Delta Points SWAG Saturday giveaway week #2

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Oh I have some very kool stuff on the way in the weeks ahead like a blue tooth rechargeable speaker and digital luggage scales so I think the next few weeks of SWAG Saturday will be fun to be a part of.

So what do we have on tap today? How about  ONE  24 hr Delta Skyclub pass and a Delta Points luggage tag as well + a chance to win Silver Medallion status in July. The terms and conditions are posted HERE in last week’s drawing if you have any questions.

So for a chance to win today, you need to go to the blog (if you are reading this in e-mail) and click on the word “comments” at the bottom of the post and tell me, with the Delta AMEX  GOLD  or  PLATINUM  or  RESERVE  card, the best feature is:

1) The bonus Skymiles or MQM’s
2) The up to 9 free bags per reservation
3) The ZONE 1 boarding
4) The buy one get one free cert (gone on the gold)
5) The free Skyclub on the Reserve

You pick the feature you like the best, any answer above counts or another that is a PERK, for a chance to win the SWAG! – René


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  1. The MQMs since they are basically free with your regular spending. On a close second, the free baggage, since it pays for the card itself.

  2. The buy one get one free certificate is great. Most other perks from the cards can be had with status.

  3. During my last trip, all 3 legs of the return flight was a crowded zone 3 boarding. So for me the zone 1 boarding would be great!

  4. It’s the free Skyclub on the Reserve.

    I’ve never had the chance to go to a Skyclub but have envied them from pictures and descriptions on blogs. I always get to the airport super early since I’m deathly afraid of missing a flight and just end up sitting bored for an hour. How cool would it be to chill with drinks and snacks instead?

  5. Best perk from my Amex Gold is definitely the bonus miles. Miles allow my wife to travel with me….happy wife. Happy life.

  6. I was going to say the free bags but with the type of travel I’ve done lately, Zone 1 boarding has been the best.

  7. Platinum card buy one get one cert. Though too bad upgrades are no longer available on these tickets. Oh my wife getting 10,000 MQMs isn’t too bad either!

  8. Love the buy one/get one certificate with the Platinum card. Use it yourself or book a trip for a friend!

  9. For my needs, I actually like the pay with miles option from having any of these cards. i can very often find flights between Boston and Fort Myers to visit my family for less than $250 round-trip, but it is quite difficult to find any award trips that can be redeemed at the low level, so I appreciate being able to pay for a $200 ticket using miles, especially around holidays.

  10. Zone 1 boarding is most important to me since I lost my delta status. I rarely check a bag so knowing overhead space will be available is always a relief.

  11. Best feature is eliminating MQD problem in 2014 with spending $25,000 a year on any of the cards 🙂

  12. Delta Gold – 9 free checked bags per reservation; But oh how I will miss the free flight certificate 🙁

  13. (2) – Free bags. I don’t fly enough for the annual fees on the PLAT or RESERVE cards to make sense for me. Going for GOLD on next AoR, though.

  14. Honestly, the combo of all these benefits make the Delta cards the best available. If I need to choose just one, I’d say the companion certificate is the best as it draws infrequent fliers.

  15. At first, of course it was the medallion miles but now I have to admit both my hubby and I really enjoy Skyclubs!

  16. Definitely the free skyclub access…thinking of upgrading for it. Thanks!
    EDIT: From Rene – Oh don’t UPGRADE that is a very bad idea Phill! Go for BIZ card to make sure you get points!

  17. For me, it’s an even tie. Love the free bags (if I’m checking luggage) and love the Priority boarding (to confirm bin space if I only have a carryon).

  18. I have the Platinum
    —>> 1)The bonus Skymiles

    I got the 100,000 bonus miles!!
    I also look forward to the Companion ticket as well 😉


  19. 1) The bonus Skymiles or MQM’s. Free bags (with Priority status so they are out first) is a strong #2.


  20. I like the free bags, since traveling with the family can add up when everyone brings a couple bags.

  21. I like up to 9 free bags per reservation! The bonus Skymiles or MQM’s is a very close second!

  22. Zone 1 is my favorite because I like the peace of mind knowing there will be room for my carry on bags.

  23. Of course The up to 9 free bags per reservation is ideal for someone like me who travels with TOO much stuff..always need that extra bag..:)

  24. Free companion ticket – yes, I do use this benefit annually from my DL DkyMiles AX Platinum card!

  25. I like it as tie breaker for gate upgrades. I’m DM, never check bags, and have lifetime SkyClub membership, so none of the other perks mean much. As for Reserve MQMs, it is a scam.

  26. The Skyclub access can be had with a platinum [membership rewards] card with much better travel benefits pre 2013. So obviously the MQMs are what make the card different and worthwhile. MR points can be used for revenue fare s to build mqms and actually get somewhere, but SkyMiles themselves are little different animal

  27. Reserve Card – all things being equal as GM, getting priority over others. Just got confirmation from Delta yesterday that is happening on my flight from SAT to ATL (connection to DTW) on the 20th. Still hoping I get the bump for DTW-SAT tomorrow.

  28. As someone who flies through ATL 2x a week, without question, the access to the Crown room, oops, Sky Club.

  29. The Gold card – the best feature is the the up to 9 free bags per reservation – with 5 members in our family that is really a great perk that we can use!

  30. Delta Amex Platinum – MQM bonus & Skymiles bonus for cash spent w/Delta – no questions asked.

  31. Hard choice between the Skyclub access and the MQM on the Reserve Card (through your link, of course!). Overall, though, I think the MQM, as I view the fee as my SkyClub membership fee, so the MQMs are a pure bonus!

  32. #2 Free bags – with up to 9 bags allowed to check in for free, you can play a Kardashian for a day! 🙂

  33. I would probably enjoy the SkyClub even though I don’t have any of the cards. Last airline lounge I visited was the Admirals Club in Miami which was nice. Would like to go to a Delta one someday.

  34. For me it’s the MQMs on the Reserve card. I max out my spending every year and it usually means the difference between gold and platinum — which is quite a difference when it comes to upgrades and other perks.

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