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Reports are coming in: 50,000 point Membership Rewards offer may end soon!

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If you have been waiting to get the targeted  50,000 point offer,  you may miss out. Some of the links to the offer are saying it is no longer available. I have no word yet about just when it will end, but deals like this one only come now and then with such little spend to get this many membership rewards points! If it has been more than 365+ days since you closed this card, you should have no problem getting the bonus again. – René

Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card
from American Express®
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  1. My Mom recieved the 50000 MR bonus offer. I have a feeling this one is only for people with close to a 800 credit score.

  2. @Wendy – Maybe – it is only for those with VERY good credit. (even for those like me with 35+ cards 😉 )

  3. My credit is horrible, and I got the card. I did have the business version though. I have a 680 score, and a few foreclosures from 4 years ago.

  4. I last applied for this card on 4/16/11 during the 75,000 point matched bonus offer. I’m tempted, but I think it will be another 6 weeks at least until American Express would consider me eligible for the bonus again. I hope the offer comes around again later this year.

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