Are you ready to buy up “premium” food on trans-con Delta’s JFK flights?

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If you either book or fly the JFK route to LAX or SFO in Business class you will get your choice of a “delicious” meal (assuming they don’t run out of your choice before they get to your seat). And this is a longish flight so good food and drink is nice. In Economy Comfort you now get Complimentary Beer, Wine, and Spirits as well on these routes. But what about back in coach? now lets you order ahead to make sure those of us who don’t get an upgrade can have more than just what happens to be available (or not be) on the “Eat’s” menu.

As you can see from the above, you can now plan ahead and pick something nice delivered to your seat on your flight.

The ordering process seems very straight forward but for me, when I tried to place a test order, my flight from JFK-LAX (DL95) does not yet show up as a flight from JFK-LAX.

The cancellation policy, for now, seems very good. As long as you get your upgrade at least 48 hours before your flight you can cancel and get a refund. Heck the way I read the policy, for now, if you don’t like what you got, after the flight, you can even get a refund!

I would love to find out if any readers have tried out the new vittles and how the process worked for you and if you think the price is worth the service. If you have tested this, please share with your fellow readers on the blog! – René

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  1. Have to say, Rene, that those pre-purchase meals look superior to most first class meals DL serves domestically. Starch to protein/veggie ratio quite different. Honestly, I’d pay $10 for this meal even if I was sitting up front if the alternative was a bready sandwich, potato soup, potato chips, and a packaged brownie loaded with preservatives.

  2. Ordered it for a family member recently – she loved it, though the flight attendant initially had no idea there was an order on board. She had to prod for it.

    This is funny: “As long as you get your upgrade at least 48 hours before your flight you can cancel and get a refund. ”


    No one gets upgraded more than an hour before departure.

  3. @Adam – I did not post it but ya know the same though went in my head. Now that route the food is better and more like “international lite” up front!
    @Mile Cards – nice feedback and yes funny on the upgrade thoughts! 😉

  4. What about a StubHub-type secondary market to resell your meal to someone else in Coach in case your upgrade comes through at the last minute?

  5. Is this offered on ALL JFK-SFO flights? I just tried searching for my flight (DL 2065 on 5/20 JFK-SFO) and that flight wasn’t listed as an option on the drop down.

  6. @Farhad – you may be seeing the same thing I did. I bet since this is new we will see more soon. Keep checking and please update the blog! – Rene

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