Delta DUMPS Blue Moon now just “Skunky Beer” for free (just when I got free DM club access)

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With a HT to reader Marc I can say I am not a happy club “hopper” as Delta Corp Guy has posted this:

Update from DL on Club beverage changes – FT

Delta Sky Clubs are changing the selection of both complimentary and for-purchase premium alcoholic beverages beginning tomorrow. Complimentary well-known alcohol brands will still be provided at the Club just as they have been.

Altering our complimentary offerings will enable us to expand our portfolio of premium for-purchase products and maintain complimentary spirits, beer and wine as we continue to invest in the overall Club experience. We review our Club offerings periodically so that we are able to make changes based on customer feedback, financial considerations and other factors including the variety of options we offer our members.

The new offerings are comparable to house/well brands in other airport lounges.

  • Complimentary spirits: Vodka – Gordon’s; Gin – Gordon’s; Rum – Myers’s Platinum; Scotch – Scoresby; Bourbon – Jack Daniel’s; Sweet Vermouth – Martini & Rossi; Extra Dry Vermouth – Martini & Rossi.
  • Complimentary beer: Budweiser and Miller Lite
  • Complimentary wine: no changes to current wine offerings

Other brands will be available through our for-purchase options available through our Luxury Bar. Our goal is to offer members quality products and services at reasonable prices that are competitive with other airport lounges while continuing to provide good value for membership.

DLCorpGuy  –  FT
I am all for Delta making as much money as they can from the Skyclubs but in NO WAY is Budweiser and Miller Lite a drinkable beer. I have said it before and will say it again, soon Delta will charge for AIR on the jets (unless it is a stinky CRJ 200 as they smell so bad that it would be criminal to charge for that air)! – René

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  1. This is ridiculous. My Klout score earned me an Admiral club pass and if I have a decent experience, you can count on me switching at renewal. It’s difficult to stay loyal to a program where every “new” is a “negative.”

  2. never been big on beer snobbery so miller lite and bud don’t evoke a passionate response either way. blue moon is ok and all, but if we’re going to go around bashing mass-produced beers, blue moon is on the short list of swill.

  3. I don’t understand all of these moves Rene. It would be one thing if they were losing money like before. But financially they have been doing great in the last several years, thanks to us loyal medallions. I’ve just about had it with these enhancements. From MQD’s, to SDC changes, to M no longer earning 50% Mqm’s, to devalued partner mqm earning, and now this skyclub enhancement. What’s next?

  4. @Annalise — The complimentary liquor served in AAdmirals Clubs makes Gordon’s vodka look like Grey Goose. The AAdmirals club selection of complimentary alcohol is a disgrace!

  5. Rene please send me a link or any info to match my DM status to AA. I’ve researched and with USAIR merger, it may be time to entertain a change. BTW i earn status on segments. Thank you!

  6. This is being discussed on a lot of forums and just about all the comments are negative. I feel removing the local beer option is disgusting move. You may still be able to purchase better stuff though.

    Most SkyClubs have gone steadily downhill lately. Wifi is often totally unusable. Snack options have cheapened. Work areas have disappeared. And the prices charged for the premium stuff at their bars are just as expensive as at the establishments in the airport corridors — and some of those places have more comfortable seats and good wifi!

    So really, I’m beginning to wonder what the point of it all is? Maybe a shower and a decent rep to deal with are of some value but not much else in my opinion. And I wouldn’t be surprised if showers are next on their hit list. (Well, either that or we’ll have to insert quarters into the bathroom stalls to use them.)

  7. Scoresby as Delta’s scotch!?!?! Tell me it isn’t so. This stuff is turpentine. I love pretty much every single malt and 95% of blends, but this is the cheapest crap on the market. Why would Delta insult its best customers? This is a business model that I do not understand.

  8. Everytime I read a Delta press release with words such as this:

    “Altering our complimentary offerings will enable us to expand our portfolio of premium for-purchase products”

    I’m reminded of Orwell’s warning to beware those who use language “to make lies sound truthful…and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind”.


  9. When you going to change the name of this blog to delta[edit].com my friend? I guarantee you this movie ends badly.

  10. I find it interesting they serve Jack as a Bourbon which is a premium priced liqour yet serve Gordon’s for vodka and Gin, both of which are well liquors if a bar has them at all. Also, Jack is not Bourbon its a TN whiskey.

  11. @Dan – I am with you. I love Woodford in flight and don’t my Jim Beam but Jack is just nasty to me and I will not drink it. Yuck!

  12. Very disappointing. It cannot have cost much more to have better beer available by the keg.

  13. Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!! I’m from Wisconsin. Good beer is important. This is a big bummer.

  14. Seriously? Jack as a bourbon offering….someone needs to key them in in the fact that Jack isn’t even bourbon, it’s whiskey. So not only is it disappointing, it’s all together wrong.

  15. Not a Blue Moon fan, but agree the remaining choices are worse. As for the complementary liquor I went through DTW (main club)on Sunday and again on Tuesday, and they didn’t have and Jack Daniels – just CC which is to sweet for my taste. So even the promised stuff is missing….

    As a long time lifetime club member I won’t be switching, but as they decrease what they offer, I will advise others to not join.

  16. Bud and Miller Lite: Before I’d drink these I’d drink sewer water filtered through a hobo’s [edit]

    Gee, I can be snooty AND crude in the same post.

  17. I always prefer a local beer at the club vs something I can get anywhere. My bigger concern is that Delta ranks last on redemptions for miles and first on change fees and baggage fees for all airlines. Hope the president see how backwards those stats are for his business and those of us who are HVCs. I am adding a lot more Southwest to my miles mix this year.

  18. @Marcos – you make such a good point that Delta does not seem to get. Delta is trying it seems to become the new SW AIR in terms of perks. Let me tell you, head-to-head, even for even, product for product, Delta will loose every day to SW AIR in “THAT” game. The only way Delta wins is give a better product and service to HVC’s – not try to make the as upset as they can be!

  19. If they really pull Summit Extra Pale Ale out of the MSP skyclubs, I will literally flip out.

    I hope this falls on it face. I don’t understand why you would buy a membership then pay for a drink; isn’t that a big reason for the membership? (At least for me it is…)

  20. @Amanda S I think we need to petition the MKE Skyclub to stock New Glarus. Or some other local brew.

  21. Blue Moon is so much better than bud and miller for the complimentary wines that are not great either and to pay $$$to get their so called premium wines is sad as the so called prems are not really that upgraded they need a new WINE & Beer consultant…Andrea..where are u u are needed by Delta??

  22. Clearly Miller & Budweiser are acceptable beers since, oh I don’t know, millions of people drink it

  23. @Joe – well millions of people take a huge part of their daily caloric intake each day from eating bugs but that does mean the rest of us HAVE to do the same! 😉

  24. Having a “premium” selection is fine, but don’t make what used to be “standard”, now “premium”, that is the problem. Sky Vodka and Sweetwater (AND the EXCELLENT local beers offered at sky clubs across the country e.g. TPA & MSP) are not “premium”, just “drinkable” as opposed to Bud & Miller which are horrid crap.

    I for one, will NOT renew @ $300+ to sit in a over-crowded club w/ dirty seats and tables and drink gordons and bud- eesh!

  25. What happened to Heineken? I saw that all the time at ATL, nobody is bringing that up…

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