SWAG Saturday: It really is all about the little things to make travel better.

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In the Essentials Tab, under E14, I have a travel check list with many of the suggestions coming from readers (thanks for the input btw)! As you saw this morning, I missed one forgetting to grab my I-Zoom from my car.

When it comes to travel, having just ONE credit card with you is a very bad idea. Thanks to my US Bank card, with a chip, I was able to get gas at an automated station in Sweden when my Chase Sapphire would not work nor my Delta Reserve AMEX card. (now offering 10,000 MQM + 10,000 Skymiles Bonus “Welcome Offer” with first purchase)! (OFFER EXPIRED)

My wife and I also keep different cards when we travel together so if something really bad happens (like I lose my wallet) we are not on the “same” account that we have to close. I  pick 3 cards  and then she also picks 3.

So, for today’s SWAG Saturday, you have to answer two questions:

“How many cards do you travel with and what are they?

For example, 2, Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card & DL GOLD AMEX. (NOTE: Original Offers Expired) As always the rules are HERE for each week. The prize this week, along the lines of not just one but a combo is better:

1 – A $ 10 Amazon e-Gift card
2 – A $10 Starbucks gift card
3 – A GoGo 1 time inflight Wifi pass

The winner gets all 3 of the above and also will be in the running for the Silver Medallion status giveaway in July! Have fun – René


PS – I have a ReTweet Contest going today too!

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Responses are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. It is not the bank advertiser's responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered.

René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. I carry 3-4 cards at any time. They change, but typically my Delta AMEX Gold, my AMEX Platinum, and Chase Freedom VISA are always in – others depending on their “goodies”!

  2. I travel withy three or four cards. My Amex Platinum, my Chase Sapphire, my Hyatt Visa, and usually my Delta Amex Platinum.

  3. I travel with my AMEX Delta Gold, My AT&T Master Card and my BofA Rewards VISA. My husband uses his Discover, Hawaiian Air VISA and his Chase Slate VISA.

  4. Michael H.(oldfox) Reply

    I travel with 3 Chase cards—– Ink Plus, Hyatt and Marriott. I also take the Amex SPG along.

  5. 5 – Amex Plat; Chase Ink Bold; Chase Sapphire; SPG Amex; BA Visa

  6. Sapphire, Amex Plat and whatever airline I happen to be flying’s Card. Plus I carry a card that I’m an autorized user for just in case the rest get shut down, seems to happen everytime I go to the UAE

  7. LarsErikNYC Reply

    I’m travelling at the moment with a Fairmont Visa (Chase) because it’s the only card I have with no foreign transaction fee (usually 3%). It’s not to earn points, as they aren’t worth anything to me. I also have a DL Platinum AmEx, and a both a Club Carlson and FlexPerks Visa (US Bank).

  8. I generally travel with the Marriott Premier Visa, Sapphire Preferred Visa and British Airways Visa (with chip).

  9. I travel with 3 cards- Amex Gold, Cap One Venture and Chase Freedom.

  10. Three main ones: Amex Platinum, Chase Ink, and the hotel card I’m staying at (SPG, Hyatt, Hilton).

  11. It varies depending on where I’m going/staying. But usually I’ll have the sapphire preferred and spg am ex at a minimum.

  12. Greg Kennedy Reply

    When traveling internationally I travel with 3 cards:

    1. Am Exp Platinum
    2. Airline Card (which ever one I’m flying )
    3 Hilton Honors Viss

    None of those charge foreign transaction fees.

    Since ABQ’s dominant carrier is Southwest, it visits to which legacy airline I fly

  13. 2 at the momment. AMEX Gold Rewards and Capital One Aspire Travel

  14. Chase Sapphire Preferred, Ink Bold so I have a Visa and a Mastercard with no foreign exchange fees

  15. Two years ago, I had my wallet stolen while travelling. Fortunately, I always keep my driver’s license and 2 credit cards in my front pocket — I was able to complete my trip without additional stress. Ever since then, I use a very small wallet that I keep in my front pocket, and so I don’t carry many cards at all.

    I carry just 2 cards — AMEX and Chase Marriott Visa (for places that don’t accept AMEX.)

  16. 3 cards : Amex Gold and Visa Premier in EUR, and Visa debit in USD.

  17. I take my DL amex reserve and my capital one visa, since a lot of places don’t take amex

  18. Andrew in A2 Reply

    SPG AmEx, BluebirdAmEx (yes, I know it is not really a credit card), UnitedMileagePlus, ChaseInk

  19. My go-to travel card is my BofA Travel Rewards Visa, which has no AF and an EMV chip. My back-up/categories card is my Citi Forward.

  20. 2 – CapOne and whatever card I’m using at the time for bonus/spend bonus

  21. Currently I travel with 5 cards a I am trying to meet minimum spend on a few. Amex Platinum, Chase Sapphire Visa, Barclaycard MC, Citi Aadvantage, and Diners Club for work.

  22. It varies but I always have two credit and two debit cards. I pick them based on whether I am traveling internationally or not. Top cards are CapOne and CSP unless I am working on bonus spend.

  23. Uri Hadelsberg Reply

    I travel with Amex Delta Gold and with the SPG premier rewards card. Both are awesome but both are 2.7 international transcation fees.
    I will probably get the Delta Platinum sometime soon, which is awesome since it usually has MQMs after a spending limit and not just miles.

  24. We travel with 3, 1 Amex, 1 Visa, and 1 Mastercard to always be covered. We also have 3 different ones each just like you!

  25. 4 cards but can vary based on hotels I’m staying at. Delta gold Amx, chase Hyatt ( has the chip!) and chase IHG, and citi Hilton.

  26. 3; Costco Amex, Chase Freedom, Chase Hyatt (chip for travel to Canada)

  27. I travel with 3 cards: the Delta SkyMiles Amex, Citi HHonors Visa Reserve and my bank issued Visa debit card for withdrawing money in local currency from ATMs when traveling abroad.

  28. Alaska Airlines VISA Debit Card
    Corporate VISA
    Amex Platinum
    PayFlex MC

  29. Usually 2 cards – AMEX Gold Rewards and Citi HHonors Visa Reserve

  30. I travel with an Ultimate Rewards MasterCard and an AMEX Delta Platinum card for all things travel!

  31. AMEX Skymiles Platinum, AMEX Platinum, and Sapphire Preferred are always with me

  32. 3=Sapphire Preferred, Delta Platinum Amex and Hyatt with chip in pin.

  33. i carry ink bold for hotels, csp for dining and travel, hyatt if im staying in a hyatt. aaa card for better hotel rates… and spg if and only if i stay at starwood over hyatt… which is rare. im a chase nut. dont need gogo pass if i win, fingers crossed.

  34. Depends, but usually have my SPG and Saphire Preferred on board.

  35. Well, usually depends on what spend I’m working on, or targeted bonus. But, I always pack my Ink, Sapphire Preferred, and SPG.

  36. I usually travel with three cards: Delta Platinum Amex, Chase Sapphire Preferred, and personal Amex Platinum.

  37. My ML signature
    And whatever else is
    The flavor of the month
    Also my sun trust Delta card

  38. Depends on where I am going as it changes if I am traveling internationally and if I am flying that particular airline or staying in a hotel. For my upcoming Canada trip I will be taking my Chase Sapphire Preferred, Amex Platinum, my new Barclay’s Arrival. That’s 3 but since the trip is for 5 months, there are a lot more: Schwab no fee card for foreign currency from ATM, Gold DL Amex, United Explorer, Fairmont Visa, and quite a few more in a rubber band which I will be canceling sometime before returning to the US in October.

  39. I always carry my DElta Reserve, AMEX Plat., and Cap One Venture, & sometimes my Sapphire.

  40. TravelGirl Reply

    I usually carry two — my trusty basic credit union Visa (high limit in case of emergencies), and my Capital One Master Card (no international fees!).

  41. 3 – AMEX Platinum, Amex Delta Platinum, Chase Sapphire Preferred

  42. I carry 3 cards. My club Carlson, chase freedom and a hotel card depending on what my stay is

  43. At least 2: my Chase Explorer and whatever one I’m doing minimum spending at the moment.

  44. Still new to the game and still working off sign-up bonuses, so that determines most of what I carry. But always: AMEX Platinum for club access, the card for whatever airline I’m flying, and my Starbucks Gold Card!

  45. Usually at least 4
    Current trip 5 (staying at multiple Starwood hotels, and I’ll max out the limit on one of them)

    Delta Platinum AMEX, SPG AMEX, SPG BIZ AMEX, Citi Forward, Chase Ink Bold

  46. When I travel Internationally, I take my Amex Platinum, Sapphire Preferred, and bank debit to withdraw local currency from an ATM.

  47. I carry 3 –
    2 Credit Cards – Chase Sapphire and Amex Gold or replace one when meeting a minimum spend
    1 Debit Card – Schwab Debit Card – No ATM or Forex fees worldwide

  48. Sapphire preferred
    Ink bold
    Amex platinum charge
    Delta amex platinum
    Chase freedom

    Ad I throw in the SPG Amex if I’m staying at one

    So 5 or 6

  49. I may be a little bit conservative, but I always travel with two debit cards, which I store in different places. One is the Charles Schwab card because it has no fees, and the other one is my local credit union’s debit card which has minimal fees and excellent reliability. As for credit cards, I try to carry one from at least a few different banks. Lately, I would bring a Citibank American Airlines card, my club Carlson card from US Bank, the Chase Sapphire card, and probably another Chase card. I do not bother to bring any AMEX cards because I’ve had my cards locked up by them a few times, so I don’t consider them reliable.

  50. 2 credit cards = Chase Sapphire and US Bank FlexPerks for the chip & PIN capabilities

  51. 3 cards, kroger 123 rewards, Marriott signature, delta platinum amex

  52. Right now 2-the Hilton Citi Visa and a Delta Amex that just isn’t doing it for me anymore 🙁

  53. I typically carry 3.

    1. Delta Reserve. This is my primary until I hit my spend goal each year.
    2. Amex Platinum. I keep this for international purchases and as a general backup.
    3. Wells Fargo debit card for times amex isn’t accepted. I know, I need to get a real visa.

  54. Depends which card’s spend I’m trying to match, but usually three: BA VISA, AMEX PLAT and a non forex fee card (only Marriott Visa available up here in Canada. We also carry a low limit “internet” card for small purchases with potential for problems ie: bike or scooter rental places etc.

  55. At the moment I travel with three cards: Chase Sapphire, Hilton Reserve, and Delta Amex Platinum.

  56. I carry 4 credit cards at a time, plus the check card that goes with my primary checking account for ATM access.

    1) Marriott Visa Signature (best trip cancelation, delay, baggage, car insurance of the cards I have)
    2) Delta Platinum Amex (in flight purchase discount and Sky Club day pass discount)
    3) Whatever card I am working on spend requirement for (currently British Airways Visa 100,000 mile offer)
    4) Trip specific card (hotel branded card for particular stay, another airline card in rare case I am not flying Delta, or BlueBird for foreign ATM access).

  57. 3 – Saphire preferred for dining, Amex platinum for lounges, and discover escape for primary car insurance.

  58. Always chase sapphire and Starwood Amex but will now include citi HHonors for the chip and pin option, great suggestion for this summer’s travel.

  59. 4 – My sapphire card, Marriott premier w/chip, and 2 debit cards for ATM cash (just in cases one fails)

  60. I travel with 4 cards. I take two with me while I tour the city and keep two in the safe at the hotel. AMEX Plat, Chase Sapphire Visa – both no foreign transaction fee. Then Chase UA visa and USBank Carlson Visa.

  61. Amex Platinum Delta, Amex Platinum MR, and Hilton HHonors Signature visa. Usually covers it all.

  62. I never leave home w/o HSBC debit card & cap one venture rewards card. I know I need to step up my CC churn activity but still working to improve my credit score so I can get AMEX.

  63. 3 Cards (more if I have different hotel stays) – Discover (no foreign fees), Hilton HHonors Signature Visa (Or other Hotel card for extra points), & US Bank Flex Perks

  64. I typically travel with 3…SPG Amex, Citi Hilton, and Chase Sapphire (plus my corporate Amex when traveling for work). However, the SPG gets left home when traveling internationally.

  65. Amex platinum, Sapphire, and at least one hotel card depending on where I!m staying, like the Hilton Reserve card.

  66. The Montane Vole Reply

    3 cards: American Express Delta, Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa (default card when abroad due to no foreign fees), and Club Carlton Visa.

  67. At least three cards: AMEX Delta Plat, AMEX Plat, Chase Sapphire MC. On international trips, the Delta AMEX stays home.

  68. Amex Delta Plat, Amex Gold, Chase Sapphire Pref, Chase Marriott (w/ EMV chip, for Europe), debit card

  69. Amex Delta Plat, Amex Corp, Visa Debit – no int’l travel so easy peasy…

  70. I travel mostly international- alway my Amex Platinum, and BA preferred traveler visa (with chip)- neither charge international fees. Also, Amex platinum sky miles and my BA debit card. My husband is European and and always has his ING chip and pin.

  71. I always carry my amex platinum, usually my amex delta, and my hyatt visa, plus am atm card

  72. Delta Skymiles Plat AMEX, Carlson Signature VISA, Chase Freedom

  73. Travel with two cards: AMEX Platinum and Hilton Citi Visa card. My wife picks two others when we travel together in case of a loss. Good tip Rene!

  74. Amex Delta Platinum and Capitol One Visa(no foreign transaction fees.)

  75. Chase Freed, Chase Southwest Plus, and American Express blue cash. I’d like to change credit cards but waiting until we need to move and get a new house (mortgage).

  76. Depends where I’m going and what bonuses are active. I always take Amex plat. The hotel affinity card, if I have it, for wherever I’m staying. Then a couple of Visa or MC with at least some sort of bonus spend going on. Finally, a less useful card like a Discover which I keep in my wallet along with a few dollars to give up in case I get pickpocketed/mugged/whatever.

  77. I travel with two credit cards: AMEX Miles Gold and Chase Original Rewards.

  78. Travel with 3 cards: Delta Platinum AMEX, capital one Visa (no foreign transaction fees) and USAA mastercard. I think it’s good to travel with one of each card (Visa, MC, AMEX) as, especially with international travel, I’ve run into problems of 1 or 2 sporadically not working.

  79. Sapphire Preferred, Amex Platinum, and then whatever Airline or Hotel cards to match the travel.

  80. The cards that are pretty much always in my wallet are: Delta Amex Reserve Business & Personal, and the Chase Ink Bold & Plus. That combo of cards have worked out nicely for me now since I’m not doing that many MR’s but still help me keep a favorable status with Delta :D! I’ve run into problems in Europe where the Amex and chase cards don’t work…… Not sure why they do that but I keep my USAA MasterCard in case they don’t work. Called Amex and chase over this but they didn’t help. Anyone have an answer to this problem?

  81. I usually take an assortment of credit/debit cards. I use Charles Schwab for debit as it reimburses all ATM fees internationally, with no transaction fee; For credit, I use Chase Ink Bold, Sapphire, and Citi AAdvantage.

  82. I always travel with 3 as well, my Delta Platinum Amex, Discover it (domestic travel only), and United Explorer Visa, also always carry by BofA Visa debit card

  83. I usually carry about 5 cards on me, even when traveling. I carry Chase Sapphire Preferred MasterCard, Chase Freedom Visa Signature, SPG AMEX Personal, Gold Delta Skymiles AMEX, and Capital One Venture Card Visa Signature.

  84. Usually 3. Delta Platinum AMEX, Chase Priority Club Rewards, and Chase Freedom.

  85. 5, but the actual ones vary based on location, domestic or international, and current spend needs. Right now: BA Visa (chip), US Air MC, Ink Bold MC, Chase Freedom Visa, PenFed Cash Rewards Visa (chip). For international, I’ll add in the Marriott Rewards Visa (chip).

  86. This year, I will be taking my new Chase Sapphire card – with no foreign transaction fees (for a change!). Also, my United Explorer card and CitiBank AA AMEX card.

  87. I travel with my Chase Sapphire Preferred card, and whatever airline/hotel card I booked my flight/room with

  88. I feel strange…I only carry one card. Delta Amex Card It’s the only one I have! 🙂

  89. Business DL Amex Reserve, business USBank Flex Perks Visa, personal Marriott Chase Visa

  90. Christine Austin Reply

    I carry three, Amex reserve, discover and gm master card.

  91. Capital One for no transaction fees abroad, citi MasterCard, usbank Flexperks

  92. Have multiple, but the 2 I use the most are the Sapphire and Marriott Visa

  93. When I travel I carry the same cards as always.
    Two debit cards from different Swedish banks.
    No line of credit, whatsoever.
    I don’t travel very often but this is my setup. The cards are a Nordea VISA and an ICA Banken Mastercard

  94. I travwl with three or four cards. The AMEX Platinum, hotel card (SPG, Carlson, Marriott, PC or Hilton) depending on where I stay. Always have both AMEX and VISA / Mastercard brands.

  95. I always carry my Delta Amex Plat, Chase Sapphire, Chase Ink Bold and lately the Chase freedom because of the quarterly bonus on restaurants. Would love to win the WIFi pass. Will be flying to Vegas in less than 2 weeks on Delta! Woo Hoo!

  96. I always carry my AMEX Delta Reserve Card and now also carry the Chase Rapid Rewards Visa Card. I carry a local bank card as well, the UMB MasterCard. I typically carry an AMEX, Visa, and MasterCard but my emphasis not is the Delta Reserve Card to meet the spend requirement for the bonus MQMs.

  97. DL AmEx Platinum
    Chase Ink Bold
    Chase Freedom
    Whatever signup bonus card I am working on 🙂

  98. black amex delta corporate card so I can get into the crown room gratis and my gold delta amex for personal

  99. I carry 3 cards – AMEX Delta Reserve Card, Hilton Visa Signature and a standard Amex Corporate card (Which I rarely use)

  100. Meghanb904 Reply

    I travel with Chase Sapphire Pref, Amex Premier Gold and Virgin BOA

  101. dot cahill Reply

    wow lots of comments we carry the plat amex(no foreign fees) and ba visa -with a chip for out of the country charging…

  102. John Hansen Reply

    I travel with my Sapphire card, Gold AmExp, and the one for the airline I’m flying, or the hotel point card I’m using.

    John Hansen

  103. I for the most part only carry 2: a Marriott and. USAA Credit card.

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