March 7, 2013


Since Boarding area is going to be “down” for today, tomorrow and some of Sunday, I will not be able to post and you will not be able to comment. But, do you want to know about: How often can I get a Delta AMEX card? What are the best seats to Europe? How to get faster phone service with Delta? Need some FREE points? Use your phone! 3 for the price of 2 flights? If I die who gets my points? These and so much more in the Essentials tab HERE! Also, please be sure to check back Sunday for a “make up” SWAG Saturday giveaway extravaganza! – René PS – you may want to check out DeltaPoints on twitter today too! ▲Delta▲ SkyMiles® Credit Card RESERVE/PLATINUM/GOLD from American Express® Click here for more information

As we left off from part one, I was forlorn and dejected, with my tail between my legs, sulking away from the KLM Crown Lounge after being summarily dismissed by the desk agent (ok it was not that bad)! I did get an answer back to my tweet complaint to KLM and, apparently, a connection from Istanbul is NOT an international city so it did not count for Skyteam access (who knew)! As to middle seat and getting lied to about my drink request, I was offered 7500 Flying Blue points. OK…. I now really wish I had my LOUNGE CLUB™ card to get access to the SERVISAIR LOUNGE in AMS from my INK card! I went to the central “hub” and exited security and walked for the most part straight until I found the “tube” connecting the airport to the Sheraton AMS. There were a number of cheaper options…

With a big HT to “Will Run For Mile’s” and EZBoy from FT, this one looks like it could be good and you can go HERE to check it out! EDIT: Yes it DOES look like you WILL need a VISA so be sure to count that cost as well! But, also keep in mind with Delta you can cancel w/in 24 hrs and who know how long the deal will last! Be sure to check other months as there are lower price’s to be had ($350 or less)! Porto Alegre, Brazil I am going to pass (maybe) on this one as I will focus on domestic runs the rest of this year!  – René EDIT: FlyerTalk is down right now. So, you can search on for routes via DTW to get lower CPM! ▲Delta▲ SkyMiles® Credit Card RESERVE/PLATINUM/GOLD from American Express® Click here for more information