SWAG Saturday: What is your aspirational “fun”!

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This past Friday, before a PVT BoardingArea conference, I had the amazing privilege of flying with MJ from MJ on travel. As many readers know when I started in college I was going for my pilot’s license. I chose not to follow that but MJ did and flew for American Eagle way back when. What a fun time we had buzzing around Colorado Springs and I think you will see more about the day and some photos on his blog soon (and maybe a few photos here as well)!

But that brings up my question for today’s swag giveaway. What would you like to use points to do for the “first time ever”. I love love love to scuba dive. It had been a while since I “got wet” and Lisa & I had a stupid amount of fun last year in Grand Cayman on points that I mostly got from both of us EACH getting an INK BOLD and an INK PLUS card each last year.

So for today’s giveaway, all you need to do is tell me what you have always wanted to do and hope to use points to get that done? As always the rules are HERE and I will be picking the winners for the fun mix of travel stuff you see below! – René

EDIT: Due to tech issues winner will be picked Monday night this week!

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. One day a trip to South America on a Delta Private Jet to ride with the Gaucho’s!

  2. Uri Hadelsberg Reply

    I would love to use points to get business class to Tokyo!

  3. I’d fly to Europe to ride the single passenger gravity powered roller coaster in the alpine village of Mieders, Austria. It’s a thrill ride for sure and to add to the excitement it doesn’t have brakes! Check out the video.

  4. First Class on either Cathay or Singapore Air to Hong Kong! (then use the money i saved by using points to stay at the Peninsula!)

  5. Hope to do a ‘roud the world ticket in Business in a year or two. But it would be nice if one were able to trade miles for things like private pilot lessons at a reasonable rate. Would gladly do that.

  6. Fly on Air Force One, but I don’t think any amount of points will help me with that.

  7. I would like to see at least one of the seven wonders of the world.

  8. I would love to redeem my Skymiles for 3 biz class tix to Tokyo so I can enjoy fresh sushi at the fish market!

  9. Fly to space on Virgin Galatic. Who knows…might even be possible using SkyMiles one day considering Delta’s investment in the Virgin group.

  10. Ed Coleman Reply

    I would love to use points for a RT first class trip to Ireland. Wait!!!!! I am doing that and leave tomorrow for Dublin.

  11. Michelle Olson Reply

    I would use points for an over-water hotel room in Bora Bora.

  12. As a new scuba diver myself, I would love to use them on a scuba trip to Thailand 🙂

  13. Planning trip to Tanzania to see Kilimanjaro. Doubt I can make the summit but I know I can make the crater rim. This will be my first aspirational use of points ever. Stop one on my Seven Summits (technically 9 but I am shooting for actual highest summit per continent). I’m no climber but I will hike as far as I can, give up and be happy I made it that far.

  14. I would love to use points to visit Geneva! In college, my roommate was from Geneva and told me about the boutiques near the water. I too would one day like to shop there, even if there was nothing for me to buy 🙂

  15. I honestly have no idea………………

    I actually already did twice – using the Delta online auction I won a trip to Egypt by Tauck Tours in 2008, a wonderful first class experience. (And it was only 340,000 points). I also won the 2010 Habitat for Humanity trip to Chile to work with Delta employees restoring homes due to the earthquake earlier that year (for about the same number of points).

    After these fantastic experiences, I have learned that the unplanned can be the best experiences of a lifetime!

  16. Travel to Fiji. Still working on that one but now I’m tempted by Bora Bora after seeing in a movie recently. I wonder which is better?/

  17. A mega RTW vacation for 6 months. No less than a party of six, and no fewer than five continents.

  18. Would love a week or long weekend in London, with First Class airfare (on Delta, of course!) and hotel included. Dream on!

  19. I would love to fly my whole family to Israel to tour The Holy Land.

  20. A birthday gift for my husband – Test drive a Lamborghini or Ferrari in Maranello, Italy

  21. Michael H.(oldfox) Reply

    I would love to use the points to book a trip on the Trans Siberian Railroad.

  22. I’ve traveled much of the world, but ironically, I’ve never been to Rome or Italy.

  23. I love love to go to Cuba and see where my family grew up. This may be a bit difficult to do with points but I could use points to fly to Mexico and then pay to go to Cuban 😀

  24. Danielle S Reply

    I would like to use points for an “experience” like a show or sporting event. I have only used them for air and hotel so far.

  25. I’d love to use my points to explore different parts of Africa.

  26. I would love to fly In a premium cabin on an international flight

  27. Trip for family of four to Ireland to see relatives, sights and learn about heritage.

  28. Use points to go to the World Cup in Brazil in 2014. USA! USA! USA!

  29. I’m hoping to get my wife and I to Australia in business class with skymiles and use our starwood points for the hotel!

  30. I’ve always wanted to visit Moscow. I’ll be doing it this year in Global First, thanks to points!

  31. Tom Husman Reply

    I would love to be able to take my girlfriend to Australia. Snorkeling on the GB Reef!

  32. I have lots of aspirations, but for a “first time”, I’d like to use Avios for business class from Boston to Dublin, and spend 1-2 weeks visiting Irish and Scottish distilleries!

  33. Vegas Baby !
    First Class all the way with points !!!
    That what I would like to do with points !!

  34. phill gold Reply

    I am really trying to take my wife on an all points vacation. Thanks!

  35. I would love to be able to fly to space….maybe points for Virgin Galactic

  36. I can’t wait for our trip to Australia, business class and the Hyatt in Sydney.

  37. I dunno if there will be any way to use points for this, but Virgin Galactic is VERY intriguing to me. 🙂

  38. I want to take my wife with me to French Polynesia and Australia.

  39. I always save my miles up and use them to treat myself to round trip first class tickets back home, to the UK. Currently got enough for two so I may be treating my girlfriend and I soon. 🙂

  40. Planning to use points to visit wine country in France during the fall. All on Sky team and One World miles, Hyatt, Hilton and PC points.

  41. Move to Hollywood and make it in the movies! I’d need miles to make the move in style.

  42. Save enough miles to take the kids and parents business class to Hawaii

  43. Does space count as an aspirational redemption? I’d be down…

  44. wondering if Delta has an around the world ticket I could fly first class with points!

  45. African safaris are quite expensive. Surely there’s a points option.

  46. Hopefully fly in business class to visit Equador and Galapagos Islands to run a marathon down there next year!

  47. Like many other folks here, a RTW trip, N America, Asia, Europe!

  48. this one is easy for me!!! I want to use points to fly to CDG, take a transfer to Joigny, France and spend the week at La Cote Saint Jacques & Spa living the life!

  49. Hope to get to Africa soon, would love to explore that continent North to South, East to West

  50. I’d love to use miles and points to get to Asia, then take a cruise of Asian ports.

  51. Christine Austin Reply

    I want to go on an Alaskan cruise.

    Close second is learn to tweet so I can enter your re-tweet swag giveaways! Sorry, I’ll travel anywhere while I learn . . .

  52. I would enjoy using points for activities such as going for a cruise around the Hawaiian islands, or going to New Zealand, or flying Korean Air on the new Airbus 380 from the USA to the Philippines in business class, any or all of these with my wife.

  53. Business class to Florence for a two week stay filled with art, architecture, history, wine and great food.

  54. Go on around the world trip, including several days in Osaka/Kyoto/Kobe.

  55. Round the world snowboarding trip is what I plan to use my points for. Snowboarding in the Rockies, alps, and Japan.

  56. Enough points for my wife and I to fly first class to India to see the Taj.

  57. Leslie Gross Reply

    Wow,there are so many places I have on my bucket list. If I had to narrow it down, I would use my points to go to Pamukkale, Turkey also known as “white castle”. I saw picures of the hot springs a few years ago and I completely fell in love with the place. But seeing pictures in a magazine just doesn’t quite cut it.

  58. I would enjoy using the points to arrange a family reunion that everyone from 13 yrs. old to 85 yrs. old would love.

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