I need a vacation – someplace warm – giveaway!

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I am so looking forward to visiting Utah next and the snow looks perfect this year. It will be fun to meet some of you at Powder Mnt if you can make it. But I am already sick of COLD and want WARM! Burrrr.

And, being a computer geek I love gadgets and I want to give away some travel goodies I found. I have a Cyber Power USB Charger that will work either in a car or an AC Outlet. Nice when you get a rental car with no USB ports – right. As usual, I will use tomorrow night after the game, to give the unit away. I will also include some other goodies like a Delta Points luggage tag and left over $25 card too!

Here is how you have a chance to win. Look down where it says “comments” (on the blog) and click it and leave a comment whether you think my next trip (some place warm) should be:

1) A cruise
2) A golf trip
3) fill in the blank – you tell me!

Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for reading my dyslectic, crazy, Delta Points blog – René

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. Ray Rafalowski Reply

    Take a cruise. No better deal out there. Lots of sun, beaches, and fun, all in one place.

  2. Rene…this is easy…plan a Delta Points Golf Trip somewhere warm…and I bet you will have some takers! I know I would be very interested as the high in Minneapolis today will be 12!

  3. Cruise is definitely the way to go–considering one for myself in March.

  4. Not sure what a “cruse” is, but I think you need a cruise AND a spell checker 🙂
    EDIT: From Rene – fixed, ugg, sick I can spell dyslectic right and not cruise? You are so right!

  5. gottoloveInk Reply

    Sail into the sunset – or at least cruise towards it…

  6. OK ………..MY POST # 11 HAD A WRONG EMAIL ADDRESS………SO HERE GOES AGAIN…………GO GOLFING…….A bad day at golf is always better than a good day at work………..never a bad time to chase ducks in golf carts !

  7. I suggest Costa Rica and stay at the J.W. Marriott on the Pacific side of the county. I haven’t been but it is one of the place I want to go in the next few years.

  8. Baseball spring training begins in 19 days, sitting in the sun in AZ or FL watch a ball game sound good right now

  9. Sandy Beacher Reply

    You will love the Seychelles. Put exotic, unique, pristine and add lots of warm, stir constantly and enjoy!

  10. Miami — I was there last weekend and it is deliciously warm — And you can never go wrong with a little Cafe Cubano on Calle Ocho

  11. Meredith Pack Reply

    French Polynesia. That place looks so nice it’s hard to believe it’s real!

  12. Go to phoenix. Warm weather. Great resorts. Spring training makes it feel like summer! Went last winter. Loved it!

  13. Cruise! I’ve wanted to go on one around Mexico, thru Panama Canal and stops at carribean islands.

  14. Hawaii is nice this time of year. I got to spend a while on Oahu in February. The beaches were empty, the ocean was warm, and the sun was hot. I’m not all for sun and sand, but man, was that a good trip. I even learned to surf (well, I had surfing lessons). I’d just snatch a ocean-facing hotel in Hawaii and veg if I were you, Rene!

  15. Patrick B. Reply

    I just got back from a cruise through the Panama Canal, and it was great (and warm enough). I recommend the cruise.

  16. You could always go to Hualtulco, bum around on the beach while eating ceveche & drinking cerveza all day.

  17. Michael H.(oldfox) Reply

    Go to Central Asia……..Kyrgyzstan, for example, would be an exotic destination!

  18. Beach trip. I think it’s time to go somewhere and just lay on the beach.

  19. Brendan S. Reply

    Cruise! Awesome, relatively inexpensive, and no planning necessary once on board!

  20. Cruise – cheap “rooms” and unlimited food (but VERY limited internet!)>

  21. Its not “warm” but I say take a trip on the Alaskan Marine Highway in the middle of winter!!!!! If you are not brave enough for that a couple weeks in Venice Florida sounds good to me too. I’d do either one of those.

  22. Cruise… Allows you to snooze… Takes away the blues… 🙂

  23. I am taking a cruise with the family in 2 weeks, so I have to vote – Cruise!

  24. Jamaica! That’s what I’m planning right now so that’s what I’m recommending.

  25. Neither golf nor cruise. Got to the beach! US Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico.

  26. I think you should take a golf vacation in my neck of the woods, Phoenix!

  27. I live and work in Taiwan. You should come here for a great golf trip – only not in the summer.

  28. How about an All-Inclusive? Find one that can be bought with points (Is there one?) and please report back!

  29. Caribbean, definitely! Either cruise there are just fly and sit on a beach — that’s all I could think about this morning when I was shoveling my driveway.

  30. Island with warm clear water with SCUBA diving in the morning. Afternoon and evening chill with the locals!

  31. phill gold Reply

    for sure a cruise. get the sun, can maybe even golf on it and best place to relax.

  32. The Maldives. Or Papau New Guinea. And the first tank of Nitrox is on me!

  33. Just sitting on the beaches of southern Italy sounds awesome as I watch the snow fall outside

  34. Cruise somewhere, Rene! Preferably not Alaska this time of year though.

  35. I’ll throw out Austin, TX..get some golf, fun scenes and good food & music!

  36. I think you’ll go wherever the points take you. It’s kinda like asking what you’ll have for dinner before checking out the menu! (But you have mentioned you’re ready for golfing!)

  37. How about an adventure! It is summer in the Southern hemisphere, so how about a trip to Oz? Diving, golf, and a great review of Delta’s network to this region. Can you get a fantastic award rate? What would that rate be? How was travel in business on that long a flight?

    …or maybe a cruise would be nice, too : )

  38. I’m going to guess you want to go to your “happy place” and snorkel in the Cayman Islands.

  39. I think a cruise would be the best right now! Going somewhere you haven’t been.

  40. Want some sun – Fly in to RSW – so much in that area – Naples, Marco Island, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Sanibel, and it is a short “ferry” ride to Key West.

  41. Bruce Nightingale Reply

    Cruise the best bang for the buck plus you get to pick all different locations and what kind of boat you can sail on. Either small or big.

  42. lobstergreg Reply

    Has to be a combination beach/golf trip. Get some leisurely excercise playing golf in the morning and relax in the afternoon at the beach. Puerto Rico or another caribbean destination is perfect this time of year!

  43. Golf trip….have to make sure the game is in shape before the Midwest thaws!

  44. They’re all wrong – you should go to Nicaragua (Playa El Coco is my fave).

  45. I agree with some who say you should take a cruise! My favorite this time of year is the Panama Canal. I”ve been twice and it is fabulous!

  46. SXM. The water of Orient Bay and the Carribean sun. BTW, It is a nude beach…..

  47. Fly into Fort Lauderdale, rent a car and drive through the Keys to Key West, definitely. If you choose to go there, I’ll give you my personal guide “Kate’s Keys and Key West Travel Guide” that steers you into places that are what the Keys and Key West are *really* all about.

  48. Cruise from Florida. There are plenty of Delta flights to Florida, too! Also spend a few days there.

  49. lov to fly anywhere thrn cruise or land trip really love to have a woderful delta points card tks rene

  50. hawaii would be nice and no need to worry about the hassle of international travel.

  51. Hey Rene,
    I think you should chill out on a Caribbean island for a little bit. I highly recommend Martinique if you haven’t tried it. Not a very touristy place from the US (mostly French tourists I think)


  52. Costa Rica or Bali. Lots of fun things to do. Warm ocean, great food!

  53. How about a live aboard dive vacation out of Bali where for 10 days you dive the marine park surrounding the Kamodo Islands?

  54. San Juan — warm weather plus great mileage run potential makes for the perfect winter getaway!

  55. Hello,

    3) Go for a healthy, clean Indian beach vacation- I tried Goa’s beautiful north beaches a couple months ago: Mandrem and Ashwem. Try a place called YogaGypsys in Ashwem, which has a nice sheltered private area right off the beach, with both cottage and bungalow rooms. Ask for the 2nd floor room closest to the beach. I know- I’m not a yoga practitioner either, but they offer (one per day) both beginning and advanced classes. Also awesomely scrumptious and healthy food cooked in an outdoor cabana-style kitchen. Really nice young European/Indian couple run it.

  56. Fly to St. Thomas and take the boat to St John. Best getaway ever!

  57. Skip the cruise. I had a better time spending a week in St. Martin, then just coming into port. Plus it was amazing how much more expensive everything was the days the cruise ships showed up – and they all thought they got their stuff cheap.

  58. I am thinking of coconut trees, swaying in the gentle breeze with the smell of salt in the air. Cruise…cruise…cruise Is what I want this time of year.

  59. Cruises are lame! Flee the South Bend winter and do some trekking South of the equator!

  60. Tahiti! Incredible black sand beaches, beautiful scenery, friendly people, warm climate–the Land of the Laid-Back!!

  61. A cruise could well be a much needed tonic for an enjoyable vacation-a voyage on Crystal Cruises, Azamara, or perhaps, around Tahiti with Paul Gauguin cruises.

  62. I think you said you had never been to South America. Take Skyteam Korean Air non-stop from LAX to Sao Paulo, Brazil (one of the nicest flights I’ve been on recently). From there, hop over to Iguazu Falls at the border of Brazil and Argentina!

  63. Golf in Naples, FL. Go in march and I’ll drive the cart cause that’s when I’ll be there!

  64. I think taking a bicycle trip somewhere warm would be the perfect thing to cure your winter blahs!

  65. You have to Cruise -did a 7 island in 7 days Eastern Caribbean last fall and had a blast!

  66. Judy Jones Reply

    Golf, the Ritz Carlton in Naples has a Golf Resort. Points Time!!!

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