C’mon Delta, there are some things that just MUST work on DELTA.dumb – Grrrrr!

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This week Delta rolled out some “new” fare class codes to align them better with our Skyteam partners. At this point, there is nothing “scary” about these codes other than designation and we have an even larger alphabet soup of fare codes to keep in our heads.

We also know how broken the award booking part of Delta.com is, but there are just some things that should work and work really well. Like booking and buying a ticket should be one of the things that just works and works perfectly. Delta has had issues in the past about one fare class being shown when you are NOT logged in and yet another when you ARE logged in, but it would change when you went to buy and that has been fixed and is not what I ran into. As you can see, Delta.com clearly says there are seats for me to buy. But when I go to buy:

They are gone and it appears that Delta has also logged me OUT of the system. So I go back to my Delta start page, am now still logged in, look again, and the seats are for sale again. Try again. Same results.

Then I decided to try to buy the tickets with the handy dandy Delta phone APP. As you can see from the above, it also showed there were seats to buy, but errored out at the last step! Grrrrr. So I am forced to call the Platinum Medallion line and the rep finds in her system a slightly higher price than Delta.com and the Phone APP showed and thus the reason I could not buy!

I also got interested in the San Francisco Skyclub as I will be spending some time there. What is it like and what amenities does it have?

I have often been instructed by CORP people to ALWAYS tell my readers to make sure I get the right answer, to search on Delta.com to make sure I get the right and up to date answer.

But as you can see when I go to do just that, the page is not there. Two of the three links did not, in fact, work at all.

Many of you have given your feedback of what you think of the new Delta.com home page. There is much I do like, but even more I do NOT like. It is painfully slow and those darn spinning icon globes make me angry each time I stare at them for what seems like hours. I am also not a fan of the list of my flights. Sometimes Delta just changes them and I have no idea what the total schedule change was and must go back and look at the original booking.

Rant over for today but I want to know, has your opinion of the new Delta.com changed at all since it came out? Are there bits you like? – René

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  1. Another issue with the V fares – I booked some mileage runs for September in V class, and when I checked out, the sky priority banner popped up. Hmm, that’s interesting, No mention of first though (and I’m silver so I don’t have sky priority unless upgraded). I went to cancel about a day later. Logged in, found the trip, went to cancel. When I get to the “are you sure” page, it showed V – First Class with my coach seat selections, and the log in option was at the bottom of the page, so it appeared that it kicked me out. Went out, came back, same thing. I still cancelled but got screen shots.

  2. Had the same issue trying to grab a miracle 25k award I needed everyway itried to book it was 32500. It was down from 40k with “1 seat remaining at this price.” So I grabbed while under 40k. Do award tix have 24hr grace refund period?

  3. My big issue right now is for the Delta App….. logs me out and routinely shows “Sorry, that didn’t work. An error has occured. Pleast try again later”

  4. The SFO Delta Sky Club is OK, the main downside being that it is just outside of the security zone (hopefully you have sufficient elite status and can use the priority lane). It is reasonably big and I usually don’t have any trouble locating a seat. But that could be due to the fact that I am there early or late in the day, connecting to some non-DL flight to Asia. I haven’t flown through there in several months, but last time I visited it had not been remodeled (although the airport was doing some construction work in that general area). If I remember correctly, they also do not have shower facilities which can be a bummer after a long flight from Asia.

  5. Their website and iPad app are both truly craptastic. Slow, buggy, times me out, incorrect and not nearly as clever as their IT propeller heads would have you think.
    Login and navigate three screens to look for an award seat???
    I find the iPhone app almost as useful as either.
    I enjoy Delta once I’m on board(their TATL Biz Elite is excellent), but actually booking anything other than the most basic flight is cumbersome to nigh impossible.

  6. I had the same problem booking a ticket to Seoul last year. The delta website showed the ticket and the available seats but once I would get to the payment screen, I would be logged out and get an error message. I called Delta and they initially could not even see the fare until I spoke to the supervisor and fed her the flight segments one by one. Even then, it priced out a few dollars more than the website did.

  7. SFO SkyClub has an oldish feel, is outside security, and is only open to 4pm (WTH?!)

    Not a fan considering the overall inconvenience.

  8. Could you give us a run down of the new fare classes? It would be great to do Delta and Skyteam partners too what you get mileage wise for each and bonuses etc… Maybe a rookie Wednesday?!

  9. I haven’t been to the SFO SkyClub, but I fly in and out of SFO several times a year and I can tell you that the Delta terminal at SFO is one of the worst you will find. The food options are limited to the news stand, one mediocre restaurant with very slow service and mediocre food and a small place where you can get some food. The terminal is clearly very old and is in need of a complete overhaul. There is no TSA pre for that terminal either. Supposedly it is coming one of these days according to the TSA person I last asked about it.

  10. How ironic went to click on your logo: ▲Delta▲ SkyMiles® Credit Card RESERVE/PLATINUM/GOLD from American Express®
    Looking for a new Delta card ……and get 404 page not found

  11. Is there any way to book an under 2 child award online? Delta nailed me they said my daughter was ticketed – was booked through a live Delta agent. Flying on partner Korean Air. Got to Airport Korean says there was no ticket for the kid cost $487.00. Not a nice way to start a trip 🙁

  12. Delta simply [stinks] and there booking system is only one example. I’ve had similar problems with disappearing award flights when I go to book they are gone. Do they have a lot of former members of Congress on their Team?

  13. I HATE booking an award ticket. I haven’t been able to find a 25000 mile ticket in years. Old site, new site, doesn’t matter. So incredibly frustrating.

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