Resolutions, anyone? Delta’s achieved a few…

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Have you noticed all of the fitness equipment in the sales flyers that everyone got at the 1st of year (and then never got touched)? Does that help with any of your newly self assigned goals to eat right, exercise more, take better care of yourself, or spend more time with your family (I know silly for us who fly all the time but still)?

Or maybe you’ve decided this is the year you’re going to quit smoking. As a longtime (25+ years) ex-smoker myself, I applaud your efforts, much as I did our beloved Delta’s firm stand in 1995 when they became the first airline to ban smoking on all flights. Suddenly all the FA’s had a new paragraph to learn in their safety announcements. Sure, it’s totally standard practice now, but Delta was the first. And aren’t we glad since otherwise we’d never have been able to watch Deltalina wag her finger at us! 🙂
I just never get sick of this one

So what else has Delta rolled out that we’ve seen others follow suit on? It’s also been 2 whole years since our Delta was the first airline to make our miles infinitely powerful with no expiration for us loyal Skymilers. So, each point we earn from our Delta AMEX cards, even if we cancel then at some point, are ours forever!

Our Delta was the first in the world to implement fleet wide WiFi service so that we can all get more done while we’re up in the air. Also first to add the rollover of elite MQM’s provision for future medallion earning power. Delta was an early pioneer of the hub and spoke system going all the way back to 1955.

Some things didn’t catch on, or caught on for a while but didn’t last. How do you like your steak? Delta was the first to offer passengers cooked to order steaks in-flight. Complimentary meals during the day in coach was also a first from Delta. When you watch those wonderful cooking shows they always tell you it’s best to cook with “seasonal vegetables” don’t they? Well, our Delta was the first in the industry to introduce seasonal menus nearly 20 years ago.

So what other things does our Delta have in store for us? Will they be good changes? Will they become the new standards or will they fizzle? I have a feeling we will not have to wait too much longer to find out since the 2013 Skymiles guide will be out very soon (here is the 2012 one)! – René

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  1. The new video is not as fun as the original Deltalina one, but she does do a cameo.

    Which route offers the steaks? which the coach meals?

  2. I enjoy this and read it as an email every morning but it was a while before I figured out that you have to go to the website to comment. Silly me.

  3. I think, Rene, most of us would prefer broadly available low-level award seats like UA and AA offer over inflight wi-fi. We’d prefer SWUs for elites that applied to better than Y fares over rollover miles. We’d prefer premium cabin award availability on top-tier partners over miles that don’t expire. We’d prefer an award booking engine that doesn’t cheat us or lie to us over seasonally changing meals.

    DL is number one for operational prowess right now, and I appreciate that. But that metric ebbs and flows in the industry like a mountain stream.

  4. Hi René,
    Jeneene was not the only one for who it took a while to learn how to respond. You may want to list “Must comment from the website” in the rules. It may even cut down on some of your emails.

  5. I think Delta is doing a better job overall then most others in US. I think customer service on the flights is freindlier, I find that most of my flight actually take off on-time and land sooner that scheduled, little to no mechanical issues compared to US Scare. I left United/Continental two years ago for Delta even though it is generally cheaper from Cincinnati. Main reason the CVG-SFO flight is awesome and the flight attendent team is so nice. Leave CVG at 9AM and land in SFO at 11:00 for $349 +/-. I think I am seeing more direct flights coming back to CVG and more competive fairs vs. Dayton.

    My wish for Delta – that they do mor deals like the Starwood deal. I will be switching loyalty to Starwood from Hilton 3/1. Second wish is that they would partner with a Visa/MC like Barclays because I am still not able to get an AMEX (but I will keep trying).

    46,000 MQM miles this year after I go to Turkey this weekend. All fun miles no business.

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