SWAG Saturday – more great travel toys

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What a week this has been! I have been on a Delta MR booking frenzy and lots of Delta news and updates. Good or bad, flying and following Delta is never dull.

I wanted to give the SWAG Winner a choice this week. Also, the winner will have a chance at the July Silver Medallion status prize. The rules, like other weeks, are HERE if you want to check.

Prize #1 is a X1 Bluetooth Speaker

Prize #2 is a set of iGo Noise Canceling headphones

Prize #3 is a Motorola bluetooth keyboard


This week I am going to ask you a question I just do not really know the answer to and want your input. Chase has two great business cards the Ink Bold and Ink Plus. The first is a charge card and the second is a credit card. To me, the perks, including the 50k bonus points after spending $5000 in the first 3 months, are just about the same.


Chase INK BOLD card link


Chase INK PLUS card link


So is there any reason to get one over the other to you? What is your favorite one or did you just get both? Tell me your thoughts by commenting on the blog below! – René

Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card
from American Express®
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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Responses are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. It is not the bank advertiser's responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered.

René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. Get the Bold first. Cancel before the annual fee hits and apply for the Ink Plus to get the bonus again, explaining that you’d prefer the option of not paying off your balance in full each month.

  2. Eric Barreto Reply

    I would start with Bold charge card. That way when you later “need” the flexibility to pay over time, you can make that case to the reconsideration line that you need another Ink card. It’s a perfect excuse to get the plus credit card later.

  3. Sara (post #1 above) stated EXACTLY what I was going to wrote. Best advice every. You may not need that option, but it is a great one to give to the agent at Chase.

  4. I think it obviously depends on your situation but if you’re trying to “play the game” the obvious choice is the Bold first, then the Ink, to maximize the bonuses — assuming you don’t have a problem with the spend requirements of course.

    If you get grief about it then you might need to get creative about why you’re switching, but because they’re different cards you can say that you need the flexibility — whether that’s true or not is besides the point.

  5. If you’re going to get both, start with the Plus then get the Bold, that way you can easily justify why you need both, i.e. “I want the ability to carry a balance from time to time.”

    If you only want one card, get the Plus so that you actually do have that option, should you ever need it.

  6. I got the Ink Bold, as did my husband. I plan to keep it, but we’ll cancel the husband’s so he can get the Plus at a later date.

  7. Sara and Eric have the best answer I believe…when in doubt get both!

  8. As the previous person stated, I would get the charge card first so then I can state that I want more flexibility and not have to pay it off completely every month.

  9. I can’t come up with a good reason, but I’d go for the Bold cause alphabetically it’s higher up in the alphabet than Plus! And anyway, I always do what the 2 posts before me do!

  10. Get both, six months apart(Bold first). You can decide if it is worth keeping both after the first year…depends if you maxed out the bonus categories:-)

  11. I did the Bold first and then the plus after making minimum spend. The plus does offer more flexibility.

  12. I had the Bold and recently cancelled. Have not yet applied for the Plus but plan to.

  13. I just got the Ink Plus, I’ll keep it until the annual fee appears. I’d rather have the Bold, which is why I am saving that for second and it will probably be one I keep.

  14. No difference so get the Plus since you don’t have to pay it off every month. Unless you have a lot of 5x charges then get both.

  15. Both! Get one this year and the other right before the annual fee comes up–two years of annual fee-free Inkdom 🙂

  16. I’d start with the Bold, I don’t like to carry balances. You could always switch later on.

  17. Get the plus because the bold is a charge card. or get both in succession =]

  18. I always pay off every month so no difference. I have the Ink, looking for good “reason” to explain a switch to Bold.

  19. Is anyone aware of any potential differences in approval based on differences in credit profile?

  20. Go for the Bold first and the Ink on a later churn as it could be argued that you want to have the ability to pay over time (if you were to be questioned about the need for two ink cards).

  21. Plus – some people still know how to leverage 0% for 6 months. The gains from that will pay for the annual fee.

  22. Anthony P. Reply

    I would say the bold first and then the ink later if,you want both. I do not,have either right now but maybe after the move and new home loan is complete I will get back at it.

  23. I had planned to get one of the ink cards but wasn’t sure which one. Now thanks to these comments I plan to get the Bold first then get the Plus later. Both sound like great cards.

  24. There are other cards I’d like to explore first. I’d rather start with cards which give some sort of status rather than just points. That said, at first glance I don’t see Bold gives lounge access or the 20% bonus on some travel reward so Ink sounds more appealing.

  25. James Kraft Reply

    Getting both makes sense to me for the bonuses and then using the Bold to avoid interest.

  26. I don’t have either, but Bold looks the way to go, especially with the miles.

  27. Charge card (bold) first, so you can claim the need for flexibility when applying for the other. (As many others have said)

  28. Plus first. It offers more flexibility to pay off the minimum spend.

  29. Bold first also makes sense because it is older than Plus and Chase may retire it first.

  30. Doesn’t matter to me. Just wish I could come up with $5000 spend in addition to all the other spend that has to be done.

  31. Bold first, then Plus. Much easier justifying why you would want to go from a charge card to a credit card (for balance floating even though you should never actually do it) than the other way around. In fact, during my next churn I will be doing just that.

  32. Michael H.(oldfox) Reply

    I prefer the Plus for knowing I have the flexibility of paying off minimum spend. But…. I now want to also get the Bold. However, I wish I had gotten the Bold first. Just finished $5000 min spend on Plus and 50K points have posted. i am not sure what to say to Chase to justify getting Bold. Ouch…..!

  33. I only have the plus card. I might get the charge card at some point for the bonus. Other than that, they are the same for me.

  34. Get both if you can. If not, Plus, because it is more flexible with spending.

  35. I would choose the Ink Bold card because of the access it gives to over 350 airport lounges worldwide. The first two lounge visits are complimentary while the rest are just $27 each which is way less than the $50 most airlines charge for single use passes. And if you charge the lounge visits to your Ink Bold card you’ll be making more points. It’s a win-win.

  36. Echo comments 1,2 and probably many others: charge first then credit to offer “flexibility” excuse for reconsideration line.

  37. Get ink bold so you can apply for ink plus later and have a good reason for needing both cards if you need to call reconsideration

  38. Both Ink cards have the same benefits, and many have pointed out that getting the Bold first gives a natural reason for requesting the Plus later. So taking a step back, let’s think about WHY we’re applying for these cards – (1) the sign-up bonus and (2) the spending categories. I’d argue that if you’re signing up for the bonus, one should also consider the TWO (Visa and MC) Sapphire cards. With the lower initial spend requirements, they may be a better fit for some.

  39. Charge cards seem foreign to me now that I use credit cards, even though I pay off my balance each month! Would go for chase ink bold

  40. I wish I could answer but I cannot 🙁
    Does that mean I’m out of the drawing ?

  41. I agree with Sara’s #1 comments but I plan to churn both just not yet they are down the list a little for me currently.

  42. I’d go for the Bold first and will do just that when I anticipate having enough spend coming to ensure I’ll make the $5000 requirement. I live in a state where VRs are hard to find and harder to purchase with a cc!

  43. I’d do the Ink Plus just on the off-chance you need to carry a balance one month. I totally advocate paying off all cards every month, but nice to have flexibility just in case!

  44. Go Bold, then Ink; I think the balance argument can be better made on a reconsideration call.

  45. Gotta go with that charge card. Keep you nice and disciplined…not you in particular but other less frugal types lol

  46. They are the same to me. Never going to leave a balance on my credit card so it acts just like a charge card.

  47. I’d pick the charge card – the ink bold – over the credit card … Since you probably have plenty of credit cards. In a year, apply for the other and cancel the bold if it isn’t providing you with any added benefits.

  48. I prefer credit cards for the flexibility they offer…even though I never carry a balance on my charges!

  49. Have both for the initial bonus but will cancel one before fee is due. Use for 5x points for Internet, satellite TV, mobile and home phone bills. Was going to keep both for 5x points at Office Depot for Vanilla Reloads but since that’s over, no need for both.

  50. I agree with the many folks who advise getting the bold first, then getting the plus card, so that you can explain that you would like to have the option of carrying a balance.

  51. Bold first so that when you apply for ink plus you say you want to have option to pay over time.

  52. Get the bold first for the reconsideration reason later if needed once you switch (as also covered above)

  53. A lot of good advice on here! Definitely a fan if the bold and then the move to credit afterwards

  54. phill gold Reply

    I like the bold, and its flexibility in re-paying. I say start with that then move on.

  55. Charge card is the way to go. Rolling over a balance with the credit card each month defeats the miles and points game.

  56. I have both and use quite judiciously for the 5x charges….not much difference as long as spend is maintaind. I think the Plus is a much cooler color…

  57. The Bold first to obtain the option of paying less than full if desired. Also the potential impact of a credit pull will come off quicker than if you flipped the order.

  58. Interest stinks, but so do annual fees. Pass on them both. Huge bonuses ultimately make it harder for people to claim awards (the award inventory never increases because they’ve doled out more bonus miles) and so the bonus is potentially ephemeral.

  59. I always pay my balance in full so there is not much difference between those two. I think the credit card gives you a few days more to pay but that is about it. A wash in my opinion…

  60. Chris Elliott Reply

    If you aren’t spending a lot at office supply stores, I don’t know if I would get either. Most people used these to get refill cards when they were available and now use for zero total cost deals. If that is what you want, then use it, but otherwise I don’t know if the spend is worth it.

  61. I would go for the bold first, but if given the money and spending capacity, i’d do both the same time.

  62. chemist661 Reply

    I never carry CC balances, however I would tell the recon phone agent that I want the option to carry a balance.

    I would get the INK bold first for 50K points, then get the other INK at 11-12 months out.

  63. Get them both – you shouldn’t carry a balance so it won’t matter.

  64. I never carry a balance so, I’d have to do more research on the VIP lounge, point disc, and point expiration on the PLUS card before making a decision.

  65. Get either one, then use the reasons repeated above to get the other on your next churn.

  66. Get both, as long as you pay off the balance each month they are both the same.

  67. I don’t have ether of these cards, waiting to see what others say.

  68. I had the Bold already when the Ink came out and I got that one too. If you have had neither so far … why on earth haven’t you yet????

    My advice: get the Bold and when you have the UR points in hand get the Ink, cancelling the Bold (easy reason to change).

    Make sure you get it when the spending requirement is lower ($5,000) unless you have no trouble with spending.

  69. If you get one, you might as well get the other for the sign up bonus.

  70. Ink if you don’t plan on switching. Having the option to use credit vs a charge card in these uncertain times is valuable.

  71. Since I never carry a balance it wouldn’t matter, and I already have all the lounge access I need. I’d probably agree with the first few posts, get Bold first, then switch before the fee hits and ride on.

  72. GetToThePoints Reply

    Get both, get double points. It really doesn’t matter unless you need to pay over time.

  73. Need to check both of these out further — the benefits for my Delta Amex Platunum have eroded over the years and now not worth the annual fee!

  74. I haven’t either of them, yet. But I do make it a habit not to carry a balance, so it would not matter if I got one, the other or both. Perhaps the balance and interest percentage should be a consideration. But if you carry too much balance forward, then you probably don’t want to have too many credit cards anyway.

  75. Get the BOLD first, then tell them you want a credit card and switch.

  76. Go with Bold. Switch to Plus after 12 months with the valid “option to carry a balance” reason.

  77. Get both Chase has two great business cards the Ink Bold and Ink Plus, so you have no regrets.

  78. I don’t have either and will take the time to read the responses so I can decide.

  79. Agree with others that it depends on the situation but the bold carrying balance ability is always nice as an option. The Plus has lounge access which is nice if you don’t have it already. Personally, I’d go with the plus.

  80. Judy Jones Reply

    The Ink Bold, since I have to pay in full each month. It keeps me more focused on turning money into miles at the lowest cost and not carry a balance. I can find gift cards for most everything else I buy at office supply stores so the 5x is great.

  81. Credit vs charges always pay cash never carry a balance so I does not matter unless you get a spiff one way or the other!!!!

  82. I have not had either yet, and at some point soon would like to get both. I like the advice from others posts, but one factor that I had in mind in which to get first, is by which card is older. I believe the Plus is older and I wonder if that card could could possibly go away?

  83. I would apply for the credit card first. Later, I would apply for the charge card. I couldn’t meet the spending requirements for both at the same time.

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