunch of surveys online for extra points. One of them recently asked about my use of my Chase Sapphire Preferred® card that now  EARNS 40,000 bonus points  when you spend $3000 in 3 months from opening a new card. But as you can see from the survey screen above, they apparently are thinking about lowering the bonus to 30,000 points for new cards.

This is a great card that I always have in my wallet to pay for dining as they pay 2x on dining out! On the plus side of this survey, I love the idea they seem to be considering about paying 3x points for dining even if ONLY one day of the month. I can tell you I would plan to eat out that day each month or even get gift cards to where I like to dine so I can return later in the month and have locked in my 3x points already!

Either way, if you don’t have this card yet, and are waiting for a larger bonus, you may find a smaller one soon. – René

EDIT: Reader JON says:

“I just walked into my local Chase branch to do some maintenance, and was told I had a special offer for Sapphire Preferred. 70,000 POINTS and only $2000 SPEND in 90 days. Safe to say, I jumped all over that offer.”

So it may be worth a trip to your local Chase branch and ASK if there is a 70,000 point Sapphire offer you could get! – WOW!

EDIT2: I have found out commenter JON, works for CHASE (from his IP address), so this offer may not be open to us all! Should have checked IP before posting comment. Sorry everyone. I may have been played. But I will leave the post as is.

EDIT3: It is 02FEB Sat & I have been in my local branch today & talked for quite some time to a PVT banker. She called 2 different supervisors and none had ever heard of this 70,000 offer. So, either this is targeted OR this is only for those who WORK for Chase.

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  1. What sites do you use for surveys? I use ClearVoice surveys for cash back (Amazon gift cards) and e-rewards for points and miles (mainly Hilton and AA, although there are others). What other sites are good for miles?

  2. I just walked into my local Chase branch to do some maintenance, and was told I had a special offer for Sapphire Preferred. 70,000 POINTS and only $2000 SPEND in 90 days. Safe to say, I jumped all over that offer. I wouldn’t could it out yet!

  3. If Jon works at Chase there is the possibility that he is trying to drum up traffic at the branches and there may or may not be a 70K offer.

  4. Where did Jon say that he *works* for Chase? His post doesn’t state that at all.

    In any case, if there is a 70K offer at your local branch, fine – if not, fine. Doesn’t seem any harm stopping in if interested.

    I wouldn’t read too much into a survey, though. Chase may have all sorts of things their marketing folks are toying with. Two years ago I had a detailed survey from Chase on the BA Visa and all sorts of potential benefits and changes (up and down). Not a single one ever came to pass except for the Chip feature.

  5. If I already have Sapphire MasterCard… and I find this 70k offer for Visa… what do I tell the reconsideration department why I need the Visa? I obviously can’t say “just for the points…”.

  6. @lantean – there is a chance if you have the MC you can get the Visa one. Perhaps you want to have the Visa for your household spend and the MC for online spend? There could be many reasons for both.

  7. I know I just wonder what that list reason is in case I have to call reconsideration… 😉
    I’ve only heard of people who had Visa calling to say they need MasterCard because Sam’s club doesn’t take Visa… but what’s the reason to call in my situation?

  8. @Lantean – again I can not tell YOU what your reason is. As a said, perhaps you would want all ONLINE purchase to be only on the VISA care and have the other for NON-ONLINE buying?

  9. I was offered the 70k point bonus today and I don’t work for Chase. The banker told me that she has only ever encountered 4 people who qualify, so it must be a very specific set of circumstances. I am by no means wealthy, so I don’t think it is solely based on income. I do:

    Own an average-priced home with an average mortgage debt
    Have a credit score over 815
    Run my own business and have a Chase business account
    Get gradfathered in to a lot of Chase programs from WAMU buyout
    Have only small limit credit cards that I never used
    Have a small auto loan and a small student loan

    I don’t know what combination of those things makes me a ‘Target’ but it is a real thing.

  10. @Lantean, I do know when buying olympics tickets they only accept VISA credit card (go to the cosport website) … so if you do plan to go to Sochi 2014 or Rio 2016, perhaps that’s a reason you could use when calling the reconsideration line 😉

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