Such a busy day in “point land” – I am a booking FOOL today!

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What a Wednesday! I have been busy at my computer all day long booking right and left on points today (canceling some and picking others)!

As I am sure you have seen blasted all over the blogisphere Hilton is AGAIN devaluing their points. I am pleased that I, unlike most, did NOT send my Hawaiian points over to Hilton for 2-1 redemption, but spent them to fly to Grand Cayman on Delta later this year. But, I did have this morning, between Lisa & I, almost 100,000 points. They are now all booked up and gone! I have booked a room in Atlanta on our way down to Grand Cayman, a night at CDG in Paris for a trip back on Delta from Sweden and a few other small redemptions that worked well.

I was a just a few points short, but had enough e-Rewards saved up (TIP: they transfer to Hilton almost instantly btw) to just top off the account to get the last booking I wanted. So, both Lisa & I are under 2,000 Hilton each now. Perfect. Decimate away as I am IHG and SPG loyal even more so now! (I still have my 2 free weekend nights & Gold status from Lisa’s Hilton card that is looking to be worth more and more as the points become worth less and less!)

I also attempted to book using my 270,000 United points Lufthansa 1st class tickets to replace my current Delta booked one (due to the fact that I need to come back sooner and want to use up my last United points) but have found I like booking with Delta better. You see, KLM will sometimes report phantom results to Delta but Delta can work around this. Lufthansa is doing the same to United but there is NOTHING they can do about that. Grrrrrr

I have also booked 2 nights in AMS, one on points, and one with my free night annual cert from my Priority Club card that I pay an annual fee for each year and am so happy to do it. I get my 10% back on each point stay and my free night saved me over 100 EUROs. That is a great value compared to the small $49 fee for the card! (80k Chase IHG card (not my link and at the bottom of the list of cards)).

There is a 25,000 point AMEX Membership Rewards Business Platinum card just out that may be worth a look as you can have both the personal and business card if you want and lastly I have a retweet contest going on if anyone wants to play! – René


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  1. @Zz – I will have a post on the way soon with more hints and tips bur as I talked about before, if KLM is telling Delta that space IS there, most times, either the international reissue desk or the help desk or a supervisor will be able to get you the seats since they are reporting to be there.

  2. Status with Hilton ain’t what it used to be. I travel throughout the year for business and pleasure and have long selected Hilton because of their rewards program and the quality of their Hotels. I’m glad I burned through almost all of my Hilton points last month. While it’s nice having status at Hilton it might be time for me to after a different hotel’s rewards program.

  3. @Scotty – I think many are thinking just like you. But, for GOLD status, I will keep the card as for the fee the perk is worth it the times I do stay at Hilton.

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