OK I agree, Franklin’s BBQ in Austin Texas IS the best BBQ (just look why)!

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Kathy (Will Run for Miles) & I landed in AUS for the second time in two days but this time we did something very strange on a mileage run – we actually left the airport (I know who knew you could do that right?)! Meeting us there was Dave aka TexasYankee.

You know, there are few times in your life that a moment becomes so imprinted on your mind and heart that you will retain it forever. The above was just such a moment. Dave had taken the time to (in a joking way over my Skunky Beer post) got not just Blue Moon for us but Dasani water AND a snack basket with the same goodies we get in 1st class on Delta. Dave, you are amazing and I can not thank you enough for this moment in time!

We zipped right over to Franklin’s with a fun fact tour of the city on the way. Once we got there the line was long. How long you ask? The place did not open till 11:AM but just a few people after us they said the food would be all gone when they got to the restaurant!

We were told it would take 3 hours to get to the front of the line. Dave had assured us it was well worth the wait. It only took a little over 2 and we had a fun time talking about points and such with all who made it including my aunt and uncle who live in Austin.


We at last made it up to the building itself and it is nothing special from the outside or inside but that is not why you go to Franklin’s. You go for the food. They brought out some samples and wow it made me hungry.

Then it was time to order. The pulled pork was sold out. We did get brisket, ribs and sausage. You don’t get plates but just paper for the table and the food is family style. Then time to dig in. Oh my. I have never ever had food this good. The ribs, melt in the mouth and the brisket the best I have ever tasted. The sausage was smoky and so nummy. It was just too much so my in-laws got a to-go box to enjoy for later. I do respect a vegetarian lifestyle but this is the place for those who say about animals that they are “nice to pet but better to chew” 😉

This mileage run has been a blast. I will have a nuts and bolts post on the miles and such soon but a run really is so much more than just points – it is about the adventure along the way (again thank you Dave for such a fun day)! – René

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  1. @Jason – it was and just such a fun day! Really a treasure. I will tell ya, this group of FF junkies is the tops. Just amazing! And thanks for the tip for DTW – Rene

  2. The Austin mega Do (AusMegaDo.com), Feb. 20-23, 2014, includes plans for Franklin’s BBQ. There is a thread in the CommunityBuzz section of FT. [& on Mile Point HERE]

  3. Hangin’ out talking points and eating awesome BBQ is so BRUTAL! I must give credit to Corey Terrell and William Sanders for giving me what little knowledge I have on good BBQ. See here: http://www.ausmegado.com/events.cfm and read about the past on Milepoint and FT.

    Rene: Next time off to Lockhart we go!

  4. Rene’, I don’t know how you can declare Franklin’s the best BBQ when you haven’t tried Slow’s BBQ in Detroit. Remember, everything’s burning in Detroit (houses, cars, buildings, etc.) so we have a lot of BBQ experience!

  5. Rene, You haven’t LIVED until you try LEXINGTON North Carolina bbq. And Lexington’s BBQ festival in the fall.

  6. Oooh, that looks SO good! Glad you got in! Many people don’t make it on the first try because they just can’t believe anyone would stand in line for 3 hours to get BBQ. Their loss!

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