We are so much smarter than 99% of Delta flyers! Seriously.

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I want you all to look very closely at the video in the 1st new bit below. See just how many things these folks got WRONG! We need to understand that, unlike Delta Points readers, MOST, and I fully stand by this as I often ask DM’s in Skyclubs, do not understand what is on the way for Delta in 2014. Now for us, that can be good. But wow do we all need to keep up with Delta news and I will do my best to help you do just that.

  • CNBC has lots of WRONG Delta info HERE
  • Maybe the VA 49% was not a good buy is HERE
  • DAL stock price is “UP” big time HERE
  • Delta is growing LAX big time is HERE
  • Our CEO is not a fan of METAL onboard is HERE
  • I am not the only one who loves lounge time is HERE
  • It is hard to drive a jet some days is HERE
  • The Chicago Seminares 2013 are OPEN for registration is HERE
  • Need 5000+ MQM’s? Sill live MR is HERE

Oh my, these are interesting times to be a Delta flyer. Everyone seems to be saying that soon Delta will go to a fully revenue based system where a Skymile is worth 1 cent period (or less). I think this would be a disaster and would end first class redemption on Delta for almost everyone. Not only that, but the backlash (including yours truly) would never end. What do you think is on the way? – René

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  1. How can that cnbc guy not bother to even check his details before opening his mouth ? His chart alone with the 100k mqm for diamond is wrong.

  2. I went to plan a trip on Delta yesterday and saw that points are redeemed according to the price of the fare. What I understand a $1000 fare takes 100,000 Skymiles. So the Skymiles are worth 1 cent now? Is there a way around this?

  3. I’m not sure why Delta stock being up is good for us as customers. Are they giving good employees 10% raises, or hiring more, or in any way is this filtering to us? I don’t see that. Stock price matters to shareholders, of which I am not one.

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