Rookie Wednesday: A look back on what we have covered so far (and beyond)!

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 RenesPoints Rookie

WOW time flies by. I am thrilled this idea of a “Rookie Wednesday” has been both helpful and a nice way to break down some Delta and travel topics that are sometimes a bit hard to grasp. But this week, I thought, I would break down what has been covered so far and ask for some input on topics you would like to see next.

1 – What is a mileage run – HERE

2 – Understanding MQM’s & MQS’s – HERE

3 – Gettting Skymiles from everywhere – HERE

4 – Understanding FF short terms – HERE

5 – How to Bump on Delta – HERE

6 – Finding low level award seats – HERE

7 – Understanding upgrade – HERE

8 – How to get Delta to help you – HERE

9 – Are you lazy when it comes to points? – HERE

10 – Top 10 year end Q&A about Delta – HERE

11 – How to build a Delta mileage run – HERE

12 – Use @DeltaAssist without a smart phone – HERE

13 – What counts as “official” spend on a Delta card – HERE

14 – Join e-Rewards to earn more points – HERE

15 – Use Hawaiian miles to fly Delta – HERE

16 – Pay with Miles on Delta – HERE

17 – What rules will a Delta agent break for you? – HERE

18 – Understanding Delta routes – HERE

19 – Delta Q&A about Delta you may not know – HERE

20 – All about lounge access – HERE

21 – How to get more upgrades – HERE

22 – All about Skybonus the extra points program at Delta – HERE

23 – When to go for Delta Status match – HERE

24 – How to transfer points to Delta from another program – HERE

25 – Who can get an upgrade from Delta – HERE

26 – Never book a ticket on – HERE

27 – How to use BlueBird to get extra Skymiles – HERE

28 – Tips before you get a new passport – HERE

29 – One last tip for the upgrade mix – HERE

30 – Use e-Miles to score extra points – HERE

31 – Ways to use Ultimate Rewards points – HERE

32 – What are elite “Choice Benefits”? – HERE

33 – Why you SHOULD fly Delta Air Lines! – HERE

34 – The basics about “CrossoverRewards” is – HERE

35 – Can a 1 year old earn Skymiles? Or an infant is – HERE

36 – So many ways to AVOID bag fee’s on Delta is – HERE

37 – Earn extra MQMs on your flights is – HERE

38 – Is it smart to BUY, GIFT or TRANSFER Skymiles is – HERE

39 – All the ways to earn elite Delta MQMs is – HERE

40 – Is a “family friendly” mileage run possible is – HERE

41 – What if Delta “Kills” my luggage is – HERE

42 – 6,5,3 & 1 – Days you should watch your seats like a HAWK is – HERE

43 – Things you “should have” done before Delta travel is – HERE

44 – Should you go for a higher Medallion level is – HERE

45 – Who can use the “short line” & board a jet 1st is – HERE

46 – Lot’s of Q&A about Delta elite status is – HERE

47 – Just what is this LINKING of a reservation all about is – HERE

48 – The best ways to contact Delta Air Lines is – HERE

49 – What does Delta OWE you for a weather issue is – HERE

50 – The logic of a Mileage run. Is it worth taking the trip is – HERE

51 – How to use ITA Matrix a 101 class to search for Delta flights is – HERE

52 – What is RSS & all the ways to follow RenésPoints blog is – HERE

53 – What’s an ETV & the different Delta vouchers you can get is – HERE

54 – Who can upgrade on Delta & what routes is – HERE

55 – If you have rookie Q&A you should look – HERE

56 – Preparing for & understanding Delta MQDs  – HERE

57 – The importance of keeping your Delta info up to date – HERE

58 – Opportunity cost and the true value of points – HERE

59 – The things you should check 7 days before you fly is – HERE

60 – Rookie tech for flying & some tech tips is – HERE

61 – What counts for MQD EXEMPT spending tested is – HERE

62 – How to complain to a company the right way is – HERE

63 – Searching more than 1 seat on can cost $$$ is – HERE

64 – Never EVER call (insert company name here) about deals is – HERE

65 – What happens to your points when say your flight is canceled is – HERE

66 – Just what is a Delta HOOU anyway & how to get one is – HERE

67 – Credit Cards! When? How many? Again? is – HERE

68 – Can you still fly Delta if you forgot/lost your ID is – HERE

69 – How to get a EIN or “Employer Identification Number” is – HERE

70 – Should I do as the blogger does or not? is – HERE

71 – How to use your BOGOF cert & the strange rules is – HERE

72 – All the ways to get into a Delta Skyclub is – HERE

73 – What points will year earn on a split 2014/2015 ticket is – HERE

74 – Is Delta’s “Bill me Later” a good value is – HERE

75 – Can you make a 30 minute Delta HUB connection is – HERE

76 – Dealing w/ fellow passengers who are being inconsiderate – HERE

77 – Should you ever click the word “Change” on – HERE

78 – What are the best points to spend on a Delta ticket? – HERE

79 – Reader request – “earn miles that don’t involve credit cards” – HERE

80 – Lot’s of reader questions answers is – HERE

81 – Ensure partner flighs credited to your Delta account – HERE

82 – When & how to status match / challenge with Delta – HERE

83 – Another way to try to avoid bag fees on Delta Air Lines – HERE

84 – Is the Delta “default” choice best? Schedule over price? – HERE

85 – How to avoid Delta Fees of all kind – HERE

86 – All about TSA Pre✓™ & your Trusted/Known Traveler number! – HERE

87 – The “funny” things you should know before FlyerTalk – HERE

88 – How to pick the right Delta “special promo” – HERE

89 – There are NO dumb questions! (only actions) – HERE

90 – All the different kinds of Delta points! – HERE

91 – Medallions careful not to sabotage your own upgrades! – HERE

92 – Q&A about Delta AMEX cards & the current state of the “rules” – HERE

93 – Understanding medallion rollover with MQDs & MQD exemption. – HERE

94 – What if? Do you know the Delta rules? I bet you don’t! – HERE

95 – What is the “perfect” travel “stuff”? Here is mine. – HERE

96 – Medallions, how to avoid Delta’s “SHENA”! – HERE

97 – Be “quick” to get the best Delta seats that are blocked! – HERE

98 – Getting what you want by “default”? – HERE

99 – You help me this time – all about renting cars!  – HERE

100 – Delta FOOD! What are all the options on Delta flights? – HERE

101 – Delta Choice Benefits – what and when to pick them – HERE

102 – What Delta AMEX card should you go for before (any) year end? – HERE

103 – Just what is a Charge card vs a Credit card. Does it matter? – HERE

104 – How to pay your taxes to be Delta MQD exempt for $111 net! – HERE

105 – Yes, they all add up! Diversify points for lowest travel costs. – HERE

106 – Is it smart to change to Alaska Air because of #Skymiles2015? – HERE

107 – When do you get your AMEX Buy One Get One Free cert. – HERE

108 – The REAL value of buying with the “right” card. Warranty! – HERE

109 – How I will earn Skymiles in 2015 (since flying is the worst choice) – HERE

110 – All about Delta vouchers – bumps, gift cards & more – HERE

111 – Delta Regional & Global Upgrade certificates for medallions – HERE

112 – Planning for 2015 Delta Mileage Runs – Less is more! – HERE

113 – Why deals die & this is why we cannot have nice things! – HERE

114 – The perks and RULES of the Delta AMEX cards + Q&A – HERE

115 – A company’s IT issues can save you money! – HERE

116 – 15,000 Delta AMEX MQMs – How to claim yours. – HERE

117 – Delta SkyMiles award booking Q&A – HERE

118 – Don’t delete THESE kinds of e-mails from Delta. It could cost you – HERE

119 – “They” are making it so simple, but what is “safe”? – HERE

120 – How do you check your Delta voucher values & if they are still valid? – HERE

121 – NOPE! You are wrong. The Delta Stuff so many get wrong. – HERE

122 – The MOST embarrassing travel mistakes & how to prevent them! – HERE

123 – Avoid Executive Sky Club Membership as Choice Benefit – HERE

124 – Starting as square one with Delta – What to do. – HERE

125 – The craziness of Delta & Skyteam seats. Delta only has two kinds! – HERE

126 – What are the best ways to fight jet lag and best “tricks”? – HERE

127 – NEVER book RT Delta award tickets departing outside the USA. – HERE

128 – Managing family Delta award accounts & AMEX cards – HERE

129 – Bonus points is it “apply by” or “approved by” date that matters? – HERE

130 – Delta Regional Upgrade Certificate Gifts from Delta  – HERE

131 – Never hang up with a Delta rep until… – HERE

132 – Even low air / hotel / car status is better than no status! – HERE

133 – Tip change frequent flyer number on partner award tickets? – HERE

134 – How and when will you know your Regional Upgrade has cleared? – HERE

135 – Delta OPEN JAW award tickets to save on taxes + fees (sometimes). – HERE

136 – SkyMiles value. At what point are you flushing points? – HERE

137 – These folks should not “play” with frequent flyer points! – HERE

138 – Collect 1M SkyMiles & 1M Membership Rewards points? – HERE

139 – Delta Medallion year: When does it end & earning Medallion status. – HERE

140 – If you don’t HOLD a card due to fee, you are not doing it right! – HERE

141 – Why “paper” still trumps so much with Delta #KillTreesForPerks! – HERE

142 – Testing & playing with Delta Regional Upgrade certificate options.  – HERE

143 – Using Bluebird in the manner it was intended, who knew?! – HERE

144 – What should you redeem your Delta SkyBonus points for – HERE

145 – Trying to simply explain Delta seat choices – “Let’s play ball” – HERE

146 – When or if you should cancel a travel card? Are there other options? – HERE

147 – PLEASE don’t do these Delta things before 31DEC (or forget to do). – HERE

148 – Delta “survival” tips for medallions & frequent flyers TOP10 for 2016! – HERE

149 – We know more than they do. That can help, and hurt, us! REG: Delta reps & bad info. – HERE

150 – Most times it is not bloggers who kill the deals, it is these guys! – HERE

151 – Is UBER better than LYFT? Is LYFT cheaper than UBER & other Q&A! – HERE

152 – If Mom says NO, go ask Dad! Almost anything is possible with Delta. – HERE

153 – Are there times Delta BASIC E fares are a good choice? Even for Medallions? – HERE

154 – How to track your incoming aircraft with the Fly Delta APP. – HERE

155 – How NOT to cancel a travel card (by accident)! – HERE

156 – Just what is appropriate “aisle seat etiquette”? Are you one of “those” people? A guest post by BOB! – HERE

157 – Tips, thoughts and recommendations for Delta Upgrade certificates (Global & Regional). – HERE

158 – Have you ever used Delta’s ONE TIME notification page? – HERE

159 – Why it’s smart to sign up for Airline, Hotel & Credit cards SPAM (and check it now and then)! – HERE

160 – Can I combine a voucher with AMEX free cert? What about… – HERE

161 – The Top 10 Delta Myths People (and the Press) Just Keep Sharing (sigh)! – HERE

162 – How to mine hidden helpful data Delta does not want you to see? – HERE

163 – What are the TOP / BEST #Android travel “must have” APPs you need to install? #TravelTech – HERE

164 – Are you willing to work a little for points? Will you “beg” for points? – HERE

165 – PLEASE don’t ever make these Delta AMEX mistakes I made that can really cost you in Dec/Jan each year. – HERE

166 – Does the AMEX 4/5 Card Rule Count for Business Cards? – HERE

167 – Understanding the Delta boarding Zones / Groups (all 7 of them)! – HERE

168 – Remember Delta equipment swaps can happen any time – and they DO! – HERE

169 – Is it worth paying THOUSANDS a year for high end travel cards? Why pay for two (or more)? – HERE

170 – Are You Using the Delta 24 Hour FREE Ticket Cancel Rule to Save Money? – HERE

171 – Watch your seats EACH Weekend – Because Delta Will NOT! – HERE

172 – [add link]

That is quite a list of valuable rookie info. I plan to use today’s post as a “bucket” for all the rookie posts so I will come back each week and update this post with the new topics to have them all in one simple place so think about bookmarking this post to come back to for reference!

But there is still much more to touch on. Please comment below (on the blog) about other ideas you want to see blogged about in a rookie way! – René

Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Responses are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. It is not the bank advertiser's responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered.

René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. I love Rookie Wednesdays; thanks so much for the tutorials, and please keep them coming!

  2. Rene you are the BESt
    Do you follow the
    On twitter???
    Very interesting!
    I’m itching for a mile run !!!!!!!

  3. Rene, Item 27 regarding BlueBird was very helpful. However, it is limited to $5000 in AND $5000 out each month. To use more Vanilla Reloads, I also now use them to reload a MyVanilla VISA card. I use this to pay bills that accept VISA but do not accept Amex. Just a thought.

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  5. Rene, i just stumbled across your site and found it most useful….thank you! Not sure i qualify as a “rookie FF” as i was GS on United for the past years, but a change in jobs this year had me flying with Delta after a decade of not doing so. I just passed PM and will be DM by October based on trips already booked. I was wondering about the value of trying to not hit DM so soon and use rollover, but reality is that my int’l biz class travel will not let me avoid DM in 2013 as Delta seems to be the low cost carrier out of PDX. In any case, your site is refreshingly full of much info for a “Delta rookie” like me…..keep it up!

    PS: I still mourn my lost GS status on United and the 890,000 miles that i ran up and have now stranded over there, but so far my Delta experience is better than i thought it would be!

    • @Kscotty – WELCOME back to Delta! You will love DM status. Maybe not what GS is, but Delta does show a ton of love to their DM’s! – Rene

  6. Thanks Rene! I am now working through the mental logic of obtaining the Reserve card because once I am DM, the card itself seems to offer little additional benefit (and it still has a Foreign exchange. With the advent of MQD and ‘spend’ now coming into play for status, there should be some thinning of the herd at the top of the upgrade list and do you still think the Reserve card will make a noticeable difference in terms of my priority for securing upgrades?? Interested to hear your thoughts on that….

    • @Kevin – yep. As a fellow DM I keep it for:
      1) MQD exemption with all the bonus MQMs & RDMs
      2) More upgrades as a DM
      3) More low level awards
      4) Bring 4 guests into Skyclub (2 as DM 2 as Reserve holder)
      5) BOGOF cert each year

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  11. Is it ever worth it to buy the extra miles that Delta offers on flights?

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  15. Rene and Gary,
    Looked for the links to questions and couldn’t find it on the new site. Is this section still be transferred?
    My actual question…
    I have some older employee recognition cards. No expiration dates but a longer, and different, award code than the current ones. I didn’t want to give that number to an employee only to have him/her discover it’s no longer valid. Any insight as to weather the old 15 digit code still works?

  16. Rene”
    Given that Delta is giving us the Medallian level next year we have this year, can you explain how MQM’s will carry forward into next year. Example: I am Gold this year so I will be gold next year. How many miles will rollover to next year if I again achieve Gold again this year earning 55,000 MQM’s? If I earn 48,000 miles and actually only get Silver plus 23,000 miles? Will start with 55K or 5K in question 1. Will I wtart with 48K or 23K in question 2. Keepup the great work and stay safe.

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