Delta launches e-Gift cards up to $1000 each and 3* per ticket!

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There is some more good news out today from Delta. You can now buy e-Gift cards online (you must be LOG-IN to see page btw). You can buy them up to $1000 each and they can ONLY be used on Delta and Delta code share flights. You can also use up to 3 per ticket but with conditions. It says:

“A maximum of three forms of payment (including Certificates or Cards) can be applied towards a single ticket. Certificates and Cards cannot be used in conjunction with any other certificate, voucher or credit towards a single ticket.”

So, say you have 3 – $500 e-Cards but your ticket is $2000. Then, you would have to use 2 of them and your credit card for the rest. Clear? All the T&C are on the Delta site or you see a text copy of them here.

There is another HUGE win for those who use the (NON-DELTA) American Express Platinum Card as it will let you get $200 credit per year for Delta related items, like food or bag fees, once you register that you want Delta to be your credit for the year (see the Terms, Conditions & Disclosures at link above) . Most are saying any fees and charges from Delta are being credited. I see no reason it will not be the same for these, but I have not tested it yet. Assuming it works, look what you could get in less than one year for the card fee:

  • $200 e-Gift this year
  • $200 e-Gift after Jan 1st next year
  • $100 GOES credit back when paid with card
  • Gold SPG status
  • Skyclub and other lounge access

… and so many more perks as well!

Without question this will be the next AMEX card I go for and will likely be a long term keeper for me. So I welcome the addition of e-Gift cards to Delta; nice to see some good news! – René

Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card
from American Express®
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  1. @Ryan – I think both Yes and NO (at this point). My guess is NO from Delta side (ie say $2500 ticket spend) but YES from AMEX side for $25,000 spend.

  2. Rene,

    This is huge news for Delta flyers. I have held out on getting the Amex Platinum due to the challenge getting the $450 back, but now this gives a realistic way to pull it off. Couple things it would be great if you can research:

    1. Can you give an e-gift to yourself?
    2. See if you can verify the Amex credit back. Has to be readers who can help you out who have the card.

  3. Reading through the terms, the next statement after the one you posted is as follows:
    “Certificates and Cards cannot be used in
    conjunction with any other certificate, voucher or credit towards a single ticket.”
    To me this says you can only use ONE certificate per ticket, but it’s not clear if they might mean one TYPE of certificate, or one or more certificates of any SINGLE type can be used per ticket, or just one certificate period.
    Your thoughts?

  4. @Stan: Buying a Delta GC in and of itself is NOT the deal. Meeting CC spend and/or reimbursement by AmeX Plat is the good deal.

  5. Awesome thanks for posting. Headed over to make my $200 purchase on Business Platinum to get my $200 credit. Making my weekend!

  6. No luck “unable to complete purchase, please try again later. Message #4502”

  7. So Rene, the “win” of these e-certs is getting Amex Platinum to reimburse $200 of the expense as “fee” spend? Or is it something else?

  8. Wrong question: I meant to ask has any confirmed that Amex Platinum $200 credit can be met by these.

  9. Delta blogger: please advise your readers not to go calling AmEx and potentially ruining what has been a very good benefit on the AmEx plat.
    The airline giftcards are technically not what the credit is for, but when purchased — for almost any airline — they have been credited back within a week on the AmEx plat.

  10. concerned reader…………

    Since you can use 3 forms of payment for Delta and Delta code now………maybe you can stir the pot and allow 3 delta vouchers for a single ticket ?

    My thought process is……..whatever we can squeeze out of Delta/AMEX……..I am going to squeeze…….They have squeezed us extremely hard lately, and continue to do so………..what’s next ? carges for Blankies and Diet Coke ?

  11. Why is $50 the minimum amount? Wouldn’t you get more business if you offered a $25 gift card?

  12. Would this count as airfare? Thinking of Amex Premier Rewards Gold 3x.

  13. Any ideas if the 100k MR points on Platinum will be back? I missed it the last time, just not sure if it was a regular seasonal offer they had or a one time special deal… I’d like to hold out to get that along with the credits, GEOS, etc..

  14. Posted Sat. as Delta Airlines Atlanta on AMEX PLAT Statement.

    NO Credit showing yet.

  15. Sorry Amex Description is Delta Airlines Atlanta
    and Category coded as Travel – Airline

    Waiting for good news, hopefully?

  16. I purchased a $50.00 e-Gift card Friday, May 10 on Amex Mercedes Platinum. Coded “Travel-Airline” which according to TPG, is not a good sign. So far, no credit.

  17. Sweet! The A. team came thru today for $50 cred.
    Anyone get the love at $100 or $150?

    I’d like to go for a $150, rather than 3 more at 50.

  18. @E – Hey thanks for all the work and follow-ups! Great news. I think 2x$100 would be more safe but I have been told that Skyclubs in the past got the full $200 in one shot but keep in mind you can use up to 3 (or 2 and a credit card)! – Rene

  19. It looks like they modified the T&C cited above, which now reads:

    “A maximum of three Certificates or Cards, but not a combination of Certificates and Cards, can be applied towards a single ticket. Certificates and Cards cannot be used in conjunction with any other certificate, voucher or credit towards a single ticket.”

    So now apparently you can use 3 eGift cards (or 3 eGift certificates)and a credit card for payment.

    BTW, I just got my airline fee credit on my platinum Amex for my $50.00 eGift certificate!

  20. @MrMoonlight – I think you are not quite right. It is 3 total payment items. I think the way I posted is correct but if someone can use 3 of these gift items AND ALSO use a credit card for the rest let me know!

  21. I purchased a $75 certificate yesterday (May 15th), I’ll post back if I get credit.

  22. @Rene – Respectfully disagree. . . Sorry! What i was saying was that the t&c you cite doesn’t say that anymore! It has been changed.. It originally limited you to a maximum of three forms of payment which would mean you can apply a maximum of 2 egift cert/cards and pay the balance with cash or plastic.That restriction no longer appears. Instead it says you are limited to thee certificates or cards. That seems to me to say that you can use 3 egift card or 3 egift certs toward your ticket but that doesn’t prevent you from paying the balance with cash or a credit card.

  23. @MrMoonlight – you could be right but are you saying you could do say 3 certs AND ALSO a credit card. All I was saying, or trying to say, was say 2 certs and then if 3rd cert was NOT enough to cover then you had to go with 2 certs and a credit card for rest. But I many not have said that clearly at all. I do that all the time 🙂 – Rene

  24. @Rene – you do see that they change the t&c you cited, correct? I don’t see anything in the new language preventing you from using the credit card AND the third cert if the third cert was not enough to cover. Am I right? :).

  25. @MrMoonlight – you are right, they really did change the wording a bunch. To me it is less clear and in the past, way way back, you could use up to 3 certs and then a credit card for the rest. It seems that you are right and they have with these at least gone back to that way of doing it. This really is good news if that IS the case. We will see (ya know ya never know until ya try)!

  26. @Renee – I think they would be hard-pressed to refuse to accept three eGift things along with a credit card. I don’t see how the t&c would be subject to any different interpretation. 😉

  27. @MrMoonlight – HA – let me know how it goes. Can’t wait. Oh our deal Delta. And, as we both know, if one says NO, then we call back, as next one will say YES!

  28. I bought 4 – $50 e-gift cards this week with my Plat Amex and the $200 has already been deducted from my account. I still need the cards to show up in my mail.

  29. I tried a $75 eGift cert on 5/15, no credit yet. I tried a $50 eGift cert last night (5/23) to see if a smaller value has any luck.

  30. @Rob – Txs for input. Not sure if $50 is the sweet spot or not as others have had success with larger amounts but PLEASE keep us up to date and thanks! Rene

  31. Seems like $50.00 is the sweet spot. The $50.00 eGift cert I purchased on May 10th, posted on the 11th and I got my credit on the 13th. I then purchased a $95.00 eGift card on May 14th, still no credit.

  32. I’m still trying to find a way around this! Since the airline fee credit is now apparently limited to $50.00 eGift certs, and we can apply a maximum of of 3 eGift certs per purchase, can we split our ticket purchases to get the maximum usage? For example, let’s say I have accumulated 6 $50.00 eGift certs, and I want to book 2 award tix using my SkyMiles, with a total of $300.00 in taxes/surcharges. Is there any reason why I would not to have this “rung up” as two separate purchases, and apply 3 $50.00 eGift certs to each ticket?

  33. @MrMoonlight – I have not in real world tested the new verbiage that you can use 3 eGifts+CC to pay. There should be no reason (well other than Delta “IT” and Delta reps) that you could not use 6 on one PNR if there are two people flying. #Developing!

  34. Answering my own question: T&C say the limit is 3 certs per ticket. So it doesn’t seem to be an issue if you get a ton of $50.00 eGift certs. You can apply three each toward each ticket, and have that cover any surcharge or tax up to $150.00 per ticket. At least that’s the way I read it!

    I’m going to buy another one!

  35. Another update…I just got credit for my $50 eGift cert purchased on 5/23. Still nothing for the $75 cert purchased a week prior. I just tried another $50 cert, hopefully I’ll have the same luck.

  36. Eob thanks for posting. i too am trying for 2nd 50 cert. Wanted to try a 100 but that looks like NG.

  37. (Previously reported: $50.00 eGift cert purchased on May 10th, credit on the 13th. $95.00 eGift cert on May 14th, no deal.)

    UPDATE: Purchased $50.00 eGift cert May 25, received credit today, May 29.

    Good thing I did. Otherwise, I’d wind up buying a lot of drinks for other passengers on my next flight trying to use up my credits!

  38. @wei – yes for someone w/out a membership rewards card yet or if it has been 365+ days since you canceled one to get new card bonus again.

  39. I don’t understand these Gift cards,E gift and certificates I been buying 50.00 gift cards and e gift but if I can only use $150.00 towards air line tickets whats the use buying them. I checked delta web site and it says you can use 9 Gifts cards is this correct

  40. My wife and I have over 100,000 points saved up to help book a trip to Hawaill and along with Delta vacations Gifts cards to pay most of the purchase How many Delta Vacations gift cards can I use at one time?

  41. @Richard – I have no idea how many Delta Vacations gift cards you can use with them at a time. Nor did I know Delta Vacations sold gift cards! 😉

  42. @Richard – You can use any size 3 Delta gift cards per ticket plus a credit card and that is what says.

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