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When ever I sit down to write a post, I always try to think of how I can instruct. I think about how I can improve your knowledge about Delta & how knowledge of the rules can help you when you need it.

I harp a ton about the “mighty schedule change rule” when it comes to award tickets and getting what you want. The same can also apply equally to tickets you have paid for.

I also, almost each day, get a question about if Gold Medallion is really that much better than Silver or if Platinum is that much better than Gold. I have been told, Diamond is the cat’s meow and I cannot wait to find out. Gold really is so much better because it is the first level where Delta “loves you” and you can see that with the perks you get. Platinum is a whole new world above that.

Time for the teaching part. On my next May mileage run to LAX I had a massive time change on my very last flight landing me 2+ hours after my scheduled time. With more than 1 hr I could go so far as to ask to cancel my ticket and get a refund. Now I only paid $202 all in for the ticket  so I DID NOT want to do that. But, I could also tinker for free with the flights and choices. I pulled up all the possible flights that would take me from LAX to MKE. One of them was LAX-JFK-MKE. This one would add a bunch of MQM’s and RDM’s to my trip. Due to the major schedule change, I was able to change to my requested flights at no charge. I went from 5094 MQM’s & 10188 RDM’s to 5835 MQM’s & 11670 RDM’s pushing my MQM cost down from 4CPM to 3.5CPM!

The best part of all of this is that this will fix a MAJOR mistake in math I had made. I will be at a blog conference in mid-May and when I was scheduled to land in SBN after the event, I would have been at 124,977 MQM’s. How bad was that? Now, I will be over 125k and earn my Diamond status. The only “funny” thing is my first flight after 125k BIS (butt-in-seat miles) will be on a CRJ with no 1st class from ATL-SBN! Ah well.

So, please take from this the value of understanding the rules. The value of looking at what you can do BEFORE you fly. The perks you can get and ask for when you are an elite with Delta! – René

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  1. I have actually had luck with even minor changes (a few minutes here or there weeks in advance of the flight) allowing me to change flights at no cost. Woo!

  2. Actually, my trick for canceling tickets booked with miles is to change it to a super-complex routing with many connections hoping for some schedule changes. 🙂 This only works with airlines that allow free date changes, though.

  3. Glad you’ll get more miles! I live out in LA, so if you have a long layover, let me know and I’d love to meet in person. And I’ll be at the seminars in April as well.

  4. @Shawn – I will email you direct but I will NOT be at FTU in April. I will be at the Chicago Seminars in OCT and I will be speaking there. – Rene

  5. God bless you and the Almighty Schedule Change! Just got rerouted from MEM to PRG and can now take the nonstop lay flat bed flight because of a change to NYC. And I can now not have to spend the night in NY. If I hadn’t read your post today, I would have just accepted the change to NYC, since PRG didn’t change. (And of course it still stays at low business mileage) Hurray

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