As the blog grows, I am learning and need to be careful!

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I have been running Delta Points now for 14 months. I so appreciate every single day getting personal e-mail’s from readers who thank me for the blog, for my work, and say my blog is the 1st thing they read each day and check it several times a day to see what is up. This is truly overwhelming and gratifying and a huge responsibility. I thank you all for the support of the blog.

Yesterday, I put up a post about what Chase may be thinking and trying to find out about “US” to be able to focus offers that we will like. Very smart. They (Chase Corp.) are working to keep us as happy customers and to make sure they get many new ones.

However, I also need to be even more careful about what I allow to be posted on the blog. My blog, unlike some others, is NOT an open forum. As I clearly state this in the “about me” section that I DO proudly censor comments. I DO proudly dump comments that just say: Rene you are worthless or the blog stinks and the like. I run a positive, constructive blog. If all these types want to do is complain, they should please stop reading the blog (it is free ya know).

My spam filter does catch literally 1000’s of spam comments a week. But I also see the “IP address” that is the location of the comment, and if things look fishy I check where they are (like say Eastern European countries or others) before I post them. These sad types seem to have nothing better to do with their lives than to cause us harm for who knows why.

Anyway, I want to apologize for posting the 70,000 point possible card option yesterday. I should have checked to see that the commenter worked for Chase (and I confirmed this via e-mail later on). What I should have done is taken the time to walk into my local Chase and checked to see if this offer is real and anyone can have it; that would have been responsible blogging. I just trusted and said, WOW, and posted. I will be more vigilant in the future. I hold no ill will against the commenter and he has e-mailed me several times I do believe he did this in good faith, not as Chase trying to use the blog for other means.

Anyway, be sure to check back later today as I do have some fun swag to give away to make myself feel better than I do now! Thanks all – René

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  1. Hello,
    I am one of the readers of your blog. I read it, well, maybe not a few times a day, but pretty much every day.
    Because my work requires me to, I travel quite often, mostly to Asian countries. And so I am one of the persons who want to make use of the over 200,000 miles flown every year. I recently discovered various blogs (including yours) posting useful information and ideas regarding how to maximize miles and points that come with travel. And this is why I read all these blogs.
    So far I never posted anything on any blog, just read them. But this post of yours disappointed me and offended me, so here is my first post.
    I live and work in Romania (I am a Romanian citizen, not an expat). And I am shocked to see how easy is for some people to generalize, when it comes to negative things. We are about 20 million people living in Romania. Most of us do work hard to make a living and most of us are educated and civilized people. I know there are co-nationals of mine that do bad things. But not all Romanians are like that, the ones that do bad things are a minority and are not representative for a whole country. I am sure this applies to every country in the world, where regular people work and live their lives, but where there are also bad people (again, a minority) who do bad things.
    Then why blame a whole country for the actions of some people? Wouldn’t have been better to just refer to “spammers”, wherever they live, without pointing fingers to a whole nation? It’s really sad to read a post and understand how easy is to cast blame over an entire country.
    That was all. I apologize if this text includes any language mistakes. I am not a native English speaker.

  2. I think you are being pretty hard on yourself. People should realize this is the internet, and apply ymmv rules to everything they read. How many comments are made by people saying ‘deal is dead’ when it may just be a deterrent comment to others, allowing the commenter to keep milking the deal for him or herself?

  3. No worries. I run a blog too and know how hard it can be to keep on top of things. I appreciate your blog and you’re doing a great job!

  4. @Mahai – sorry I was not jumping on all Romanian’s or the 1 billion in India. My blog is mostly for those in the states but remember I am European myself (even born in Europe). I can tell you most of the spam and “attacks” on the blog come from IP’s from your country.

  5. Your apology is gracious but unneeded. Thank you for an excellent blog and for your ongoing generosity to your readers.

  6. It would be much appreciated if you could take out the reference to Romania. Simply saying the countries where spam attacks come most often would suffice. I am also a Romanian (who lives and works in Western Europe – you can the see the IP) and it’s unpleasant to see these comments, knowing that you have a considerable audience (me included) that reads your posts everyday.
    Thank you

  7. No worries – the fact that you did check after the fact, and let us know – means you didn’t blow any of the trust with your regular readers. Their will always be people who try and cheat the system, and sometimes they will get away with it, that’s life. How we deal with it is what matters. You dealt with it professionally and transparently – Thank you!

  8. Wow, a blogger who aims for full disclosure. Big ups to you Rene…glad you’re being honest as sometimes it seems some bloggers aren’t so much. Plaudits all around.

  9. Not sure why the Romanian commentators here are getting upset? Why so touchy? Wake up! If Rene says most of the spam seems to originate from there why should he not say so? Why pretend? Let’s stop the PC nonsense please. And BTW no one is generalizing about Romanians…you are making assumptions yourself…

  10. Didn’t Spider-Man’s dad say, “with great power comes great responsibilities?” Your blog is no different…you are the go-to blog for travel hackers who have a Delta hub nearby. And the fact that you “made a mistake” is easily forgivable, but now you know just how much power you wield!

  11. I called my branch and asked about this and the teller confirmed that it does exist but you have to be targeted for it. She says its a preapproved offer

  12. Rene, “censer” is spelled “censor.” You are worthless. J/k. Keep up the great work.

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