What is up with the Delta.com Upgrade list vs. the Delta phone APP?

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I have been seeing this more and more as of late, that when I use my phone APP it shows me much higher on the upgrade list than Delta.com. That is, when I can get it going since it takes so long to start up as I blogged about and uploaded a video to YouTube of just how much time it takes HERE.

When I do check at the gate, the upgrade list with my phone app does match the gate display compared to when I log on to Delta.com with my laptop and compare the same list. Have you all been seeing the same thing on the I-Phone app vs. Delta.com or any other strange goings on at Delta.com? Let us know please.

Or maybe it is just something you don’t like about the updated Delta.com. For example, another thing that I wish they would change is the uber-tiny scroll bar on Delta.com (does it make you crazy too?)!

On a plus side, I can tell you with my first mileage run on the way as a Diamond Medallion, all 10 of my flights with 1st class have cleared (2 are CRJ200’s grrrrr) compared to my mileage run last year as a Silver Medallion (FO)  when just 1 of the 8 cleared pre-flight! So I guess now all I need is an FO to carry my bags (hello! MJ?) and is it wrong to tease and have my old FO tag on my backpack? – René

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  1. I’ve seen the newish iPad app show yet a third list, so all kinds of discrepancies with Delta IT

  2. I have noticed the same on my android Galaxy S3. When I leave the Skunkclub and walk to the gate I suddenly go from being well on the list to being #12 0f 27 (or worse) on the list at the gate. Lately it seems if I get the upgrade 5 or 6 days out I am in … any longer and it only upgrades 20% of the time closer to departure.I am starting to wonder if it is part of the master plan to make me move up to Diamond which is NOT going to happen! I love carrying over 45k-49k miles every year. I am also sitting on 2 more years of a 3 year skunkclub membership and my wife does not mind riding in the back (not that Gold would ever get her upgraded.) Guess this is more than the topic asked for …

  3. Hi Rene, known glitches with DL IT. Seems that the website — and for awhile the app, too — often includes standbys on the list as well as Medallion upgrades. Best to trust the app right now or better yet, the gate display if available.

  4. Happening almost every flight for me. I think delta.com is the right version at least on my last few flights. To boot, this week i applied a swu and was #1 all day on the app and at the airport. Then out of no where about 40 mins before the flight I fall to 10. I went up end complained and they they had to call the skymiles desk to fix it. Finally got resolved but I would’ve missed the upgrade if I wasn’t watching closely

  5. Since I’m just FO, I may see a more drastic difference. On my last flight (ATL-DTW), I was 7th on the iPhone app and 29th on the web site. Wasn’t expecting to clear either way, but it’d be nice to know where I really stand. In this case the gate display matched the web site, and NOT the iPhone app.

  6. Hey, you’re lucky you can even view the upgrade list. Often the link to view the upgrade list never appears on the iPhone app. It IS there sometimes, just not most of the time. And often when I try to view the upgrade list on the website I’m told either it can’t be displayed right now or told I need to be checked in order to view it. Of course, I am checked in, but try arguing with a broken website.

  7. I am PM and this week on my routine commute home Jackson/ATL/LGA there was no 5 Day out upgrade. (I have been about 99% this year)

    My upgrade on the JAN/ATL cleared after u had boarded and the ATL LGA leg cleared while I was flying the first leg.

    My return flights on Monday have not yet upgraded and the LGA ATL leg shows 10 open seats in first.

    Go figure.

  8. The experience is exactly the same with the I phone AP.. I have been told that the website up grade list includes all passengers who had not been assigned a seat even if they are not waiting for first class. Why the web site cannot match the phone ap is beyond me, but the upgrade list on the web site is all but worthless!

  9. As a DM, I’ve flown 72 segments this year. Good news is 69 have been upgraded. Yesterday second leg was 4th DM on the list NOT to get the upgrade out of ATL. Not complaining since most upgrades occur 5 days out via email. The biggest problem I have with Delta app is when flight is delayed and it takes me to complete my flight segments b4 it updates. Too much delay on the app when searching other flights to update connections, it never works. I read your blog everyday and yes have the RESERVE card just in case of the tie breaker! Fly safe!

  10. The upgrade list shows seats available and not first or biz available of late, odd and not clear on top of app not matching up. As a Diamond I don’t get upgraded ahead all the time and many, especially through a major connection or ATL it’s a last second deal if at all. Appreciate the upgrades though not a sure thing.

  11. Most of the time I am unable to access the upgrade list on the website. In any event, it does not really matter. As a lowly Gold, I am usually so far down the list there is no way to get an upgrade.

  12. On FO bag tags. My Diamond tags were stolen off checked bags DTW-DEN in January after making NRT-DTW! Both straps to which the tags were attached were intact, but tags and metal attachments gone?! I guess they are really just “brag tags”! I thought these tags would help keep my luggage from getting messed with, but I guess it was the opposite.
    Now stuck with my old PLT tags, still feels like “bragging”.

  13. I am having the same problem. I was showing 5th on list (as a diamond) on my computer and first on the phone app. The phone app matched the gate LCD and I was cleared. It did leave me wondering…..

  14. Android app seems more accurate for me than Delta.com. Neither great. Like Sterling I recently had a Diamond tag stolen (metal screw on tag cable left on bag). I like the idea of going back to an old FO tag. Not sure I need the cowbell sound anyway…

  15. Hi
    I did a mr first weekend in may
    I was upped JFK-atl
    Atl- San Jose
    And snj to atl
    I received e mails in advance
    And I’m just a gold
    I was surprised I was upped on a bargain fare Accruing nice miles!
    I don’t think being gold is so bad
    I wonder if delta considers how many future flts are booked when deciding upon upgrades
    Looking for another mr!
    This is a FAB blog

  16. regarding the texas BBQ vs the lobster……te BBQ is great but te Lobster is so much better for your waistline so i’m going for BBq’d Lobster or at least grilled

  17. The problems I have with D.com are numerous. The top ones I can think of now are:
    1. Flexible date searches for Asian destinations like BKK, HKG always produce a matrix of results where about half or more are “not available.” This is really annoying, and was supposed to be fixed with the new website. Not!
    2. Depending on which browser I use (Firefox or IE) results for award tickets differ.
    3. Sometimes flights like international economy are displayed as upgrade eligible when they are not.

  18. My wife and I argue about this all the time. She prefers the old Delta App with the link to the full site which gives bogus upgrade position. I prefer the new Delta App which I’ve found to be the same as the gate.

  19. I also hate how the app wont generate new boarding passes if you change seats. But it all beats US Airways where no one sees the list!

  20. IME, the Android app upgrade list always agrees with the GIDS (both for available seats and ASL position).

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