Delta Points: SWAG Saturday power up day for mileage run “fun”

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I admit it – I am still an uber-geek when to comes to flying. I can not wait to fly. When I get done flying I look forward to the next time I get to fly. I get to fly a Cessna next month and can not wait for that as well!

Also, starting next week, I begin my “month” of mileage runs. I love a “fun run” and will be back and forth from LAX to PHX to AUS and more! One thing I have to have is this:

This handy-dandy little ANKER ASTRO2 power brick has a 1a & 2a outlet and a flashlight built in. It can load my phone 2-4x and my 7″ tablet 2-3x when fully charged. Do you want one? How about this; the rules, as always, are HERE! Then, you need to answer this about a mileage run:

1) I have never been on one but want to
2) I would never do a mileage run – it’s just silly
3) Are you kidding me? I live for a good mileage run!

Those are your choices. Comment below (on the blog click here to find out how) one of the above, or, if you want, some other answer we will like or giggle over. – René

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  1. For me it’s actually a mix of 1) and 2): I think it’s kind of silly, but I’ve never been in a position where I need to do one. Maybe if I was just short of getting status and would consider it.

  2. 3) I took one complete mileage run and extended one trip with a pair of cross country legs to make platinum last year.

  3. Only dipped my toes with a couple of small runs from DTW-ORD to gain roundtrips to make Delta Platinum for a promotion a couple of years ago. Would like to try “real” runs soon.

  4. 1. I have never been on one…but that changes on 5/3! MSP to MKE to MSP to LAX to MSP and then I’ll just have to miss that last connection to MKE.

  5. Answer #1) I have never been on one but want to. Bonus if the flight had wi-fi so I could be productive and work while doing the mileage run.

  6. I am leaning more to 2) I would never do a mileage run – it’s just silly. But then who knows, if am just a few miles away from status, I might go for one!

  7. Number 1 so far but I do try to add legs whenever I’m going somewhere. I may get one in this year as I’ve got some delta dollars expiring.

  8. 3) Are you kidding me? I live for a good mileage run! Actually only have done it twice.

  9. 3) Are you kidding me? I live for a good mileage run! I have only been on one, but it got me to *A gold and I was upgraded to First. It was a long day, but it was fun.

  10. 1) I have never been on one but want to

    However, I travel a lot for work and I simply don’t have the time or energy to come back from a work trip and jump on a plane for a weekend or book a mileage run weeks in advance only to find out I have to travel that day for work.

  11. 1) I want to go on my first one but I am to afraid I will mess it up until I know how to do it better!

  12. I have been on just 1 and my wife thought it was the stupidest thing of a long list of stupid things I’ve done for points and miles. Funny though she did not mind the upgrades and perks my Delta Diamond status brings us !!!

  13. I’ll be going on my first at the beginning of next month, actually it’s the MKE-LAX one you posted about here a few weeks ago, that was too good to pass up. Fly to LA, dinner, and then fly back! Should be fun!

  14. Are you kidding! #3 comes closest. It’s all about attaining status and then enjoying those accumulated miles. And, if you have a Delta points luggage tag or a bright yellow Flyertalk tag, you just never know who you will run into and

  15. I’m sadly in the 3) Are you kidding me? I live for a good mileage run category.

  16. I have done it twice and family thought it totally ridiculous and both times in some ways it felt like a waste and lonely. I live at vsp so not much in the way of good deals but I sure would love to be able to do bunches. but for now I just read this blog and fantasize.

  17. 1) I have never been on one but want to – and I have my first one in a couple of weeks, from a tip I saw on Deltapoints!

  18. Option one. Not yet, but options rarely come up in canada. Looking forward to the first one.

  19. Ill go for 1) I want to, but could really only justify it if I changed from GM to PM and for little funds.

  20. Kind of struggle with wasting fossil fuel…taking up a seat…blah…blah…blah….you know the story.

  21. I am afraid my wife would put me on a 72 hour psych. hold!!!!! “Where are you going and why?” She already thinks i’m nuts with the freq. flyer mile bug!

  22. I have never been on one but if I needed I might consider one. I just get that big a kick out of traveling after spending nearly 30 years doing so for work!

  23. 4. I don’t want to do a mileage run but would be willing to do one, if necessary

  24. Did one for A3 *A on US Airways all the way down to San Juan… Oh boy, that was fun!

  25. For me there is only one answer! 3) Are you kidding me? I live for a good mileage run!

  26. 3. They’re great. Nothing better than spending a day at my cocktail party in the sky.

  27. 2. I personally haven’t done one, but I understand their benefit.

    I monitor the mileage run forums to keep an eye out for deals to places that I might enjoy going. For example, Delta had a recent deal from BWI-SEA for $172. Good deal, so I turned it into a mini-vacation.

    Saving a couple hundred on airfare allows me to stay within the budget, but see/do more stuff on the trip.

  28. Never been close enough for status to really matter (lifetime plat on AA, so I’m really just talking DL or UA at this point)…answer is #1.

  29. 3 for me, done quite a few of them, though because of home base, it is a lot harder to even get a good positioning fare

  30. 3)Are you kidding me!? I live for a good mileage run. Helped me get US air Gold in the nick of time! 🙂

  31. I have never been on one and unless my life changes dramatically, don’t imagine I’ll ever take one. But I’d love to be in a position where it would be a good call for me. Especially if it came with lounge access! But I would consider flying a very indirect route to a place I need to go to rack up miles. Does that count?

  32. I recently completed my first true “mileage run” trip, taking advantage of the Milwaukee promo. It was both fun (in the way René talks about) but also physically challenging in a way I hadn’t fully anticipated… the main problem being that I find it very difficult to sleep on airplanes, and I didn’t fare much better during layovers. Was disappointed to find out that the $25 SkyClub day pass for DL AmEx Platinum is no longer good for the day, but only one visit. Day pass is now $50.

  33. 3) never been on one , and would only do if I could stay at least 2nights in a destination .
    Might as well enjoy where you go a little !!

  34. Are you kidding me? I live for a good mileage run!

    I really do. I love to be on a plane. give me a chance to disconnect and relax.

  35. I’ve never been on a pure mileage run, but I sometimes love to check the mileage run forum on FlyerTalk to find inexpensive vacations! Especially during DEQM times.

  36. 3) Are you kidding me? I live for a good mileage run!

    I went on a mileage run to Vegas to get Silver Medallion the first time. I didn’t even know mileage runs were a thing then!

  37. Usually try to make a mini vacation out of good deal trips but have taken a couple of runs to keep my Platinum Medallion.

  38. 3. I have LAX-MSP-ANC-MSP-LAX and LAX-JFK-SJU-JFK-LAX mileage runs scheduled in the next few weeks and a LAX-ATL-MKE-DTW-LAX run in the fall.

  39. 1) Have never been but want to…

    Which is why I’m doing my first in October! EWR-SFO. #hopingforupgrades.

  40. 2) I would never do a mileage run – it’s just silly,

    have never approached a level that would make a mileage run worth the cost.

  41. Hi. I check everyday for possible mileage runs out of MSP. I tried to take advantage of the MKE-SFO run you talked about but weather ruined the day!! I, too, could fly all the time (if only I didn’t have a full-time teaching job). Hope to get a few runs in this year!!

  42. 1)I have never been on one but want to.

    Just today I was looking at JAX-EWR-SFO-EUG based on a similar route posted on FlyerTalk by CokeandTaco. If you hear of a good MR from JAX, please let me know!

  43. 3. I’ve been on a couple “mileage jogs” so far with 2 days in HNL and currently on a two day trip to SEA. My first real “mileage run” is booked for September for BWI-ATL-SEA-MSP-BWI for $171. Could have done a same day turn, but decided to overnight instead in SEA for my own sanity.

  44. It seems like a waste of time and money, but if I was really close in points, I would consider it.

  45. I have been on at least one MR to enjoy a short, really short, weekend trip flying with not much more than the clothes on my back and toothbrush!

  46. Are you kidding me. I live for a good mileage run. In fact I have two booked over the next three weekends.

  47. I live for a good mileage run! A real mileage run where you never leave the airport. Taking advantage of a good weekend fare is nice, but it’s not the real thing.

  48. I’m between 2 and 3 – I’ve done them, don’t really love them unless they’re international.

  49. I have never been on one but want to; I’ve been traveling a good bit on business lately but want to top off my account so this may be the year!

  50. I have never been on one but want to! I wish I had the time but I have a full time job in a school and have to work summers! Trying to win the lottery so I can quit and just travel!

  51. I would love to do a Mileage Run one day. You can never have too many miles, but I need to figure out the system a bit bedtter so my time is not wasted.

    I am understanding more and more every day, thanks to your help!

  52. 3) Are you kidding me? I live for a good mileage run!

    I just got back from one last night!

  53. I have never been on one but want to

    Just waiting for the price opportunity and deal to come along!

  54. If you define a “pure MR” as all travel done in one day (or at least never leaving the airport) I have done exactly one, many years ago and I doubt I’ll do another one, but not for the reasons you may guess.

    It was on NW LAX-MSP-IND-MEM-LAX. All went well — upgraded on all legs — until MEM-LAX. Just before the door closed a young man sat in the window seat beside me. It turns out he was a Sliver Elite and had just gotten his first ever upgrade. He was so excited it was like watching a kid on Xmas morning. Then his face went sad for a moment. “I just wish my collegue could have gotten upgraded as well — he was next on the list.”

    I realzied that if I wasn’t doing a MR then these two friends could have enjoyed their first upgrade togther. Ruined my MR.

    That being said, I do make short trips when I see a good fare. Did LAX-DTW-FLL-CVG-LAX for $150 or earlier this year (two nights) and last year LAX-YVR-AMS(overnight)-WAW(3 nights)-AMS(Overnight)-YVR-LAX for some insanely cheep price). Oh and LAX-DTW-PIT-ATL-LAX last fall. Got one to STL later this year and had one to MKE but had to cancel as I realized I had a conflict. So I like going places on the cheap, especially to places I haven’t been before. But I always go somewhere, not just the airport.

  55. 3) Are you kidding me? I live for a good mileage run!

    Agree with the poster who said DTW is a tough one to find good MRs.

  56. Does flying SBN to East Africa several times a year count 🙂 16k MQMs RT, pretty sure that’s “I live for a good run”

  57. #1 never been on one, but would if I needed to in order to keep status. (and also maybe get the chance to see a new city!)

  58. I have never been on one, but want too. It is hard the convince the boss (wife) that it is worth it.

  59. 1. I would love to be able to do a mileage run and have it help me out. But as a segment qualifier, extra MQMs do me no good.

  60. Never done a mileage run because my husband flies enough on business that I always have the free ticket when I need one. Besides, I truly hate to fly and only do when I have to!

  61. 3) Are you kidding me? I live for a good mileage run!
    Although we probably need another category:
    4) Been on just a few (or only one) and will do more. Just not a total MR junkie quite yet…

  62. I would never do a mileage run – it’s just silly. Would rather spend money to accumulate miles.

  63. #3. I love a good mileage run. They were so much easier back in the day when I used to do them on United/ US Air. I’m still looking for some good ones out of MSP on DL.

  64. I have never been on one, but want too. I travel so much for work, I generally don’t need to to accomplish my goals each year, but I can definitely see where it would be useful.

  65. Never done it – just silly. My husband has and I like to laugh at him but I still make him share the benefits of higher status.

  66. I would love to go on a mileage run and do a food tasting at each airport I stop in. Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia; Chopped BBQ (sweet tea to wash it down) in Charlotte; Jambalaya in New Orleans;Fat Burger near Los Angeles Airport (I’m going to have a long layover); Chicago for a Deep Dish Pizza and returning home to New Jersey but I am landing in JFK airport so we can stop at Coney Island for a Nathans Hot Dog

  67. 1) I have never been on one but want to

    They are really not my idea of fun but if I was ever faced with having to do one to keep status, I would if it made sense.

  68. Are you kidding me? I live for a mileage run, but wait until I can do a fun one. Monday starts the crazy one: MCO-ATL-LAX-HNL-NRT-ICN-DTW-LAX-ATL-MCO, back on Friday in AM. Only two nights in a hotel.

  69. Are you kidding me? I live for a good mileage run. Actually, I also live for a good, cheap egment run. In December of 12, I found cheap flights with 4 segments each. All were $150 or less from MEM-TPA/JAX/MIA/MCO/FLL. I took them all back to back………..used Delta Vouchers………….and WHALLAAAH……. in 3 days ……..Diamond for another year!

  70. I have never been on one but want to. Still trying to reconcile the costs & time, but it seems cool.

  71. 1) I’m doing my very 1st one in a couple weeks from a tip I found on this blog, thanks
    Ps my wife thinks I’ve completely lost it.

  72. I have never done one, but I have sent DH on them. He has the status anyway, so it makes the most sense to send him. Even though he has done them in the past, I am having trouble convincing him to do them in the future 🙁

  73. 1 – haven’t done it but may need to keep status with Delta as we look to other airlines offering more in programs

  74. I have been on one from Minneapolis to San Jose. I caught a Sharks game while I was there, then caught the red eye back. Looking forward to the LAX-MKE mileage run I have scheduled in October!

  75. 1) I’ve never been on one, but want to. Finding the deals and the time to take them is tough. I’m still a newbie (but am learning thanks to your site).

  76. 3) Are you kidding me? I live for a good mileage run! And I’m getting great ideas from your blog – thank you!! GM this year trying to get to PM and I’m using the AMEX Reserve card. 🙂

  77. I have never done one but came VERY close when I needed two more segments to qualify for Diamond two years ago! I wound up getting them on a last-minute trip to my alma mater’s bowl game on December 30th. I travel so much for work that I really don’t think I’d like hopping on a plane during “my time” unless I was really desperate for some last-minute MQM’s!

  78. I have never done a run (DTW based), but I should have taken advantage of the Pgh. deals last year (only a 4.5 hour drive).

  79. 1) I have never been on one but want to — maybe. I’ve always teased people who do them, and my wife would probably kill me. But I may need one to maintain GM for next year, so…

  80. Never say never, but at this point it seems unlikely given my location, etc. I would NEVER say it’s silly, though :-).

  81. I have never been on one but would like to. And am going to in August . Phoenix, Atlanta San Antonio Minneapolis Phoenix times two. Then I will be officially certifiable like the rest of you.

  82. I havent been on a MR but think it would be fun. I do look for flights with the most mileage before booking and several times add a segment into the itinerary to up the mileage.

  83. #1 for me. I have a few booked for this month and throughout this year. My first mileage run is next weekend. I am excited!! Diamond I come!

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