SWAG Saturday – How about a SAMSUNG Tablet this week? Really? YEP!

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

This week, and I do mean FULL WEEK, we are going all out. Rather than make it a 24 hr even, as most weeks, we are going a full week this round. So, next Friday March 22nd, around 10 PM EST, I will pick the winner. They will as always, have a shot at the grand prize in July, the Delta Silver Medallion status, but also, they will win the Samsung 7″ tablet below:

This puppy features:

  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system
  • Built-in 802.11b/g/n wireless LAN
  • 1GB RAM memory
  • 7″ WSVGA touch-screen TFT-LCD
  • With a 1024 x 600 resolution
  • 8GB moviNAND on-board memory
  • Built-in 3.0MP webcam
  • Digital media card reader
  • Supports microSD cards up to 32GB
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • Easily link with other Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Weighs only 12.2 oz. and measures just 0.4″ thin
  • Include Android Market, Gmail, YouTube and more.

How about that for a great SWAG Saturday giveaway? Now the T&C are found HERE. But, in addition to that, you MUST (or you can not win) tell me what of the 3 big Delta AMEX cards you like best and WHY you like that one you picked the best! Clear? You can pick from

Delta•GOLD  AMEX –  Personal  card or  Business  card

Delta•Platinum  AMEX –  Personal  card or  Business  card

Delta•Reserve  AMEX –  Personal  card or  Business  card

Again, you will have all week to enter this and you can only enter one time per person or you will be disqualified! Have fun with this and enjoy your weekend – René

Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card
from American Express®
Click here for more information



Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Responses are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. It is not the bank advertiser's responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered.

René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. Delta AmEx Platinum Personal card for me. It is worth the free companion pass. Of course, I would love the reserve card, but considering that I do not spend enough each year for the bonus miles, the cost is not worth it to me.

  2. Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card because no annual fee for first year!

  3. Delta Gold AmEx Business because of the 2x points for shipping. Since we own a small business that ships stuff, I can now put all my UPS and USPS costs on my Gold AmEx card and get double points!

  4. Gold because lowest fee to get free bags and priority boarding since I don’t fly much.

  5. The Reserve card, even though the MQM boosts do nothing for me as I’m headed to Platinum Medallion on segments this year, it’s nice to have access to the Sky Club on all those layovers!

  6. Delta Gold Amex Personal for the flight-related bennies (baggage, boarding and in-flight purchase discount).

  7. Delta Gold personal for me. The no-annual fee for the first year works best for me.

  8. Business Reserve for the MQMs and the edge on the upgrade list. I know it has been responsible for at least one upgrade for me this year.

  9. I would say the gold personal card due to the affordable annual fee that is waived the first year. Also of course the free checked bags are my favorite perk!

  10. Delta Gold Amex Personal(baggage, boarding and in-flight purchase discount)

  11. Delta Gold with the highest number of points with the smallest spend

  12. Man… you have to choose? Because most people here would say they’d want them all for the sign up bonus… 🙂

    But if you must choose, I’d say the Platinum Personal for the companion pass.

  13. The Delta Reserve for the MQM bonuses and also helping with tie breaker

  14. Gold amex personal, good benefits and annual fee waived the first year

  15. Delta gold because I do not have it yet and would like some bunus miles.

  16. Platinum Personal card — extra MQMs are good. I don’t need Reserve as i already get Sky Club from AMEX Plat.

  17. I have the Platinum Personal. It’s the right balance of annual fee and features for me. I especially love the 10K MQMs for $25K spend.

  18. Chad Helberg Reply

    Has to be the Delta Gold. 50000 miles for $1000 spent in 3 months..lay up

  19. Delta Gold I’d say, for ability to avoid that annual fee through creative churning.

  20. I like Delta Gold the best because it allows me to build up miles for free flights, and not an over-the-top annual fee.

  21. Delta Amex Platinum Personal – after the benefits its like free

  22. Delta AMEX Platinum (personal) and AMEX Platinum (business) for the free checked bags and annual free companion certificate for a modest annual fee. I don’t fly enough for business to justify the Delta AMEX Reserve (business) as I am self-employed – maybe one day!

  23. Christine Pincince Reply

    I like the delta platinum and have had it for over 10 years. I like the free bags, the 10k mm after 25k spend and the now much better and actually usable companion ticket so I don’t churn that one.

  24. Truthiness Reply

    Amex gold, no annual fee first year and almost as good as silver medallion status.

  25. Judy Jones Reply

    The Delta Platinum Amex for the free bag feature. Saves me $50 per round trip even on an award ticket!

  26. Greg Kennedy Reply

    I go with the Delta Amex Gold for the lower fee and free checked bag. Delta is not as competitive as UA and AA out of ABQ

  27. Platinum seems to have the best perks when you consider the expenses. Free companion tix too.

  28. Personal Platinum for my wife, but me as authorized user. I’m DM, she maintains her PM by getting the 10,000 MQMs for 25,000 spending threshold. she earning MQMs on the companion ticket purchase. Finally, fee is much lower than reserve card and benefits much greater than the gold card.

  29. Delta Gold Amex personal because they showered points upon me for spending/recycling some cash:)

  30. AMEX Delta Platinum for free bags, companion ticket, and earlier boarding. Benefits exceeds the cost by a lot.

  31. I like the Platinum Business Amex for three reasons:
    1) Ability to earn MQMs
    2) Low annual fee relative to Reserve card
    3) Business card does not impact credit history

  32. I like the Platinum Delta SkyMiles AMEX (personal card) because of the Zone 1 Priority Boarding benefit on Delta flights.

  33. Delta Gold – free card for me, checked bag free. Got a good bonus to sign up

  34. Delta Gold Amex: annual fee waived first year and no charge for luggage.

  35. Defintely the Delta AMEX Platinum Personal. You get great benefits (MQMs, companion certs) for only a little bit more than the gold card and way less than the reserve card fee.

  36. Gold personal for the lower annual fee. MQMs don’t matter to me any more, only burning miles now.

  37. Delta Gold Amex Personal because no first annual fee and nice sign up bonus for not too much spend!

  38. Delta Gold AmEx Business because I have a business, and I charge all my UPS and USPS costs on my Gold AmEx card and get double points!

  39. Delta Platinum Amex for the bonus MQMs without the high annual fee of the reserve card.

  40. I prefer the Delta Platinum AMEX because it is a great way to get extra MQMs

  41. Reserve, primarily for the upgrade priority. Business one throws in a few minor discounts which also helps!

  42. Definitely Gold for the 30,000 signup bonus and free checked bags.

  43. Christopher K Reply

    Delta Gold Personal for decent signup bonus for very easy and reasonable spend. Free checked bags is icing on the cake.

  44. Delta Gold Personal…I’d take the bonus and give up the card at renewal.

  45. Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card because there’s no annual fee for the first year!

  46. Sara Kingsley Reply

    I like the Delta Platinum card best because you get priority boarding.

  47. delta Gold BIZ as I have to wait one year to apply for the personal cards. Also, just short 28k for my Europe Trip on Biz class

  48. I love the Delta Platinum personal card – the benefits are great, and it’s easy to get a lot of value out of it

  49. I like the Delta Reserve Credit Card from American Express because of the MQM’s.

  50. Anthony P. Reply

    Delta platinum personal for the companion ticket and the MQMs.

  51. Michael H.(oldfox) Reply

    I love the Amex Delta Platinum (personal) card because of the MQMs.

  52. Delta Reserve. I am seriously looking at it for when I lose my Diamond status for SkyClub access and upgrade help!

  53. Gold because no annual fee for the first year. Cancel before annual fee, apply for the gold business card cancel before annual fee, etc. Churn baby churn.

  54. The Platinum for the companion certificate!
    Love how MQMs roll over… Wish other airlines would follow suit!

  55. Gold because of the no annual fee for first year and the tie breaker on the upgrade list

  56. Delta Gold personal. Easiest spend to meet, gives early boarding. That’s all I need for now!

  57. Delta Reserve Amex (personal) – Skyclub access, MQMs, and a bump in upgrade priority. Thanks!

  58. My favorite is the Delta Gold Amex because its free for the first year!

  59. I like the Delta Amex Platinum Personal. The bonus MQMs make it worth it. They don’t offer price protection on the card and hoping to switch to another card.

  60. Delta Platinum for the free companion pass and free bags for me and those flying with me. That really adds up. I pay the $95 annual fee. I know some pay $125 but I have had it for a while so $95 is all that I am charged.

  61. the skeptical traveler Reply

    Delta Platinum AMEX, because I like Platinum more than Gold and I don’t really know what Reserve is for.

  62. Jennifer C. Reply

    Gold personal has the best benefits ratio for me as a less-frequent Delta flyer now that Delta doesn’t serve my preferred home airport

  63. I liked the Delta Reserve (personal) at first because of the initial MQM bonus but now I like the earned MQMs after $30k/$60k spend, the Skyclub access, the tie-break and the free annual first-class companion ticket. It has been so worth the larger annual fee to me!

  64. The platinum personal for all its bennies and the companion ticket covers that annual fee so I consider it free!

  65. The delta platinum card because I get double miles per dollar spent on all delta expenditures and the companion pass.

  66. Plat Amex…all about the companion ticket. We use it every year.

  67. I like the Delta Platinum Amex because it is allows you to earn 10k MQMs with a reasonable $25k in spend and a much more affordable annual fee than the Reserve.

  68. I like the companion pass benefit of the Delta Platinum personal card.

  69. Delta Platinum Amex because they sent me a targeted offer with well above average MQMs/miles after certain spend.

  70. I like Platinum the best. For me it has the best combination of benefits (free companion ticket, free bags, 20% off in-flight purchases, 10K MQMs after $25K spend) for the cost.

  71. Amex Delta business platinum because of the 10k mqms sign up bonus and additional 15k mqms for every 15k spent

  72. Delta Amex Personal. Longtime cardholder and have been too lazy to change to Gold. 🙂

  73. The Delta Gold Personal for the free checked bag and $0 Annual Fee for the first year.

  74. Noah Kimmel Reply

    Platinum Personal, need those MQMs, and only one AMEX card in my wallet deserves a $450 fee

  75. Delta platinum Amex balances a reasonable annual fee with an opportunity for some MQMs each year!

  76. DL Amex reserve. Sky Club, Spend threshold for MQMs, and it pushed me over for GM last year! Upgrades!

  77. Delta Platinum Amex primarily for the companion ticket, but also for the MQM boost.

  78. The Personal Delta Reserve AMEX — The MQM boost and the Sky Club access. It’s the one I have!

  79. LetsGetToThePonts Reply

    AMEX Gold Business, cheap and I can rack up points easily with business purchases that are easily converted to multiple partners thus providing great flexibility.

  80. Delta Platinum AMEX – Personal card because of the MQM signup bonus

  81. Personal delta reserve for mqm’s, companion ticket, and sky club.

  82. Until now I had the Delta Amex Gold but I just got approved for the Delta Amex Reseve. My favorit part of the reseve is the 10,000 MQM’s after your first purchase and the lounge access!

  83. Delta Reserve personal … for the ability to get status and Sky Club access

  84. Just getting started in this churning game. I’m using Delta gold because I’m a loyal (usually) Delta customer.

  85. cheapgambler Reply

    delta gold – works for the few flights I take every year.

  86. Delta Reserve personal because of the lounge access and the MQM bonus. Now I hold a gold, but will likely change up on my next churn.

  87. Def the black Business Delta Reserve so I can get into the SkyClub for (free.

  88. I would have to go Gold personal, you get the most points with the least cost. I try to plan my trips with as little time at the airport as possible, so the SkyClub would not get the “benefit status” from me (personally).

  89. GOLD…Annual fee waived first year as Just used for signup bonus.

  90. Delta Platinum AmEx Personal. Seems the best value of annual fee vs. MQM benefits. $25k/year spend is a stretch for me, so Reserve doesn’t add that much value for the extra cost. I did get the AmEx platinum MR this year for the 100k MR points, but that has already paid for itself.

  91. Uri Hadelsberg Reply

    Gold- free and there’s the dig up bonus. Especially the business one- just got 30k miles out of it!

  92. Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card because no annual fee for first year!

  93. I love the Delta Reserve for the MQM bonuses, the edge on the upgrade list, and the free lounge access! 😀

  94. Anthony McKissick Reply

    Delta reserve business and personal, in order to get the maximum number of MQMs, 60,000 annually.

  95. Delta Reserve personal for me for the tie breaker on upgrades, the extra MQMs, and the lounge entry.

  96. I like the Delta Gold AmEx because it is free and I don’t have to worry about recouping my membership costs.

  97. Amex reserve because I’ve already used it to get in the crown room!

  98. PLAT AMEX PERSONAL – because of huge signup bonuses offered to PMs last year

  99. Delta Reserve because of the free lounge access..that was the decider for me. The yearly fee is less than the cost of lounge MQMs.

  100. TexasYankee Reply

    I love the Personal Delta Platinum American Express Card because of the bouns MQMs.

  101. I like the Delta Platinum Personal Amex because of the bonus mqms and companion ticket.

  102. Delta Gold for the early boarding privilege and low annual fee. I’d love the Business Reserve, but the annual fee is too steep.

  103. Reserve card for the sky club lounge access
    I wish they would waive the fee though

  104. Got the Delta Platinum AMEX personal card last year for the MQMs boost, but think I missed out on the companion certificate. Will wait a year to see if it is a good value for me.

  105. Delta Gold Personal for me, suits my spending pattern and fits my needs!

  106. Carol Blue Reply

    Delta Reserve Personal because of the free Lounge Access … the fee is steep, but the same or less than a year’s Lounge membership. Thanks, Rene!

  107. I have been a Medallion at one level or another for many years but always learn something from Delta Points. Started to “churn” CC for the first time based on your guidance (and clicking through your site). The Amex DL Platinum is my base card for Delta purchases because of the extra points and free baggage. Since I always use the companion certificate it is a better value than the Amex DL Gold. I don’t use the Sky Club much unless I catch a long delay then I buy a $25 day passes for less than the cost of upgrading to the DL Amex Reserve card. Thanks for a great blog, Les

  108. AMEX Platinum Personal and Business. Great Value plus a FREE companion ticket to offset cost. Reserve Card looks good, just don’t spend enough layover time on trips to justify cost.

  109. Alex Albacarys Reply

    My favorite is the skymiles platinum. The annual free companion voucher is a GREAT deal!

  110. Platinum personal is worth it for the companion pass! The MQMs are not bad either.

  111. Margit Aramburu Reply

    Delta platinum personal– companion pass, free schecked bag…

  112. Free checked bags for the Amex Gold card – that is the whole reason I signed up for it!

  113. Reserve Personal — SkyClub access & move to the top of the upgrade list.

  114. Delta Gold Amex Personal – no fee 1st year and early boarding (I never check so like to make sure I have overhead space).

  115. AmEx Gold Personal because of the the free first year and lowest annual fee. I also don’t spend anywhere near $60k or I would seriously consider getting the Reserve.

  116. Gold Amex personal. $500 spend ? Easy 30k…..low annual fee……….. = LOW HANGING FRUIT

  117. Delta GOLD AMEX (Personal card). Does not restrict me from using other awesome credits cards by requiring big annual spend to get miles, lower annual fees than the others, and still allows me to bank tons of miles!

  118. AMEX Delta Platinum for free bags, MQMs, and earlier boarding. My business gives me Sky Club membership.

  119. Delta Platinum because of companion ticket, but now SPG crossover is nice also.

  120. Reserve Personal – The MQM bonus helps me maintain staus, and will hopefully allow me to finally obtain GM luggage tags. .

    The primary reason I chose this card is for the Tie-Breaking, in a Delta flight bump situation.

    When I fly, I am usually on a tight deadline to a meeting. Or, I’ve been gone for a while and this could be difference between making it home to see my family, instead of another night in an airport hotel.

  121. personal plat thanks to the companion tickets but that is getting harder and harder to use

  122. Delta Platinum AX (personal) because of the MQM bonus and the free companion pass.

  123. The Delta Platinum personal is my favorite. I look forward to getting my Companion ticket each year.

  124. The Gold personal card because I get free bags for a low annual fee.

  125. churn through a selection if 4 different delta/amex cards over each 2 year period and rack up the miles.

  126. Platinum personal card – I use the free companion ticket every year, and get the MQM bonus.

  127. No doubt–Delta Platinum! Companion Ticket annually….and MQM’s! What’s not to like!?!

  128. AmEx Delta Reserve, without a doubt. 30,000 MQMs without the hassle of travel, Club access, etc. We
    use it for everything–including paying property, income tax, etc. Easy to get the $60k spend this way.

  129. Since I don’t always make medallion I like the delta gold Amx zone 1 boarding. I fly just enough every year to utilize the early boarding and still have enough overhead bin space.

  130. Gold Personal Skymiles Amex for the free first year and at the time i signed up the yearly companion ticket.

  131. Delta AmEx Platinum Personal card because of the free companion pass.I’m always traveling with someone 🙂

  132. It’s got to be the Delta Reserve – because I can’t wait to “Discover a noticeably richer travel experience”.

  133. Delta AMEX Gold, just signed up for this in fact. Don’t fly enough to get status on an airline, looking forward to using the perks that come with the card. Plus, lowest annual fee if I want to keep the card for more than 1 year.

  134. They are all nice but like so many others, the Platinum is my pick for the trade off between cost, companion pass, and MQM bonuses. Hard to beat.

  135. Gold, for the free checked bag. We often fly Delta to get to a cruise, so we need to have checked luggage for that!

  136. I like the Delta Gold Business – I can get a good amount of points without spending too much on fees. We also got a nice bonus when we signed up 🙂

  137. The Delta Platinum Amex – both for the MQMs and the free companion ticket.

  138. Gold skymiles for tons of benefits and no fee for the first year. Mainly free checked baggage makes it worth it

  139. Thank you for all the useful information you post for your readers and this kind, generous giveaway.

    My preferred card would be the Delta Gold personal one, as it appears to offer some of the best benefits.

  140. I have the Delta Reserve card for the first time. Since we are leisure travelers, it helped us get the MQM we needed and we have enjoyed access to the SkyClubs. I just got the companion ticket (thought it wouldn’t be available until I had to renew the card. Don’t know if I’ll keep it or because of the high fee.

  141. I like the Delta Reserve best because of the 10,000 MQM’s after first purchase.

  142. Delta Gold Business because of first year annual fee waived and OPEN discounts.

  143. The Platinum Personal. It’s got the right balance of annual fee and features. I especially love the 10K MQMs for $25K spend.

  144. Awesome gifts! I have the Delta gold card, and I’m pretty happy with it. Nice monthly bump in miles, and lower annual fee. I only travel for work 6 months a year, so the more expensive card doesn’t make sense for me. Plus I don’t book my own flights, so sometimes I’m on airlines other than Delta. But I definitely make my $95 annual fee money back just in not paying to check my bags.

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  146. I like Gold the best because the benefits fit me the best:
    Earn 30,000 bonus miles toward Award Travel after you spend $500 in first 3 months of Cardmembership.
    $0 Introductory Annual Fee for the first year, then $ 95.
    Priority Boarding: Enjoy on Delta flights
    This sounds like a great deal to me.

  147. Platinum for the companion certificate! I have the Gold now and will keep it to get my companion certificate, but am thinking of bumping up once that’s gone.

  148. Bruce Nightingale Reply

    Reserve is the best for the MQM bump and also the free entry into the skyclubs. The only credit card for me.

  149. Delta Reserve Business — definitely. The business credit cards stay off of your credit, so they’re a great resource, and this one has the giant MQM features.

  150. I love the Delta AMEX Platinum Personal! That free companion ticket plus the free checked bag for my companions is awesome!

  151. Delta Gold for me because you aarn 30,000 bonus miles toward Award Travel after you spend $500 in first 3 months of Cardmembership plus $0 Introductory Annual Fee for the first year.

  152. I love the Delta Amex Gold – Personal! This card may be the most basic of all the cards but I love the priority boarding and the free checked bag for myself and my companions.

  153. Tricia Cliff Reply

    Delta Gold…simply because it was part of one of my first app-o-ramas and they gave me a bunch of points. It’s the little things when you are newbie:)

  154. I like the Amex Gold Card; however, I think that once we lose the companion ticket then the card loses some of its value. I am able to redeem points for money off of a plane ticket and that’s pretty valuable for some markets where Delta is pretty inexpensive but requires a lot of miles to get there. So the Delta Gold Amex will suffice for now. Thanks!

  155. Mark DeArmon Reply

    In my preferred Amex order:

    1) Delta Platinum Personal: double-miles as I do mostly international travel
    2) Gold Amex Business: A) grace period in paying balance until my expense reimbursements come back from my employee and B) use of MR points for hotels / flights
    3) Delta Reserve Personal: automatic Sky Club access (paid for by the annual fee of course) + built-in MQM boost.

  156. Reserve because it trumps all others in the same medallion class for upgrades.

  157. Gold Personal, with no annual fee and free checked bag. I don’t fly enough to make the fee cards worth the benefits (although reading your blog is motivating me to plan more trips)!

  158. Just upgraded to the Reserve card this year to take advantage of the spending-based MQMs and Sky Club access.

  159. The AMEXplatimun. The benefits the spending level is to high on the reserve

  160. Amex Platinum–gives silver medallion-lite boarding and bag privileges for those of us who don’t fly enough to make status but enjoy Delta’s service, the ability to earn MQMs to get a bump into or maintain silver, and the companions certificate.

  161. Platinum all the way. I want upgrades over all others in the world because I am special!

  162. Delta reserve biz because you advised me to get it! 🙂 Actually because of the MQMs and it gives me and any guests access to the delta lounges.

  163. I like the Delta Platinum because of the opprotunity to get 10,000 MQM for a relatively low annual fee. A good compromise for me!

  164. I have the Delta Gold personal and I like that you only have to spend $500 to get the bonus points in the first three months. A low spending requirement is always a great benefit

  165. Platinum personal for the baggage fee waiver, companion ticket and MQMs

  166. Delta Amex Gold Personal – no checked baggage fees and priority boarding – will probably upgrade to Delta Platinum this summer when the second year fee comes around for the MQMs and added benefits

  167. Gold Personal for the best balance of benefits and annual fee for me

  168. Abhishek D Reply

    Delta Amex Gold Personal because it offers the best value for a small price!

  169. Well, if funds were unlimited…delta reserve for the lounge access 🙂

  170. Delta reserve biz for upgrade bump plus the OPEN network rebates at Hyatt.

  171. Delta Gold Personal, basic cost but good benefits. Got it during a targeted offer of 40k miles after $1k spend.

  172. A combination of the Delta AMEX Platinum (personal) and AMEX Platinum (business). Combined benefits: the free checked bags and annual free companion certificate for a reasonable annual fee. Although I don’t travel as frequently as some other hard core flyers, it seems whenever I DO fly, whether domestic or TA, it’s always on Delta.

  173. The Gold Delta personal card because the fee is waived on the first year!

  174. Deb linkner Reply

    Delta Reserve because of the MQMs, the delta club and the tie breaker!

  175. Jonathan C. Reply

    Delta Reserve because of the domestic club access and EXPEDITE on your boarding pass for using the SkyPriority lane. MQM bonus and upgrade tie-breaker are a close second. Too bad they don’t waive those forex fees!

  176. I love theDelta Reserve Business card and aspire to qualify……
    It does have that annual fee BUT offers perquisites which FAR outweigh the cost
    It is extremely selective and I like the exclusive entree it wields.
    This is the card I love!!!
    Hope I win the tablet…… 🙂
    Thanks for this great blog!!!

  177. Plat Personal – because I have had it the longest of my Delta cards :), because of the lower fee, the bonus MQMs, the occasional hefty sign-up bonus, and the companion ticket.

  178. Mark Lindey Reply

    Delta personal Amex Gold. I love that initial mileage bump and no fee for the first year. It literally got my wife to Spain on a free ticket the first year I had it.

  179. Gold – I don’t fly enough to make the other ones worthwhile.

  180. Delta Personal Reserve because of the MSM signup bonus and the 2 threshold MQM bonuses.

  181. Delta Gold; Got the Reserve for the MQM but they never were awarded and I cancelled it. Gold still gives me 2x miles for Delta charges.

  182. Amex Personal Reserve. I heard that it was easier to get upgraded with this card, and it has been. At least half my flights are in first. I am a newbe at flying and credit cards. I have tried to limit what I have. But now I am flying twice a month. So I enjoy the benefits. Thanks Rene for all the great info.

  183. phill gold Reply

    Platinum because i love the free companion ticket to take my wife along on the business trips.

  184. Gregg Golstein Reply

    Delta•Platinum AMEX – Personal card
    I like thi scard as I used its MQM bonus plus the excahnge from a traditional Platinum Amex Points for Delta points with MQM as a bonus to make Gold a fre years back.

    I havent given it up, as I think it may also help on upgrades and make sure that I get my free drink/snack coupon when I print my own boarding pass.

    I was with a couple of Platinum Medalions the other day and they did not get the drink coupon nor have they gotten Delta PREcheck, which I have as a Gold member

  185. Gold Delta SkyMiles Card because there’s no annual fee for first year.

  186. Started w/the Amex Gold, then changed to AMEX Plat. The extra annual fee was worth the “free” companion ticket as opposed to the small fee for same on the Gold card.
    Of course, now there is not a companion tix for Gold card holders.
    Love my AMEX PLAT CARD for the companion tix AND for the MQMs after minimum spend (which doesn’t come easy, … but I manage).

  187. My wife has the Delta AMEX Platinum c/c – free companion ticket, which can be somewhat difficult to use; but still do get to do so with some difficulty. Really wish it were more like the Alaska Airlines companion ticket. 🙁

    But ….. it works for us and it is great.

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