SWAG Saturday – you get to pick & all 3 are a good choice?

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I have many times been criticized for saying if you are a frequent Delta flyer, even if you are a Diamond Medallion like me, you must have the Delta Reserve card (ya know I hold two of them, both a personal and a business as you can see above) !

Let’s look at why I say this (again for a frequent flyer not a 2 or 3x a year flyer). The big $450 fee for the personal card comes with 10,000 bonus Skymiles worth at least 1 cent each if you cash them in for a cash & points ticket. So, the 1st year fee is in effect only $350. Thus, for less than $1 a day, you get all the perks the card comes with like:

  • Up to 9 free bags per reservation (ie 1x each with 9 flyers)
  • Free Skyclub for you and 2 more with you
  • More upgrades over those who don’t have it
  • The chance with spend to get 30k MQM & RDM each year

There are just the top perks and for me, for a buck a day, worth every penny! Now for those who do not fly that much, the  Platinum  or  Gold  are a better fit. Either way, if you fly Delta even just two times a year, you are missing out by not having one of the cards!

So on to today’s SWAG. As always the rules are HERE! Then, you need to answer two questions to have a shot at the swag. The questions are:

#1) How many Delta flights will you take this year?
#2) Do you have a Delta AMEX and if so which one?

There you are. I think this feedback will be worth a ton. So, the winner will get a bunch of stuff as you can see below! Have fun – René

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  1. #1. Right now I am scheduled for 1 flight on Delta – with more to come.

    #2. I do not have any CCs.

  2. 1. At least 40-50 segments, but I’ll make sure to have a least 50,000 MQM’s because…
    2. I have the Delta Platinum and I’m almost to $25,000 in spend and it’s only May.

  3. Probably 20 or so flights on DL and another bunch on OneWorld — about 1/2 international (about 200 000 K miles). No Delta AmEx cards

  4. 1. I´ve got 1 upcoming delta flight this year, and maybe more on the way!
    2. I´ve none yet, but am really considering the gold.

  5. I won’t be taking any delta flights this year as all my travel will be on Cathay.

    Also, no Delta CC’s as I’m sticking with SPG for now.

  6. 1) I have completed one Delta flight this year with at least one more to come.
    2) AMEX Delta Gold

  7. I have never flown on Delta and I don’t have one of their credit cards, as yet.

  8. I’m expecting maybe 50 segments total this year but this will probably be the last year I try to fly Delta since I feel their quality is plummeting. Just look at the undrinkable garbage in the Sky Clubs now!

    Do have Delta Reserve — for this year.

  9. I will take about 4 on DL metal. Lots more on code shares as I live in Germany.
    I have the DL Amex platinum because I get the 25k spend minimum and thus the 10k MQM.

  10. I take probably 4-8 flights a year on Delta.

    No I do not have the Delta Reseve Card

  11. #1 no delta flights scheduled for this year.
    #2 no delta Amex cards, planning to apply for platinum in September.

  12. I usually end up with 8-12 Delta flights per year. I have the Delta gold AmEx and love all the benefits!

  13. 1. No Delta flights scheduled right now; trying to load up on USAirways miles (Chairman) for the merger; crossing my fingers to become ExP in the new AA.
    2. No Delta CC right now, either; why wouldn’t Amex Platinum be a better choice for the infrequent Delta flyer?

  14. 1. I plan to take 6 one way flights on Delta, all of which will be awards in coach.
    2. I have the Delta Gold Amex so that I can always resort to pay with miles if need be.

  15. Right now only I’m only booked on Delta r/t to Roatan for my summer dive trip (much cheaper than Cayman, btw!). I have the Delta Gold card, although for this trip my one checked bag will be free anyway since it’s international.

  16. Currently have 22 flights either booked or taken already for the year. Will probably end up with more. Have the Delta Platinum Personal Amex.

  17. 1. Didn’t count actual flights, but am “guessing” at about 15 this year, including two international. Of course, I still have reservations to make 🙂
    2. I have the AMEX Platinum card and it seems to fit my needs. Don’t always get to use the companion tix (not sure it is always worth it-Alaska Airlines is so much BETTER). But I do meet the $25000 threshold and get the extra 10000 MQM’s.

  18. I have already taken 20+ Delta flights with another three booked for June. I am estimating I will probably do another 20 or so flights this year.

    I use the Delta Amex Platinum. I get the Skyclub through my personal Amex platinum so I appreciate the lower fee on the Delta platinum and free companion flight.

  19. 1. 8 segments on Delta planned for this year.
    2. Don’t currently have a Delta Amex, but plan to re-apply in September. I took a year break from having a Gold Delta AmEx.

  20. 1. 2 so far this year. That’s probably it until next year’s ski season

    2. No current delta cards. Used to have Gold. Might pull trigger on platinum soon. Is there still a free companion cert offered?

  21. 1. 2 flights so far, expect 8 more later this year.
    2. I have Delta Reserve Business, wife has Delta Reserve Personal.

    BTW, careful with the nine free bags. It’s only one free per passenger. To get nine free, you must have nine passengers on your reservation. If you fly by yourself with two bags, you pay for the second bag.

  22. 1) I’m currently at 16 segments, probably get somewhere between 40 and 50 this year.

    2) I have the Platinum Delta AMEX, and I’ll probably be getting the Reserve card next year when my Sky Club membership expires.

  23. 18 flights this year and I have two Delta cards (personal Platinum and Business Reserve).

  24. René,

    #1) How many Delta flights will you take this year? I’ve already taken 10 flights on Delta this year (SM) and will end up taking 10 more before end of 2013 as I live in DC and family is in GA.

    2) Wished I had one of the AMex cards but do not

  25. I will have about 10 segments this year and I have the delta platinum Amex.

  26. #1 – one so far, maybe one more later this year

    #2 – no cc’s so far

  27. 1# Currently at 12 Segments to as far away as Australia. Should be at about 24 by the end of the year.
    2# Delta Reserve. Just got rid of the Delta Gold so that I can then pick up the Personal Reserve again next year.

  28. #1 – 15-20 flights on DL metal
    #2 – DL Amex Gold – for the instances where pay with miles will cost less than redeeming for a reward ticket using skymiles.

  29. 1-probably around 10 Delta flights this year
    2-Delta AMEX Gold for now but looking to upgrade!

  30. 1) About 30 flights this year (Flights not trips…each trip is multiple flights)

    2) I have the blue Delta Amex card…the one with no membership fee

  31. DL business class san/bkk san ( scored 2 tickets with mileage_

    delta amex business gold card

  32. 40-50 segments on Delta each year. 15-20 segments in others. Amex Delta Gold card holder but hoping for a better bonus offer on Platinum card and would switch.

  33. I’ve taken 8 segments so far, four more booked. I have the AmEx Platinum and Gold Business DL cards.

  34. I will take 11 flights this year. I have the Delta Platinum American Express card.

  35. I usually take Delta to Anchorage but not this summer. No Delta credit card yet.

  36. I fly Delta MSP to RSW twice a year to escape minnesota winters. I have a Delta Silver credit card.

  37. I usually fly Delta about 3-4 times a year and yes i have a Gold Delta credit card.

  38. Less than 10 delta flights just guessing.
    No delta credit cards. AA and SW are the big players in STL

  39. I’ll probably hit the usual 150-170 flights (I’m a segment runner, not necessarily miles).

    I use the Personal Skymiles AEX card……”easy picking of low hanging miles”

  40. I have around 20 Delta flights a year and have just the Delta Personal Platinum card.

  41. 1. About 8 flights, maybe 10 depending on how many speaking engagements come up.
    2. Delta Reserve.

  42. I have taken 8 Delta trips so far this year and will probably take at least that many more.

    I have a Delta AmExp Platinum card and my husband has a Delta AmExp Reserve card.

  43. #1 I don’t have any Delta trip reservations for this year, but that may change.

    #2 I don’t have any Delta AMEX cards right now, but have had many different ones in the past.

  44. I live on Delta–been diamond for several years now. Headed to Venice right now. Just landed at JFK and can’t wait to get a look at the new terminal. I have an Amex Platinum. But based on your post it may be time to upgrade. Thanks for the tips.

  45. Flew DL three times si far this year with three more to go. I appreciate the amex skymiles platinum but might upgrade to reserve or regular platinum. Thanks!

  46. 1: I usually fly between 70-90 segments a year but I’m taking a break from that. So far I’ve flown 20(+/- 2) segments this year. I currently have another 30 booked.
    2: Delta Reserve Personal & Biz 😀

  47. 1. If I match last year I’ll be 82. More like 70 this year though.
    2. No, but I believe I’ve talked my company into picking up the reserve fee in trade for Skyclub membership for 2014.


  48. I will travel appx 15 flights on delta this year.
    I have the delta platinum amx.

  49. I’ll probably take 2 this year. I mostly fly United or AA out of LAX. I actually don’t have the delta Amex cards, but I’m pretty new to the game so I may get one before an upcoming delta flight!

  50. I have taken one Delta award flight on Korean Air so far this year. I have the Delta Gold Amex.

  51. no flights planned

    Delta Gold is up for renewal. I am not renewing so I can get points when I reapply next year.

  52. 1. I’ve got 4 flights scheduled over the next three months: 2 JFK-SFO, 1 JFK – LHR, 1 JFK-LAX…already done 6 flights. Probably 6 more flights this year including another to LHR and also NRT.

    2. Delta Reserve.

    Platinum this year but I’m optimizing for Diamond 2014 and in the glide path…

  53. No Delta flights on the horizon for me

    Planning on applying for a Delta card soon, if a good offer comes up 😉

  54. 1) About 60 segments this year
    2) I have a Delta AMEX Gold, but am considering upgrading to at least Platinum

  55. 3 flights so far this year. Thankful for the DAL direct flight to my parents in Memphis. No Amex yet but mulling it over…

  56. 15-20 segments on delta and I have a personal platinum and a business reserve.

  57. I have 4 flights planned so far on Delta this year.
    Right now I have the Delta Personal Gold card.

  58. No Delta flights (not convenient from my home airport) and no Delta credit cards.

  59. 1) 15 so far this year, but I’ll probably end up between 30-40
    2) AMEX platinum

  60. 1) About 30
    2) Platinum for the companion Cert and 10k MQMs at 25k spend

  61. got about 25 expected. Hoping to make gold and maybe squeak platinum by some international bparty miracles.
    I go with the plat AMEX for now looking to switch up to delta reserve next or during the next bonus offer.

  62. 1. About 6 Delta flights
    2. I just canceled my Delta Gold AmEx, but am an authorized used on my husband’s Delta Platinum AmEx

  63. 1. I will take about 50 flights this year.
    2. I have 2 Delta Gold Card and Delta Reserve Card both personal

  64. I only have about five planned roundtrips so far for the rest of the year. But I’m looking for a few really good mileage runs that I can somehow start in Detroit or close to Detroit. Ideas? As for Delta Amex cards, I have both the Reserve personal and business cards.

  65. I have 6 flights this year and plan on about 5 more this year. I have the platinum Amex card.

  66. I will take at least 80 flights and no Amex at all. Already at 44 so far.

  67. I have the black biz reserve card. Love that I ca get into the delta club with it. No need to buy a membership.

  68. I will fly approximately 25 Delta segments this year. Am a gold medallion down from platinum last year. Have a personal platinum Delta Amex, considering the Reserve business. Love your blog Rene!

  69. Only 1 flight this year – first time in almost 20 years I won’t be NWA / Delta Gold or platinum.

    Amex Gold

  70. I will take at least 20 segments, already have 60K real miles this year for fun with MRuns for long weekends and fun trips Hawaii, San Juan, Istanbul, SFO, Rome and still have my summer trip, Greece, and maybe Ireland and whatever else pops up.

    Amex has me blacklisted 🙁

  71. Used to fly 20+ X per year. Just retired last month, now will fly 2-4 X per year. I have an AMEX Platinum Personal Card and an AMEX Platinum Business card.

  72. I will take probably one reward flight this year and I used to have a Delta card but canceled. Will prob reapply in a year for the bonus again 🙂

  73. I will do about 150 delta flights this year and I have the personal Delta Reserve Amex.

  74. Im not taking any trips nor do I have a card but I enjoy reading your blog nevertheless

  75. I have 60k mqm so far and 5 more trips booked so far, will hit diamond then going for silver or gold to start ’14.. Delta Reserve is what I use until I hit 60k. We have two personal cards but no biz, thinking of adding this year. Thanks for the blog!

  76. It’s looking like a baker’s dozen.
    I carry a Delta Reserve – Business.

  77. 1. 6 segments planned for the rest of the year.
    2. Delta Platinum. Award MQMs make a big difference.

  78. We have flown 3 transatlantic flights so far and will probably do 3 more plus maybe one internal US flight. Living in the UK makes the credit card incentives pretty non existent, so unfortunately we have to fly miles to earn miles. I don’t think I could persuade my better half to entertain mileage runs under these circumstances. As far as he is concerned, we already spend way too much time on long flights. Me – well I love flying so I would consider mileage runs – but he who holds the purse strings gets the last say!!

  79. I will take one round trip with 4 segments and have the Delta Amex Gold personal and business cards.

  80. 1) I will take btw 50 & 60 flights this year. Hitting closer to 75k mqm. No reason to rack up more mqm for rollover as I have a MQD problem for 2015. Leads into question #2. I don’t have Amex. Sadly my credit is lacklustre and Amex says no thank you :(.

  81. I will most likely take two more Delta trips this year (already did one).

    I have a Delta AMEX Platinum card

  82. 1. 15 to 20
    2.Platinum. Debating on reserve (do you still get a free first class companion ticket?) Probably will wait as I have 2 years left on my sky club membership

  83. 1. 3 RT flights on Delta, 6 segments in total
    2. Delta Skymiles Platinum Amex card…almost to $25,000 spend already

  84. Likely only 2 paid roundtrips, down from 4-6 the last few years. I am not collecting Delta points because they are so hard to spend. Spending my money on UA flights now. I have the gold Delta AMEX.

    Delta domestic flights have very good service & clean planes. But why fly them when the miles are near impossible to spend?

  85. 8-10 flights this year on Delta. I have a Plat Skymiles AmEx, and a regular Plat Amex for the 100k MR points & other perks. (After I get my $200 reimburse next year I may cancel that and upgrade to Reserve.)

  86. I should end up with about 13 flights this year (including Hawaii and Japan). I have the Delta Reserve for Business. I needed the 10,000 point joining bonus last November to make Silver Medallion, and have enjoyed the club access and other benefits this year.

  87. i have 3 more round trips scheduled = 12 segments and possibly 2 more need to be scheduled…
    i have the delta amex platinum that got me status last year

  88. This year, I will take about 30 Delta flights. I have the Delta Platinum American Express.

  89. 1. Minimum 16 segments. Probably more.

    2. Was just approved for Delta Reserve last week. Waiting to get it.

  90. I will take at least 15 round trips this year on Delta to Maintain my Diamond. I have two Amex reserve cards, one personal, and one business. Without them I could never reach Diamond Medallion.

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