Attack of the Bunnies at DEN! (with big sharp pointy teeth)!

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There is just nothing I can add to the above from CNN HLN other than, forget about snakes on a plane, now bunnies in DEN are after us – “run away, run away”! 🙂 – René

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  1. This has been an issue for years at KDEN. The bunnies seem to like Audi’s from what I can tell.

  2. this has been going on for years and the airport doesn’t do anything about it. i’d love to see them get sued for a huge class action

  3. I just moved to Denver 12 weeks ago and on the first trip out of DEN to the East coast, one of those bunnies chewed up my wiring of my Audi. When I read this out loud to my wife tonight, we couldn’t believe it.
    I am looking at doing the valet parking at Canopy parking, at least the car is indoors there… It’s more expensive, but the first “chewing” cost me about $150 and I don’t want it to get worse the next time…

  4. I haven’t personally had any experience with the “bunny raid”; I just wanted to give René a cheer for the Monty Python reference!

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