More $$$ ways to “buy” Diamond Medallion status with Delta Air Lines!

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There has been a fun thread that has popped up on Flyer Talk about someone getting FREE Diamond Medallion status each year from his boss. How does this happen?

Well I have blogged about before that one way is to get the DeltaJet card (was $50,000 prepay, now $100,000) and you get instant Diamond Medallion status or you can give it to anyone you want. If you spend $33-50,000 a year with Delta you get to use this trick to buy yourself status on 01JAN.

Well now there appears to be yet one more unpublished perk from Delta. John, known as “fti” on FlyerTalk, who is just BRILLIANT about all things Delta, and will be speaking with me at the Chicago Seminars 2013, started a thread about the fact that having the Delta AMEX card will get you more first class low level award seats. I naturally reached out to Delta and you can see the results of that HERE.

So now to this post. While I could not get Delta CORP to confirm this, from what we can clearly see, if you spend ENOUGH (some number we just do not know nor is published) on a Delta AMEX card each year, then Delta may just simply give you Diamond Medallion status to keep or to give to anyone you want.

Just to be clear, I am in no way suggesting anyone spend something like ½ a million dollars on a Delta AMEX card. To me, spreading the spend out on many cards will result in much better “points” return for you. Plus, if you are willing to fly a bit, and spend ¼ million on 4 Delta Reserve cards, you could get in one year 120,000 MQM’s thus just about accomplishing the same thing (2 cards for you and 2 cards for you wife, personal and business, spending $60,000 on each card).

Anyway, as time goes by, I do think it is funny just how many unpublished realities with floating goal posts that Delta has. I don’t know about you, but I think 2014 is going to be an interesting flying year! – René

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  1. Delta is good at “targeting” offers, whether its this, the new corporate recognition program, credit card benefits (such as reserve tie-break), etc. They are creative!

  2. How about the Fractional Delta Jets card?
    “With an initial purchase of only $25,000 and an annual $2,500 fee, you’ll enjoy the same pricing benefits of our $100,000 card, including locked-in rates for one year, your choice of jet size with no interchange fees, no fuel surcharges, and no surprises. And the ability to use your funds on commercial flights.”

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