There are days even I want to cry over Delta.dumb’s IT lunacy!

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I want to make this an informative post rather than just the babbling rant that I feel like posting. I hate RAP music. I am the generation before RAP. I find all RAP the same and all of it irritating. I harken back to all things 80’s and thus, when I spend enough time on Delta.dumb, I yearn for the simple days of for booking.

Mini rant over. What am I talking about today? I am looking forward to my 2 day mileage run I booked from PHX. I will have to reposition. So how will I get to PHX from SBN? Well I can use my FlexPerks FlexPoints to just buy a ticket for almost free after points (one of the reasons I got the card) but for now I locked in and used Skymiles. However, I could only find low level seats from GRR (Grand Rapids 2 hrs away) as opposed to my preferred SBN (South Bend 40 min away). I booked FF tickets knowing as a Platinum Medallion with Delta I can change my frequent flyer seats as much as I want up to 72 hrs before flight. I also did the smart thing by searching from SBN-PHX, one way, and the same for the way back, so I could get the real picture of the award seats availability. All were 40k round trip. Ugg!

But here is where my head just about exploded the other day and an answer to why when you get in touch with a good Delta rep, they can seemingly do things we can not. They, with the speed and grace of a gazelle, search each tiny segment by segment to get what you want. For example, not just SBN-MSP, but maybe SBN-DTW-MSP or SBN-ATL-MSP. They look at each bit to see if low level will pop up and then they hold that and move on to the next part. Then, at long last, they ask the computer to “price” what they have done and to see if it will all go low level.

Back to me. I looked again and again SBN-PHX and PHX-SBN, one way, round trip, all of it. Nothing but 40k. Then, for grins, I check just one way from SBN-DTW and a low level flight was there. Really? I checked the return date routed through MSP-SBN, also 25k! Really? These are most of the times the ones that bust me at low level booking. I then quickly looked at all the other legs I had connecting from GRR. I added those with the multi-leg search at Delta.dumb and then asked for a total after picking the flights one by one. BINGO and booked and done! (you see, Delta.dumb, when I just searched from point A-B, did not pick all these same flights one way or round trip).

What you should take from this is to NEVER EVER trust what Delta.dumb is telling you. It will NOT try to find you the best price. You must work work work to see where each little low level leg is. Save the flight number and time, then try to plug them in to get what you want and hope it will price right. If not, go back and see what segment is breaking the trip. If this is not clear feel free to ask questions on the blog as others may want the same answers as you!

I love my Delta but I hate my new Delta.dumb! The new graphics are so slow I could go to the bathroom (with a book) while it loads; the search function, well, I guess I will just put on some nice tunes from the 80’s and dream of the good old NWA days gone by! – René

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  1. Rene, I frequently use ITA to research my legs and the cost, then I dial up our friendly DM hotline and shazam!
    Thanks for a great post today.

  2. I tried to find award space for BKK-ATL on BusinessElite. I plugged in BKK-ATL, only showed me medium price (even worse, I have to travel BKK-NRT->HND-SEA-ATL) so I tried to find BKK-NRT, NRT-ATL separately, Delta.dumb showed me medium and high respectively. I almost gave my hopes up, but then when I clicked to book to whole itinerary, wholla BKK-NRT-ATL on BusinessElite for 120K. Miracle?

  3. Thanks René for the tips here. I share the SBN port of call with you (as you know) and have found it maddening to find 25K RTs for me or the Mrs. And I regularly miss the NWA for oh so many reasons, the website being one of the chief ones of course.


  4. Ken mentioned above that he researches the cost using ITA software. What I don’t understand is how to infer skymile cost from dollar cost thats reported on ITA…else, I would be doing this too!

  5. @Steve – it is more about seeing all the routes that may not be shown on So, once you have ideas in your head of what you can fly, you then plug those in at Delta for Skymiles use. Smart! 🙂

  6. Rene, maybe Delta.dumb isn’t so dumb. If you aren’t a savvy delta.dumb user or don’t know any better, showing the larger miles required causes one to burn miles faster. Good for Delta, bad for the uneducated FF.

  7. Agree with @Rick. These people make it so hard for user to find low level award and most of us ended up paying a lot of more miles. They have been doing this for many years and must have saved Delta billions of dollars. And they can continue doing this because most of people have no choice but continue flying them and people like you still ‘love delta’. Who is so dumb now?

  8. Fascinating that this website is still a major issue. I also hate rap…ALL rap…and I’m from THIS generation that is supposed to like it.

  9. The funny thing is that you keep referring to but NWA is also an acronym for a very influential rap group from the late 80’s to early 90’s

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