So many ways now to EARN MQM’s & RDM’s with different cards!

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Best Credit Cards

Even though they are hard to get approved, as you often have to call and explain why you have so many credit cards, US BANK FlexPerk FlexPoints are a great way to BUY Delta tickets and earn MQM’s and RDM’s (by actually flying – shocking I know). The current card, after spend, gives you $400 towards an airline ticket.

Well Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard is now OUT and gives us yet ONE MORE option to earn Delta MQM’s and RDM’s (again by buying a Delta ticket and flying). The offer, after spend, will give you $200 credit towards an airline ticket AND it also gives you 10% points back when you redeem + Complimentary subscription to TripIt® Pro mobile travel organizer.

Even the Venture card, that lets you just pay for a Delta ticket with the card, will give you 10,000 points worth $100 credit towards an airline ticket. You can check with the simple card finder tool HERE.

With so many of us soon running out of cards, or looking for any kinds of cards that will get us free or discounted Delta travel, all of these are ones to look at! – René

Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card
from American Express®
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Best Credit Cards


  1. I am curious… do you earn MQM’s off either of these 2 credit cards? If there is something I would learn how I can cash in on the offer/offers!

  2. @Jim – all of them, you can BUY a Delta ticket with them. To Delta, these are all just like paying CASH. So, when I fly, I will earn MQM, & RDM’s for my trip. 🙂

  3. Hi there. I’m new this whole point collecting idea but I wanted to pass along to you a new strategy I’ve initiated which I think makes FlexPerks an extremely undervalued card.

    In my experience, all purchases at Target, Kroger, and Walmart end up being coded as groceries on FlexPerks which earn 2% (2.5% if you have US Bank Platinum Checking) as long as you don’t spend more on gas or airfare and stick solely to groceries. You also get 3x for charitable donations (i.e. Kiva method) which doesn’t count against the 2x categories.

    This allows for 3 unique opportunities which are primarily available in places like my home town of Cincinnati where there are a lot of Targets and Krogers.

    1. You can load your AMEX for Target Prepaid Card at Target 5x a month at $1,000 per load (be sure to not exceed a $2,500 balance at any point in time) with a $3 load fee. You can then liquidate the $5,000 via Kiva (I believe), Amazon payments (I believe), purchase Vanilla Reloads at CVS, or ATM withdrawal. I personally do ATM withdraws or Vanilla Reloads at CVS for liquidation.

    2. Kroger’s Fuel Points loyalty program earns you 100 fuel points for every dollar you spend at the grocery store (2x points if you buy certain gift cards and I believe Amazon is one of them). For this exercise, I purchased two $500 Visa Gift cards ($5.95 activation fee per)and liquidated them via CVS and Vanilla reload. The kicker with this is that I earn 1,000 fuel points which gives me $1/per gallon off up to $35 in a single transaction. So I fill up my car and have a couple of gas containers to max out on the $35 in anticipation of rising fuel prices in the coming months 🙂

    3. I haven’t done this yet, but I assume you could just put as much as you want to Kiva that you are willing to float. Not quite there yet for me as I prefer to have more liquidity! 🙂 For this purpose, I’m just ignoring the Kiva benefit.

    The bottom line? For about $106 in fees comprised of the following:

    5x AMEX for Target prepaid load fees @ $3 per load = $15
    12x CVS Vanilla reload purchases @ $3.95 per = $55.30
    6x $500 Visa Gift card purchases at Kroger = $35.70
    $1,000 liquidated through Amazon payments at no fee

    … you get to 20,000 FlexPoints (the optimal amount for a $400 ticket). That’s calculated as follows:

    5x Target loads @ $1,003 per = $5,015
    3x Kroger purchases @ 1,011.90 per = $3,036
    Subtotal = $8,050.70
    times 2.5 benefit with Platinum checking = 20,127 FlexPoints!

    … so the absolute minimum benefit for a Delta flight I’ve calculated is follows:

    1. $400 flight value (assume you hit the max spot!)
    2. Plus $25 ancillary credit for bags, in-flight drinks, etc. (you could use mileage booster but I don’t think that is optimal)
    3. Plus $105 worth of fuel savings at Kroger(3x at $35 per gallon)
    4. Plus MQM benefit of $10 (assume 2 segments at 500 miles and 1 cent per mile — this is assumes the absolute minimum). I’m interested in what others would think but I would think the goal would be to find the best mileage runs for exactly $400 since you would earn MQM with status)
    5. Plus $1.27 extra Flexpoints converted to cash 🙂

    This totals to $541.27 for a total return of $435! This doesn’t even consider KIVA or MQMs earned above a measly two segment coach!

    What do you all think? Am I missing anything? Isn’t living in the Midwest the best! 🙂

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