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I can not WAIT for May. I will be flying all over the place on Delta jets and lots of time on Delta is not only fun, but it tends to lend itself to lots Delta bits to write about. Some days I have tons of fun info to touch on and other times Delta is making so many changes to the “program” that it is a simple thing to pour out info.

Thus on to this week’s giveaway: a $32 credit code I got for readers using my link to buy at Amazon (thanks much btw)! I am in a whine mood. I am a bit irked about the latest enhancements Delta has been making. So, in a snarky kinda of way (yeah I know most times I am Delta upbeat but gotta vent now and then), tell me what change you are most upset about. Is it:

  1. The old T72 enhancement
  2. Consolidator MQM credit enhancement
  3. MQD enhancement
  4. Loss of Skymiles at Death enhancement
  5. Some other enhancement

Keep it “PG” please as you know, even when complaining, we keep in clean here. You can as always read the T&C for the weekly SWAG giveaways HERE with a slight change. I will pick the winner around 3-4PM EST this week Sunday via Gripe away – René

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. I am not a Medallion so I don’t have anything to complain about, except for the general lack of award availability which we have had for a very long time now.

  2. It’s outrageous that when a family is in their most vulnerable, darkest hour that Delta swoops in and erases all the miles of their loved one. Using those miles might have been the best way to commune with their loved who passed away, especially if he/she was a frequent flyer. “Little Johnny, we are flying on delta just like your dad/mom used too.”

  3. I would say MQD. Not necessarily for the required spend, but for the other changes it may signal and cause other carriers to make.

  4. none of the above mentioned except that the best deal I ever get from match is 30k Delta miles for biz and personal card.

  5. can delta miles be used to fly the deceased mileage owner back to his home for burial?

  6. I’m not happy about any of it. Loss of miles at death, the changes to medallion status, and all of the rest of it. Not being able to leave one’s miles to heirs is just rude. And as someone else put it, you won’t be able to use those miles to fly a body to its internment site.

  7. What really irks me as I approach 1M flown miles, is that I still have the feeling Delta doesn’t care 1 bit about me. Just what am “I” going to do for them next…

  8. MQD enhancement. It discourages the practice of looking for the lowest-price flights. Also, not everyone has $25,000 a year to blow on a Delta credit card (on which the rewards/benefits could be better).

  9. Loss of Skymiles at Death enhancement, is that really enhancement??? Shame on you Delta!

  10. MQD are certainly a big one, but they all are bad. The one thing which affects me more than all of the above though — because of the frequency of inconvenience — is Delta’s enhanced website.

  11. Noah Kimmel Reply

    IF were going to use an MQD requirement, I wish we would jump in all the way to a dollar based system. DL adding more complexity with little benefits!

  12. the time the airport customer service rep made me call Delta on my cell phone and hang on hold for half and hour to resolve something that could have been resolved at the counter…sorry for the rant

  13. Sharon Jones Reply

    The loss of Skymiles at death, in fact, any loss of hard-earned miles is like a little death to miles and points collectors.

  14. Loss of skymiles at death – typical corporate indifference to people’s suffering 🙁

  15. Loss of Skymiles at Death. Talk about kicking someone while they’re down, Delta is going after a family when they are at their absolute lowest point.

  16. Difficulty in booking award travel for international flights on-line.

  17. MQD enhancement – since it may be copycatted by other carriers

  18. Michael H.(oldfox) Reply

    I don’t like the Loss of Skymiles at Death enhancement. I’m 66 and have famiiy that would like my Skymiles…………. just saying!

  19. Definitely MQD enhancement…if you can really call it an “enhancement”

  20. Not a Delta medallion and not planning on death soon *although after reading Lucky’s post this morning….* so biggest winge is the lack of Delta award space, especially domestically.

  21. I like the loss of miles at death. Clearly defines Delta’s priorities.

  22. Loss of miles at death is the worst. I inherited my mom’s AA balance some years ago. It wasn’t a lot – around 110,000 miles – but it enabled me to fly Business Class on a 24+ hour trip I made in her stead. I became the family matriarch at too young an age, and really appreciated the comfort of the front when I traveled to see her grandchildren who lived very far away.

    Question – how does the airline know someone died? Can you transfer miles to someone else, assuming you know the PWs, or just book flights for other people from the deceased’s account? Obviously they will know if a prominent points junkie/blogger dies, but they can’t possibly track us all…

  23. I see the loss of skymiles at death enhancement as another reason to use skymiles as soon as you have enough for an award ticket!

  24. I don’t know if I’m upset about it, but I think it’s completely shady and unethical for them to just add in the Loss of Skymiles at Death enhancement. I’ve made sure to alert close family to my delta information if they ever need to log in and transfer.

  25. give someone your info and they can book online for family members, don’t tell delta who died.

  26. Gotta be the loss of Skymiles at Death “enhancement”. In all truth, I didn’t even know I could leave my SkyMiles to anyone before the DeltaPoints blog post (from 2011 I believe) which had lots of great info and even a copy of the mileage bequest form. I guess if it’s any consolation, at least the SkyMiles won’t expire during one’s lifetime.

  27. Since I do not have status nothing has changed other than I cannot find low level flights when I want them.

  28. What!? Can’t earn and keep my miles while dead? Dang I’m going to be real upset when that day comes!

  29. Christine Pincince Reply

    so are you saying if a person has all their spouses’ info and access to the computer that if they use the miles say to bring in family for a memorial, delta checks to see if the owner of the miles is still alive? I didn’t know about that. seems cruel and my least favorate also is the lack of seats. seems if you have the miles you should be able to go anywhere any time at one stable price for each level always. of course done like that Delta could end up flying totally full planes of ff miles paying folks to Hawaii at Christmas. and hey why not! if you cant keep a promise don’t make it but to make a promise then say I was only foolin…? not cool

  30. I think it is cumulative…all of the recent (and upcoming) changes have been all about taking away … It makes me cringe every time I get on a flight and listen to Richard tell me they “have my back” … That is just a complete insult.

  31. It’s the recent rumors of SDC changes that irk me most. How likely are you to have the same fare class available on earlier / later flights, especially with connecting airports in the mix?

  32. MQD changes. Coming in second is the new death penalty on the miles.

  33. Tacky……Tacky……Tacky……….. Inability for SkyPesos to be transfered after you croak.

    Next ………the “bereavement” assistance they provide, will be provided ………for a “fee” of course.

    Since the JD just approved the AA merger, I cant wait to see wat their program wll offer, may be time to again..look at another program.

    They are “nickeling and diming” us to death, but when you die they you keep your SkyPesos.

    If you croak on Delta metal………..can your estate use your miles to transport your body to your final “hotel” ? LOL

  34. Death = loss of SkyMiles, 100%. While people will hate me for saying this, you can make a business case for all of the others. And has anyone actually seen low availability for flights improve within the last 72 hours of departure?? As Natalie M says, why was this such a priority? Were these SkyMiles denting Delta’s bottom line SO MUCH that they just HAD to stop it?

  35. I mostdislike the loss of SkyMiles at death. I lost a loved one almost 6 months ago and I haven’t completed the paperwork for the miles. I can only hope my situation will be grandfathered since Delta mailed me the paperwork.

  36. MQD enhancement bugs me.

    Note: I complained last week about the “loss of miles at death”, and Delta replied:

    “Please know that the miles are not lost upon the death of a family member. As long as the account can be accessed the miles can be deducted from the account. We do not close SkyMiles, nor do we require notification of a member’s passing.”

  37. Loss of miles at death is pretty upsetting. Numbers should never go before morals.

  38. phill gold Reply

    Loss of Skymiles at Death enhancement. Very annoying and rude

  39. Keeping with everyone else…loss of skymiles at death. Terrible.

  40. Lot of strong sentiment here about the death tax.

    For those so motivated, share your opinion with Delta:

    Richard Anderson
    Chief Executive Officer
    Delta Air Lines, Inc.
    P.O. Box 20706
    Atlanta, Georgia 30320-6001

    I’m going to.

  41. I just wish they wouldcommunicate the changes (in advance would be nice) before making them. Even if the announcement was an unofficial “this is what might be coming” to you, Rene, as a Delta focused blogger, it wouldbehelpful. Instead it iz, “Surprise!!!”.

  42. Loss of SkyMiles at death. It’s incredibly insensitive and punitive move.

  43. “Enhanced” site. New interface, same broken award search engine.

  44. I would say MQD requirement, but you can get around that with Amex card. The proposed SDC change really peeves me because it provided flexibility even if I didn’t get an upgrade on changed flight.

  45. Agreed on the awardwallet enhancement. That was a butcher move…No sir, I don’t like it.

  46. Let’s see. How does one pick with some many viable options? They are all bad and insulting. When you contact them (which I did about T-72) their canned response is equally insulting. Sorry Rene, I can’t pick just one. I would also like to echo an earlier response about bereavement fares. Upon the death of a family member earlier this year, my sister was told-“We don’t do bereavement fares to Fargo”. Really?!?! That is absolutely and utterly with out class.

  47. The consolidator rules bug me. I only got 1,425 EQM’s last month when I flew to Tel Aviv because I bought from a consolidator. The ticket was just a couple bucks cheaper.

  48. Consolidator rules for sure. Makes price hunting for international flights result in losing EQM!!

  49. I realize it’s not original but I had to chuckle when I read Dennis’ comment, “They are ‘nickeling and diming’ us to death, but when you die they you keep your SkyPesos.” First, they “kill” us; then they take our miles. Seems like the perfect system…for Delta.

  50. The Montane Vole Reply

    Definitely the loss of skymiles at death. I know I couldn’t take them with me, but I should be able to gift them to another traveler as a legacy to remember me by!

  51. For me its loss of Skymiles at Death enhancement. My wife lost her first husband and she was given his miles. Those miles can be used for many needs like flying in family or a trip just to get away.

  52. Since hopefully there is a sneaky way to avoid Delta’s new death tax (just don’t tell them your dead), the MQD enhancement gets my goat the most. If SDC annhililation happens, it will affect me greatly. Living in ATL I use SDC often.

  53. Loss of miles at death seems just plain wrong. I understand Delta “owns” the miles but it’s my family that tolerates all of my time away from home for business (always flying Delta).

  54. The inability to have good options on booking international flights or upgrades using Sky Miles on other Sky Team partners such as Air France or KLM.

  55. I commented about the loss of miles as I believe it is discriminatory.

  56. I am feed up with all of these so called “enhancements” but if I had to choose one it would definitely be the MQD’s.

  57. I’m still upset about MQD’s though the rumoured SDC changes are also upsetting me but I’ll wait on the official announcement before I get too upset. Happy Flying!

  58. Loss of Skymiles at Death enhancement is really a bad PR move for Delta.

  59. Mary Beth Witzel Reply

    Loss of miles at death…but the constant eating away at you in general is quite irritating. I understand that airlines need to make a profit so I would rather pay just a little bit more per trip and not have all of these little hidden charges or removal of benefits.

  60. Most of those stated are only “enhancements” for Delta (the business), not the customers. I would have to say the most disappointing is the MQD enhancement.

    On the miles die at death enhancement, would have thought that Delta could have kept those miles available for maybe a year after. Just my 2 cents and way-too-many Delta ff miles worth.

  61. Not sure what T72 is and the rest certainly don’t sound like enhancements….the frustrations with the “seamless” skyteam system that offers a twist or challenge at each and every turn, flight or connection. From no status, no seats, lost seats, no help, to constant confusion by agents at airports and via phone and even club access.

  62. Losing miles due to death….I have to get my parents to USE their miles.

  63. It all stinks! :/ But if I had to choose just one, it would be the MQD enhancement. This is forcing me to think outside of the box for my 2014 travel plans.

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