Are there other things we should worry about when we fly?

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We are sure the TSA is keeping us safe since there had not been a major incident for years right? I mean, we can fly with no fear nowadays right? (Well other than the 787 issues). I am not as upset over the TSA as my friend and consumer advocate Chris Elliott,  but I agree with much of his concern about that agency for years.

There are however other issues during the past year that concern me even more. There have been a number of incidents that are troublesome. On of the biggest to me is idiots who could cost many their lives. Look at the possible impact to a jet with a laser pointer and the fact that these events seem to be picking up.

Then, there are incidents that just boggle the mind. One would think, even though large, this nation’s airports would have good security in place to stop people from getting too close to an airliner without a ticket. Then there was the JFK jet ski guy!

And even airport personnel tossing (lunch if I remember right) over the fence in Atlanta? This even covered here and here are scary when you think what could have been done.

Now I am not at all afraid to fly. But events like the ones above do get my attention. Are there other events you have seen that scare you? Are you concerned over airport security? I would love to know – René

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