A Delta news update day – just what is going on in Delta land

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Considering how lousy the Midwest weather is and hitting Delta hubs, I am sure many of us have some extra time to read some of the latest Delta news goings on. So let’s get to it:

  • AF lost “less” money last year. Maybe if they can make money, they will start opening up more Skymiles seats for us again. Anyway, check it out HERE
  • Delta Senior Vice President and Controller Mike Randolfi has left Delta for a new job as CFO at Orbitz is HERE
  • Delta’s oil refinery is looking to North Dakota’s Bakken crude oil to try to make money. Check it out HERE.
  • Good news, for us, that most air fare hikes, including from Delta, are not holding this year is HERE
  • Good news for N.D. to MSP, bad news, you get 50 seat CRJ’s is HERE
  • OK this one is not from Delta, but you know, I guess we need to get used to stinky planes is HERE
  • Lastly, for those who say SkyMall never has anything good for sale to earn 5x Skymiles? Then check this one out HERE! 🙂

Travel safe everyone as I get ready for my mileage run to IST (snow snow go away)! – René

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  1. I hope people do leave Delta over the move to MQD’s. The clubs are full and the upgrade lists are multiple pages long. Let’s get back to the days when upgrades and club access were reserved for elite FLYERS.

  2. @Mark – oh this is happening already. It will be interesting to see what 2014 & 2015 is like and what MQD’s do to the bottom line for the company.

  3. @Mark and Rene — I am not opposed to thinning the ranks, but I do wish MQD calculations were simpler and more customer-friendly (i.e. total cost of ticket including taxes and fees and everything)

    I don’t begrudge mileage runners as they fill seats, pay money, and contribute to delta’s success. I hate the people who take 1 trip to Asia and a domestic flight and are suddenly Silvers and act as if they are the most important people in the world.

    Hopefully, with the change and thinning, silver benefits can be increased, credit card holders can get some benefits, but not be de-facto silver, GM and up can get more upgrades, SP wont be longer than Zone 1,2,3 combined, etc…

  4. Dickinson is on the south side of the Bakken where Delta is getting the crude from…..Williston is a boom town.

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