Part Two: more fun things you can ASK a Delta rep for (but may not get)!

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A few weeks back I had a rookie post about all the “fun” things you can ask a Delta rep for; some of them they are mostly happy to do while others not so much.

In that light, here are a few more fun things to try for when booking a ticket, especially with Delta partners, that you can ask a rep to do if you are having a hard time getting your seats. Keep in mind a good rep will often say they have already thought of that or some will challenge you how much work that is or that never works or I have never ever had that work before (all of these are KEY WORDS for you to say thanks so much for your help and CLICK – next phone rep)!

1) The first is when there seems to be space but the rep can not get the seats. You can ask the rep to manually request with say KLM the “O” (if you want low level biz) class service and see if they will confirm back the space.

2) Similar to point one is you can ask the rep to try to LONG SELL the itinerary and see if the computer will answer back that you are confirmed.

3) I touched on this last time but they can try to reach out to revenue management to override the space available and give you the seats for that segment. They hate to do this and you may have more success with the international reissue desk and their supervisors to get this done.

4) Having issues where they want to “marry” segments and don’t want to adjust them, I have had good success asking them to simply request it to price as booked. This is one computer rule that is NOT set in stone and just a way to make you go away!

5) Sometimes, linking to point #4, you can have issues when say working on changing part of a trip. Sometimes just ONE segment is mid or high while all the others are low. Maybe they can just give you and “Even Exchange” for the low ones you now have. This often requires a supervisor to get involved.

I could go on and on as there really are so many ways to try to get what you want when Delta is not playing nice and finding all the space you want. But the one thing all this should teach us is that all the rules are not rules. When just about anything can be changed, if a rep just wants to, we can see how fluid Delta can be. – René

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  1. Funny I recently booked a star alliance flight through us air and the rep did most of those things without me having to ask. Strange even for them.

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