Hey I WON 2 free airline tickets on American Air – Really? Scam Alert

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Well look at the kool postcard I got yesterday in the mail. It sure looks good. I mean who would not want 2 free AA tickets. Even as a loyal Delta flyer, I mean, free tickets are nice right?

But then look on the back side of the post card. At first glance this also looks good. These things look so good in fact that the other night at dinner with some friends, they were talking about this very thing that they had won tickets. But had they?

When I did just the slightest digging with the “promotion name” and the phone number just look what popped up HERE. Ah ha, this is a timeshare deal. They have sent out these post cards with SW Air, Delta and I bet a whole bunch more.

So, this is not quite what it seems. For most readers, you would not be dumb enough to fall for something like this. I did not and I bet you would not (but I would like to know if you got one of these postcards).

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BTW, these cards are both Business cards but even a sole proprietor can get these cards. Be completely honest if you do not yet earn any money in your endeavors as there is a place where you can include you personal income as well!

On a personal note, as I continue my mileage run today, it has been so much fun running into readers along the way at airports across the USA. If you see me, please do come up and say “HI” – René

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  1. I got the very same postcard on Monday. Directly into the trash it went. Definately a scam. AA wouldn’t publish using their old logo these days.

  2. Got some scam in an email. What made me suspicious was there was no AA logo period. The print font looks like your postcard.

  3. I received the same postcard.
    The toll free number operator told me that the airline tickets were sold-out but a free cruise ($149) from Palm Beach Florida (we live in Pittsburgh) can be yours for only a credit card number.

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