My KLM April Flying Blue “BOOK” came Saturday.

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The “big three” of Skyteam Europe, that is Delta, KLM & AF are a strange group. Delta has their way, and KLM & AF are partners but each like their own toys and ways

Anyway, my Flying Blue “newsletter” arrived the other day and it was more a book than a newsletter. I have read college cliff notes shorter than this puppy.

I thumbed through it and was not really all that impressed other than the update to the bag policy on European flights. This is nothing new as we have seen this change already announced on the web. But, it is a good reminder of why we, as Delta flyers, should all have a free IVORY Flying Blue account. If we ever have to fly on KLM and do not have any status with Delta, then we can at least get one bag for free (we all know with Delta you need to have a GOLD or PLATINUM or RESERVE AMEX card to get a free bag over here unless you are medallion).

Another reason to have an account with KLM that I have blogged about before is the fact that KLM “IT” often will end up awarding you points for KLM flights if you have put in your Flying Blue number on a Delta Skymiles award reservation (business class award that is). Not always, but free points are free points when they are willing to give them to you right? Just a few helpful points & tips today to get more value along the way – René

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  1. Rene:

    re: KLM “IT” often will end up awarding you points for KLM flights if you have put in your Flying Blue number on a Delta Skymiles award reservation.

    I am flying a mixed DL/AF/KL biz award itin next month. I have looked up my itin on and ‘linked’ the itin to my KLM Flying Blue account so the itin shows when I logon to

    To possibly get some miles for my KL flights do I need to put my KLFB# in my delta profile (somewhere/where?) for the itin or somewhere else?

    PS I tried searching your blog, but can’t find a search button.

  2. @MSPpete – smile – look up in the right hand corner of the page and you will see: “Search BoardingArea Search Within Blog” and you can choose.
    Next, yes. You can at, for each PNR, if you look at the bottom of the reservation, see where you can change your FF # to use. Now, as say, if you go to FB and just add the Delta PNR to your FB account, all the KLM flights will come up as a FB account flight. That is a simple way. I suggest this for all COACH flights as you may not get all your Delta perks if you put in your FB number for coach flight if you are a Delta medallion. But, if you are already in business, then why not try the FB number even on Delta – ya never know if you may not get some free points 😉

  3. Oh..way, way up at the top! LOL

    Thanks for the tip. I only have 1 leg in DL coach MSP>JFK and I already bought up to EC for $14. I also have the DL Gold Amex and am a highly prized ‘FO’ medallion on DL. So, putting my FB # into the DL pnr should still give me a free bag on the way out via either FO, AMEX, or continuing on in a biz itin.


  4. @MSPpete – all international flights get 1 free bag anyway. It is only when you have intra-Europe it is an issue. But, if you want to try for a chance for points, you could give it a try.

  5. Note: adding my FB# to the Delta PNR makes it disappear under my trips! I can find it with the PNR, but then it is not as easy to monitor for changed flights, dropped segments and lost seat assignments.

    I think I will just keep my DL# in the DL PNR and have them linked on Not that many miles anyway.

  6. @MSPpete – yes, this is true. It is good to have on both up to flight also because that way AwardWallet can track it as they can see FB ones but not Delta.

  7. Rene, I booked two biz class tickets to CDG on delta for my kids. I went back to and put in their FB # as they are both gold FB but nothing on Delta. Now I can’t find their reservations on either airfrance or delta. What should I do?

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