Time for Lisa’s app – results – ZERO instant approvals. What next?

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It has been more than 91+ days since Lisa’s last round in the end of December. Points have posted and spend done so on to the next round. What did we go for and what happened and what was her credit score pre-app? Let’s take a look.

First what happened. Results were mixed. None of the 3 cards came with instant approvals and one is currently still in the NO column but we are not ready to give up on it just yet.

So what did we go for and why? We needed more cards with low spend due to the bulk of our spend, including vanilla, being pushed to my Delta AMEX to get my bonus MQM’s. We also are in need of more hotel points and want to top off our AA points as well as more “travel cash” for next year’s ski trip.

  • So card number one was the AA CitiBank business 30,000 point card. With a low spend level for 30k points it was a perfect fit. There was no instant approval but very quickly the card arrived with a nice size credit line.

  • The next one was the 40,000 point Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard. Again no instant approval. Time for the reconsideration call. Lisa has two US Air cards, like I had before I went for my Barclays and I had to move some credit from my old one to get the OK. We attempted the same for Lisa but the rep would just not budge. Lisa has too short a time with Barclays and enough credit already. Time to write a letter asking to have the account looked at one more time. I am confident we can get this done with some more work.

  • The last one was the 80k Chase IHG card (not my link and at the bottom of the list of cards). Again this took a call and we moved her entire United card credit line from that card to the new PC card and it was approved. Lisa, a very long time ago, had a PC Visa so it will be fun to see if we do get the points or not (the rep confirmed 80k with $1000 spend but we will see). Even with NO points, this card will be a long term keep so I am fine either way due to all the perks it gives.

That wraps up this round of cards. Even if Barclays ends up in a final no after a reconsideration letter I am pleased. I am only a few weeks away from another big dump of MQM’s from my personal Delta AMEX Reserve card and then can shift, after Lisa’s cards, to my last $30,000 spending on my business Reserve card. – René


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  1. I’ve never been on a mileage run. Had silver medallion till March, enjoyed it but wouldn’t pay for it. I enjoy reading about mileage runs though.

  2. @asdfasdf – never. The only problems I have is I am old (well old-ish) and need to loose weight. Those do impact my insurance rates! 🙁 – Rene

  3. Rene-for what reason do you think recon calls were required? Is this possibly due to too many apps, or are recon calls “typically” required for the cards you mention? Recently experienced frustration with a different card, US Bank Carlson Personal. Couldn’t get a definitive answer when calling on whether approved or not, but over about a 3 week period we were getting welcome letters, disclosure documents, and finally the cards showed up.

  4. @BothofUs2 – Unless I get an instant approval, rare now-a-days, I always call the next day to get the ball moving. This is one of the first NO’s for a very very very long time for either of us. I do think a letter asking to move some credit from one of the other cards will result in an approval but with some of the smaller banks you just never know. They are not as simple to work with as Chase, AMEX or Citi! – Rene

  5. Rene, where do you write Barclays? Like what’s the address and do you have any tips for what to say? I got turned down for Arrival card as well…not long enough history they said

  6. Do you use the vanilla recharges to fund bluebird, then pay AMEX? I’m a little nervous to pay AMEX with bluebird if it’s recharge cards on the credit card.

  7. @nina –

    ny mr
    One syllable each?
    New York-based mileage runs were
    really killed by YQ

  8. I just applied for a few card business and personal. It was definitely a mini for me. I have an established business that most will not call small. Anyway last round Citi business AA gave me a turndown. This time they approved with a tiny limit. The funny thing is they look at business card utilization. based on the size of our company those amounts are a joke. Chase INK the charge card version approved after a call. I think the call was a great idea because they asked a lot of questions. Without that call I don’t know if it would have been approved, and if it was maybe a small line. Barclays arrival waiting for that answer. Applied for my second US Air card with a turndown. I was not going to do that one but others said they held two of them

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