SWAG Saturday on Monday – (we don’t need no stink’in time change) ♥

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What a crazy weekend. Clearly the BoardingArea tech switch over did not go as planned. Friday, it looked like this was going to be as painless as 1st class upgrade. Then, as time went on, we found ourselves in the middle seat, back row! Then, after that, we went mechanical and had to get off the plane! Ugg!

Friday, you did not get read Tamara’s great post on the TSA nor did you have a chance to win some killer SWAG on Saturday. Well we just can not have that and I am going to MAKE IT UP TO YOU TODAY (and try to play catch up all week)!

Tomorrow, around 10:PM EST, via I will pick 3 winners. Winner #1 gets the 1st choice and so on. All will have a chance at the July Silver Medallion status prize. The rules, like other weeks, are HERE if you want to check.

Prize #1 is a 1 day Skyclub pass

Prize #2 is a set of iGo Noise Canceling headphones

Prize #3 is a Motorola bluetooth keyboard

To win, all you have to do is comment below (click on the word comments and scroll down to end) and tell me what you like BEST about Delta Air Lines. It can be anything but it must be something good. I want a list of what Delta does right and that YOU like. Got it? Have fun and btw  1 MILLION thanks for supporting the blog  all weekend with all the “fun” going on – René

 EDIT: We have our WINNERS HERE!

Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card
from American Express®
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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. As an Atlanta resident, I love the fact that I can get just about anywhere in the world in just one connection!

  2. I still love Delta, not so much about their flight, but the comfort offered in their Sky Clubs.

  3. I think Delta’s iphone application is great. Their recent upgrade added a lot of great features and I like being able to manage all my flights on the go and book new ones in minutes.

  4. I love Delta’s availability of flights from my small home airport MSN. I DON’T have to go through ORD where my flight will likely be cancelled (hello AA and UA, I’m talking to you!). I’m also psyched that they’re adding nonstop service to SLC from MSN this fall. I love Utah!

  5. Being that Delta has a hub in my home city I like that Delta feels like home!

  6. The customer service. At least to those with Gold status and above.

  7. I love some of the awesome employees I’ve interacted with that work for Delta. This includes mostly very nice flight attendants and some phone reps.

  8. I love Delta because they fly everywhere I have ever wanted to go, with options to connect anywhere in the world.

  9. FirstInFlight Reply

    I like the fact that most Delta employees are good people. There are a few bad apples – and often they are actually regional airline employees not Delta. When I fly United or American I experience unhappy employees. When I fly Delta I experience employees who are want to help. Whether they can is always a question – but at least they want to help. Too often employees at other airlines just don’t care.

  10. Delta has the sleekest website I’ve seen by an Airline. I especially like their section for Traveling Tips and Tools.

  11. Maybe I’m just lucky with Delta but it’s the only airline I haven’t missed a connection due to a delayed flight.

  12. I love the reasonable prices when I want to make a trip down to Atlanta to visit relatives!

  13. I like that they still offer pretzels, peanuts, or Biscoff with the beverage service. Its an added touch that’s very welcome (and of course partly to support Georgia peanut farmers).

  14. They seem to offer more legroom in coach than the other domestic airlines here in the US.

  15. I love how it’s so “easy” to earn rewards for Delta :D! Also love the flight attendants who always go above and beyond for passengers.

  16. I like that Delta has the best award availability to French Polynesia

  17. I really like the iPhone app. You can access a lot of info very quickly, especially multiple logins for families.

  18. I appreciate that most Delta employees are trying to make the customers happy/make the system work well.

  19. The level of service and attitude of the staff is much better than on other legacy carriers and that’s the main reason I almost always choose Delta.

  20. @DeltaAssist. They’ve helped with so many things. It is way easier and faster than the phone.

  21. I really like the great service from @deltaassist. Very helpful and fast response every time I have used it.

  22. Delta has a award that is going to get me to Australia for 150K miles and $200 per person – I am booked and going in May

  23. What Delta does right, partners with SPG.

    What I like, NYC hub.

  24. I like the iPhone app and the fact that they have a lot of direct flights from my home airport MSP.

  25. With ATL as my home airport. I love the availability to go just about anywhere direct.

  26. I like that Delta has a group of Continuous Improvement engineers and interns. I interviewed with the group a while back and was proud to see industrial engineers at the company making processes better both internal and external. Maybe some day I can do the same (somewhere in the north east)

  27. I love Delta vacations, the Skyclub, the promotions (when they have some) and that it is so easy for me to fly anywhere out of MSP!!

  28. I really like the iPhone app, and now the new Delta iPad app. I fly united alot as well, and it just dosent compare to what delta offers. Also I really enjoy having the ability to have WiFi while en route. Makes those long trips really worth it!

  29. I like that every time I go to the Winnipeg airport, I see a Delta plane… but I am not getting on it!

  30. What’s not to like?
    -Major hub in ATL
    -Friendly, patient staff on site and phones who does what they can when crisis occurs
    -FF Points don’t expire (thanks a lot Frontier)
    -They don’t ship your pet to a different city (thanks a lot United)

    Need I say more?

  31. I loved my transatlantic flight on Delta last week FRA-JFK with great service, food and PTVs.

  32. You know what I really like and what keeps me tied to Delta, even when other airlines have a lower fare or more routes to my destination? Customer Service!
    From the phone agents, to the ticket counter, to the gate, and on the flight, the customer service is just fantastic, IMO. very helpful, and the agents really seem to have my back.
    For instance on our last flight from Florida, the FA presented my daughter with wings! Yep, simple little plastic wings with a pin on the back. No big deal, but she has only received one other pair in her annual travels, and that was from JetBlue, which has sticky on the back vs. the pin. Small but it is the small things that matter.

  33. I don’t like a thing about Delta! Does anybody do like anything about them?

  34. Ceci tamsen Reply

    I find @Delta has extremely professional flight crews. No overbearing but they explain the rules and try to expedite boarding

  35. Delta upgraded me to first on a Trans-Atlantic flight when my original one was severely delayed due to mechanical problems.

  36. I like Delta’s hub airports much better than most of the hubs serviced by other airlines.

  37. Even as just a GM, it seems that they treat us alright and appreciate our business. I also like getting bumped 🙂

  38. I like the little overnight kits they give you if you end up getting stuck somewhere.

  39. I like how Delta is actually trying to be a better airline. Better seats, better routes, better service.

  40. Was very happy to fly non stop from Detroit to Seoul (stop for a week), non stop on Korean air to sydney (2 weeks), then Virgin Australia to LAX/DTW last year on an award ticket for a total of $130 in taxes. Best redemption I’ve ever done.

  41. I love that Delta flights are usually on time (in my experience anyway)

  42. I absolutely love this site. I’m a relative newbie to the medallion scene, and this site has given me so much information. I ref it daily now!

  43. I like how easy it is to find low level domestic transcontinental flights to pair with transatlantic flights

  44. I love this new feature! Thanks for having such an awesome blog! What do i like best about Delta? Unlimited complimentary medallion upgrades! Even as a silver, i still get to feel special once in a while.

  45. The best domestic product in the air today with the best customer service to boot.

  46. As a resident in the Detroit metro area, I love the fact that I can get a non-stop flight to just about anywhere in the US on Delta.

  47. Customer service and the above and beyond approach is why I choose to fly Delta whenever possible over other airlines. With Los Angeles as my hub it works out a lot.

  48. I like the option of redeeming Delta miles on Virgin Australia

  49. I think the best part of Delta is their responsiveness on twitter via @deltaassist

  50. Hi Rene
    I just booked a MR
    JFK to ANC via sea!!!!!

    Sept 16-17
    Ill miss two days of work
    Ill get a nice batch of points sitting for free in EC
    My first time on Alaska for the
    Sea to ANC and back leg
    Any heads ups???
    Hope I get upped to front

    This is because of your fabulous teachings!
    Thank you
    Ohhhhhjj I’d love to win noise Cancelling head phones !!!!!!!!

  51. phill gold Reply

    I love that I know I will always get a good product. They are consistent and reliable in their service.


  52. Honestly, I love the Delta in-flight service. The FAs are kind, caring, and glad to be of service. Much better than any of the other US-based airlines. My parents flew to the US for the first time to visit me and I booked them on Delta. They loved every bit of the flight! And especially the FAs. Great job Delta!

  53. The BEST thing about Delta Air Lines is they have internet on almost every single flight I have been on and that is a big plus to be able to get work done while your flying.

  54. The self-service bars in the SkyClubs! (The few that remain, anyhow.)

  55. Lucia Ochoa Reply

    I love that Delta airline fly’s to the most wonderful place I have ever been, ARUBA.

  56. Quinn Ramsey Reply

    I like the frequent domestic complementary upgrades as an elite

  57. Knowing that when it all goes wrong the Diamond line will save the day!!

  58. Michael H.(oldfox) Reply

    I like the service I have gotten over many years from great Delta flight attendants. Love Delta!

  59. I like that they are strong overall. I’ve never had a bad experience with them. They have solid customer service, good prices, comfortable planes, nice lounges, and good partner airlines. It’s this combination that makes me want to fly them.

  60. I love the business class product (but hate how hard it is to use SWU certs to get there)

  61. They have the best LGA terminal, a super polished website, and direct flights from LGA-RDU! Can’t pick just one.

  62. I think Delta just does a better job at thinking outside of the box when it comes to running the best company possible. Some things work and some things don’t, but they give it a good try.

  63. Are you serious?…DELTALINA”….of course….she is “smokin hot”….opps! NO SMOKING ALLOWED ON ANY DELTA FLIGHTS”.

  64. Barbara S. Reply

    Free first checked bag….if you have the right credit card.

  65. I think they do pretty well with the on time departures….recently.

  66. I like how Delta is leading the airline industry with efforts to go “green”, including recycling tons of airline meal packaging and business office materials,to building the world’s first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)certified energy efficient terminal at Boston’s Logan Airport.

  67. I love that delta worked overtime to get me to my own wedding after a hurricane tried hard to make me miss it.

  68. Personally, I’d rather have the headphones. They last longer than a day pass, and block out the screaming children for a longer time too! Thanks!!

  69. Because DTW is my home airport. I can get a nonstop flight to where I want to fly.

  70. I love that they have numerous flights from airports fairly close to home!

  71. I luv Delta’s new fold flat seating in business class on flights to Asia! Flew a 747 recently to Tokyo and wish I could sit in that seat every time I fly!

  72. It was the most flights from LGA to MEM where my family makes the trip twice a year.

  73. I like the wide variety of airports in Florida that I can get to with my miles from STL. Of course most everything goes through ATL but after that you have quite a choice of airports.

  74. Gene Holcombe Reply

    I like Delta’s technology, from kiosks, flight displays in boarding area, automated upgrades/waitlist, new website, etc. It makes flying so very easy. I show up and board with no fuss, no muss.

  75. I love the ease of earning Skymiles. I am now planning a major trip from my home airport in Panama City, Central America. PTY-USA(stopover), USA-Europe, open-jaw, Europe-USA (stopover).
    All that for 60K economy? That’s great value!!

  76. Travel Bear Reply

    I like Delta. Period. I fly domestic and international and just plain like them. I have two reservations with them currently and plan on at least 2 more domestics and an international by years end. This is all pleasure, not business. My choice, my dollars.

  77. I like Delta because they are really nice to my sister, a Platinum.

  78. One of the best things about delta is the friendly helpful people at the counter in the sky clubs!

  79. I like that the flight attendants aren’t unionized. I believe it leads to better overall service.

  80. the fact that they are staying on top of technology (apps, website, wifi) — even though there are glitches

  81. The fact that Delta has not abandoned Detroit. Also, the Skyclub at DTW is a top notch lounge.

  82. Hmmm, they fly places I want to go? Sorry, Rene, it’s a commodity product, I don’t have and I’m not likely to ever have status, so that’s the best I can do!

  83. No doubt—free MOJITOS all the way from ATL to SFO! And the flight attendants always make sure my glass is kept full.

  84. Fresca! I’ve always appreciated that they often serve cans of Fresca on Delta flights – that’s pretty rare, even at eateries on the ground! 🙂

    They also use the offer Amarula on Delta flights, but I have not seen it lately. That’s another delicious drink, but should not be mixed with Fresca.

  85. What I like best? The fact that I only have 100k of Delta peso’s left to burn! 🙂

  86. I prefer the 5 day advance upgrade but after lowering my sites to economy comfort the at gate upgrade works.

  87. I like Delta’s customer service agents. They leaps and bounds ahead of the other US airlines!

  88. Award availability from MSP to DTW, live in one and from the other saves me tons.

  89. My favorite part about Delta is the quality of the flights and service is high.

  90. I think the word you’re looking for is not stink’in, but stinkin’. The removal of the letter (in this case G) is what necessitates the apostrophe.

    Unless there actually is a noticeable stink in your time change, in which case you should try some Febreeze.

    • @jon – i take creative rights with English. I spell the word cool – kool. the other reference is from a film. read my blog more and you will see lots more of the same! (btw, your name is missing an “H”) 😉

  91. Confirming that your posts regarding helpful Delta Reps, I needed help with my travel plans trying to individually find low award seats from MEM-SIT for my family of 5. After 3 hours… I had all but given up as the “Multi City” one way itineraries, were all completed, except for the fact that I needed 1 more segment, that the Multi City did not have slots for (7). I had my flight #’s. times/dates in hand, and decided to give the Delta DM line only 1 chance. Not only was she able to book my flights (all at lowlevel), she actually cut 2 segments off the itinerary, and saved me one hotel night. (You just cant beat a family of 5 trip Mem-JFK-STI for 175,000 miles total. Granted I did 95% of the leg work, but the 5% this Delta Rep completed rocked !

  92. I like the Skymiles shopping bonuses that seem to come out more often than other airlines.

  93. I love Delta’s planes. They are well cared for and a pleasure to fly! And waiting in the Sky Club is great too!

  94. The fact that our Delta Skymiles never expire is the best thing I like- just like many hotel rewards points.

  95. I love the amazing award calendar and their award availability that allows (forces) us to stay local and enjoy our beautiful home and family

  96. Their on time performance. I’ve only had one late (mx) flight in my past 75 segments.

  97. Their elite upgrade success rate is very good…an I think their inflight service is the best for domestic travel

  98. Rollover MQMs and the sweet courtship Star Alliance will be engage in with Medallions to get us to jump ship when MQDs go into effect!

  99. The great thing about Delta is that they let me have 2 checked baggage compared to one only from other airlines.

  100. I like the ease in getting anywhere out of GSP. Quick trip to Atlanta, and then wherever I need to go!

  101. I love the Delta App. I check my seat assignment leading up to my trip and change it if something better opens up.

  102. Service service service! People can complain about SkyPesos, but I love traveling on Delta because of their service.

  103. I like using my choice upgrades for International Travel. 99% of the Dekta res agents will search for routes and days you can use your choice upgrades.

  104. dot cahill Reply

    I like the fact that we can use our Plat amex to access the sky clubs.. they were very helpful to our daughter traveling alone once when her flights were cancelled. She called me and I said go to the lounge and they will help you–sure enough they got her on other flights and she got to her destination almost on time… i did write a nice letter about our local sky club to Delta as they ave her from a bad day etc

  105. There are many things to like: I have had great service from many employees — phone reps, attendants, GA’s. I like earning skymiles in ways other than just flying. I have been able to use all my systemwide upgrades (reps tell which flights, book, and then apply — great for international).

  106. I love that when something goes wrong (IROPS, etc.). the Delta Diamond line always tries to come to the rescue!

  107. James Kraft Reply

    I like being able to get online and check the seating and move to available seats that I choose.

  108. I like the Delta staff, who by and large are professional, courteous, and handle problems promptly and efficiently. Hats off to the Red Coats!

  109. I am digging the fact that the new Delta App will let me add boarding passes into Passbook. I love having my boarding passes and hotel reservation altogether in Passbook now.

  110. Ultimately they have amazing customer service, not just on the phone, but in person. I have derived several upgrades just by asking in the right way, being nice to the GA, not copping an attitude, etc. I just flew from ATL to NY last Saturday with a buddy on my AmEx companion (non-upgrade-eligible) tickets, and ended up with upgrades both ways. All because Delta did a great job with customer service. This keeps me coming back – Delta is my kind of people.

  111. I like that Delta Air Lines has a huge number of flights to a variety of amazing locations!

  112. I like earning on their partners for cheap international flights – Aeroflot and Air France have had some good deals the past couple of years.

  113. I love the SkyClubs…especially the ones with self-pour bars!!

  114. I like that Delta flys nonstop PIT-CDG. Sometimes, connections stink (although 9 hours in coach always stinks)

  115. I like how Delta has seemed to “get with the times” and release a killer iPhone/iPad app that’s chock full of features.

  116. HeavenlyJane Reply

    Best thing about Delta is that its hub is my hometown (ATL)so I can get non-stop flights to almost anywhere

  117. Two big things 1) Mileage never expires. For someone who doesn’t fly super often this is huge. 2) I really enjoy the Biscoff cookies on the flight.

  118. I love that allows you to manage your trips from apps, especially the great ones for iPhone and iPad!

  119. Love husband being a diamond! He does the work, I get the perks.

  120. I like Delta because the employees are always friendly to me. I have never had a bad experience with a Delta employee. I feel that they honestly appreciate my business.

  121. I like it that Delta flies out of a tiny airport 40 minutes away from me.

  122. They do have great routes available. As I live overseas they have some of the only flights for me to get back home. Their international product isn’t too shabby either.

  123. Leslie Gross Reply

    I love delta for many reasons, but I do love that they are the only airline closest to where I live!

  124. Russell Barnes Reply

    Delta is simply THE BEST! The best employees that give 100% to help travelers. The best routing to all the locations I ever travel to. The easiest website to book tickets and search for my reward status. The VERY best in customer lounges, which I never realized until my AM EX Delta Platinum started offering the $25 admission and WOW what a relaxing treat. The value in the ticket which offsets some of low cost, low respect carriers that make you stand in line like sheep. You get my vote for #1.

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