300,000 Ultimate Rewards points – time to book my stay-N-play in Grand Cayman

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While I love my Delta cards and NEED them for my Diamond Medallion status efforts, there is some spend that I cannot ever send off to my Delta cards. One of them, as you see above, is my Comcast cable bill. 5x points, that I can PRE-PAY months ahead btw, are just the best.

Also, Lisa got her   50,000 BONUS points   after spending $5000 that is still going on for BOTH (yes you can have BOTH CARDS and get bonus for EACH CARD) the INK Bold and the INK Plus cards from Chase. If you have not got either of these cards yet (don’t try for both at once btw):


I will soon be at 300k total and have enough to book my return trip now to Grand Cayman this winter and cannot wait to get back there. For the first time EVER in my life, I’m planning to do a night dive and have been told they are out of this world kool (please tell me if you have been on one as I want some feedback divers).

What a week for deals after the 50,000 AMEX MR card and now, as you can see below, the 50,000 point SW Air card is back as well. So many good choices with huge rewards! – René

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  1. Night dives are the best! Not being able to see what is in the distance makes you think… If the conditions are at their best you will not need a light. Some critters will be attracted to the light. Plus you will see the ones that are not out during the day. Remember to watch your depth because it is easy to go deep. If anyone tells you a night dive is like a low visibility dive they are wrong. Enjoy every minute of the dive.

  2. Night dives can be a great experience. Don’t take a huge torch with you though. That ruins it in many ways, including spooking certain critters. Take a small 4AA LED flashlight. I never took anything bigger than that and was always thankful. If the water’s clear, any 100 lumen light will be more than enough. And if someone does have a huge pistol-grip torch, head away from them.

  3. Oh, and as with using a flashlight above water, remember not to shine your light at someone’s face to get their attention. If you need to signal someone, pass the bright spot back and forth in front of them where they will notice it on the bottom/reef. And when they turn to look at you, shine the light on your own hand to show the signal you’re intending to give (“ok”, “check air”, “time to surface”, etc.)

  4. Love night dives! Like everyone says, different critters are out, can’t believe how many shrimp you’ll see that hide during the day. Eels tend to be out of their holes, etc. Its not scary at all, just relax and enjoy.

  5. Night diving is awesome!! I have done several of these and there is a different type of thrill associated with these as compared to daytime dives. Like others said take an underwater light or rent one that isn’t super bright and putting glow sticks on the valves of tanks is also good for locating people if lights are off… And last go with a company that has a very good reputation!! Can’t wait to hear how it goes and see pictures if you have a camera. Have a great time!

  6. When I was a kid, my mom was a PADI divemaster intsructor. She liked the night dives because you could see all the colors of the fish etc much better than the washed out hues during the day. The photos always looked amazing. Personally I’d probably freak out at least initially.

  7. How exactly are you gonna utilize 300k ultimate rewards for a grand cayman trip, seems like alot of points for one trip

  8. I’ve done two night dives; one was part of my AOW certification, and I’m looking forward to more on my own dive trip later this year. The earlier comments are spot on, so let me ask you a question, Rene. Why on earth are you going to Cayman? It’s got to be the most expensive place in the Caribbean.

    I’m doing a week-long trip to Roatan with the local dive club in July – $1,261pp all inclusive! Two boat dives per day, all the shore diving you want and a wall reef in front of the resort. You can spend as much on meals for two on Cayman as my whole trip!

  9. Enjoy your first night dive!!!!! It’s like jumping into an “ink well”. Everything is totally black…except where you shine your little flashlight. Bring a “back up ” little flashlight…just in case. Plan the dive…dive the plan….Lots of critters…not seen in day dives. I too use a “glow stick” attached to my BC or tank. Be extra careful…stay close to your dive partner. It is harder to deal with issues in the dark…first rule of SCUBA….keep breathing!!!!!

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