The Delta Skyclub VIP room in LAX – a sneak peek

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There are truly many “kool” things about being a Delta focused blogger. I really wanted to see the “new” VIP room in the LAX Skyclub but this was not a request that could be granted. I did cover the updates to the bar and common area HERE last week.

However, the improvements to the “room” have actually not even begun yet. The new VIP room (area) will be in the spot that is now the “quiet” room near the showers.

The big plus for the VIP’s will not be the size of the space but being away from the packed club that is the LAX Skyclub. Depending on the time of day you arrive, you will find a mostly empty club or one so full you will not be able to find a seat.

For me, for the first time ever during day two of my run, I took a nap in a Skyclub. I set my phone alarm and was OUT! So the upgrade will be nice for some, but a great loss of quiet sleeping space (sorry if I snored a bit btw) – René

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  1. As expected, Delta cares more about a few “VIPs” who don’t create brand equity and throws someone to the curb who truly helps in creating amazing brand equity. Way to go Delta!

  2. Crummy news, but thanks for sharing.

    That quiet room was the only redeeming thing about the LAX club.

  3. What makes a VIP in Delta’s eyes? Is it a Diamond who flies 200K on Y fares? or some two bit “celebrity”?

  4. My bf and I just got back from our first mileage run from MKE to LAX. It was quite an experience and we are exhausted! Thanks for the updates on your runs! I dont know how you do it it all!!! We are off to nap

  5. Wow! That SIX SECOND Video conveys a lot of information… I don’t know what will have do to, to be or to have to access the new ‘VIP Room,’ but some seriously quiet space should be available in all lounges. Humor aside, I do not think this is the place to park BS and her entourage. (I encountered that gang in a lounge a LHR a few years ago and good golly, ‘quiet,’ ‘private,’ ‘relaxed’ and ‘polite,’ are not words that I would use in recalling the unfortunate experience. My review would lean toward terms like ‘storm,’ ‘rude,’ ‘loud,’ ‘obscene,’ and private thoughts along the lines of “Why The [Nasty Word] did I end up on this particular flight?” I think I’d rather have a handful of three-year-olds in the front cabin. Then again, I guess that’s about what we had. Nuff said.

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