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Best Credit Cards

This offer is no longer available so post removed.

Congratulations to all who got in on the deal! – Rene


Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card
from American Express®
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Best Credit Cards


  1. What is the best strategy for canceling the AMEX cards? I have this Biz Gold from another offer (75k with $10k spend from January).

    Should I cancel it as soon as the points post, that way I can get the 12 month clock ticking for the next deal? Or should I wait to cancel for when I want to do a new signup for a Biz card?

  2. @LK – Some thoughts on that. If you have two business cards, you can transfer the credit line to the other one (you can NOT send business to personal or personal lines to business). So, in your case, maybe next time get another type of AMEX business card like the SPG or the Delta. Then, send the old card line over there and close if you want to. Maybe at the 11 month mark before the annual fee hits. Then you can start your 365+ day clock FROM THE DAY YOU CLOSE that old card. Clear?

  3. Thanks for the response. I guess my question is, why wait until 11 months? Ideally I want to get the 12 month clock ticking ASAP so I can take advantage of the next biz offer that comes around sooner. So, say I’m doing a churn tomorrow. Apply for the SPG biz, transfer the credit line, and cancel the Biz Gold next week. That way in May 2014 I can get another Biz offer. If I wait to cancel until month 11 (Dec 2013) I will have to wait until Dec 2014 to get another biz offer. Or am I missing something?

  4. @Jason – I would try. Most times they do NOT but worth a call. If the rep says no ask to speak to a supervisor to get the match!

  5. Just got approved! I used your link and I used SAFARI browser. Now, what can I do with 75K points….

  6. @chum- grt well done. Once spend done (hello vanila) you can send to may places like Delta or spend them 1c each. I would hold as maybe we can see this fall a big bonus to send to Delta!

  7. How does Amex handle qualification based upon other cards? If I own multiple businesses (each with their own Tax ID/EIN number) – can I qualify for these points even though another one of my businesses has a Gold card?

  8. Are you going to be in DTW anytime soon? I’m flying trough there on my way to FRA.

  9. @Scott – if you have different EIN’s for each biz you should be fine. This is NOT for you but for other who are sole proprietors and use your SSN you will more than likely only get one shot at this! However, a husband and wife who run their own sole proprietors should be able to each get one. Clear?

  10. I already have a buisness card with my EIN, can I open this new 75k card with my ssn?.

  11. @Jason – ooohhhh.. doubt it. I would say NO but you just never know. Such a great deal could be worth the try. Worst case you get: No points, No card or Card and points! I know that is NOT helpful. Sorry.

  12. I applied. Did not get instant approval. Haven’t received any notice of application received either. I’ll just sit patiently for now. Hope I get this one. Was gonna apply for DL Amex Biz in a few weeks, but this one is better.

  13. @cory – I have the status check reconsideration number at the bottom of the best point cards tab. I would call tomorrow to follow up!

  14. Thanks, Rene. Just as I posted that I at least got confirmation that my application was submitted. I will definitely follow up. Need to satisfy my points fix.

  15. The offer didn’t show up in a Chrome browser but did show up in an Explorer browser – go figure. The site then said it needed more information – and just left it at that. I called the reconsideration number (thanks Rene). The lady said the system was just overwhelmed with applications on that offer and it would just take a second. After a few seconds she said we were good and she would express the card to me. Great tip Rene – thanks.

  16. Rene, I just got instant approval on this. I assume my Delta Business Reserve does not exclude me from the points. Is that right?

  17. I have a SPG Biz with 3k CL from August 2012.I applied for the Gold Delta Skymiles Biz card 2 months ago and with $4800 CL. AMEX needed to take $4800 from my SPG Personal to my Gold Delta Skymiles Biz card.

    Do I have a chance at the 75k Biz Card? All together I have SPG Personal and Biz, Gold Delta Biz and AMEX Hilton Honors.

  18. I just got approved for the AMEX Bus Gold on 4/22/13 with the 50k bonus. Any chance AMEX would upgrade the bonus to 75K?

  19. Does the business card show up on your personal credit report if you use your SSN? The reason I ask is because we are buying a house in the next 2 months and we want to keep our credit clean for now and do not need any outstanding balances or pulls to show up. Thanks for your help.

  20. @Anthony P – Most times no but not worth risking a house for a credit card. There will be other deals. I would WAIT and get the house 1st!

  21. I’m a little less than a month away from my normal churn date. If I apply for this card now, is it better to do my full churn today or just do the AMEX card today and wait until my normal churn date for the rest of the cards I want?

  22. @Jamie – up to you. The 91+ day is NOT set in stone. It just tends to help in getting 100% approvals. This is a deal worth going for either by itself or as part of a churn!

  23. Has anyone used the arrivals lounge at LHR Terminal 4? Is it still the Yotel? One hour max? I’m arriving at 6:25am. Thanks!

  24. Is anyone else seeing this offer live now? I’ve tried on two different computers and in two different browsers on each with no luck.

  25. Rene – thanks for the tip and the alert.. was able to jump and get this yesterday via your link.

    I’ve got a potential relatively n00b question for you about Vanilla cards to meet point spend.. I’ve see you and FT mention them, but can you help me understand from the beginning how to buy/use them? I checked out the Rookie post but could use a step by step if you’re up to it:)

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