Delta “Kiss your butt good-bye and go swimming!”

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Most of us have seen and heard the Delta safety presentation more than a few times, but I think the one above is just about as over the top as you can get!

Other than the quote in the title, I love:

“When you see everyone else running off, you follow along”!

Comments all’ya’all? – René

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  1. “Oh look! A mask!” and the shout out to Deltalina trip me out.

    While I sometimes (ok, always) find this stuff cheesy, I appreciate when flight attendants try to create a fun environment. Southwest does this (to a tiny) degree on almost every flight. They always have jokes, and it definitely lightens the mood and creates a more enjoyable flight. I imagine it makes the flight attendants’ jobs easier too. So many folks are quiet short with flight attendants, but how could you be rude to her after that?! 🙂

  2. cute, sense of humor, now unemployed…. 🙁

    Still fun to watch and listen. With presentations like this even the DM’s who fly all the time will pay attention.

  3. Funny. I wish all Flight Attendants were this funny.

    She makes it very entertaining. She makes it fun to watch the “what if’s” should it happen.
    Art M FLL

  4. I’d much rather hear her presentation than *most* of the FA’s who are on auto-pilot, droning on. For what it’s worth, her spiel might not have been quite as funny without her pig-tails! 😉

  5. I hadn’t seen this before (apparently, it’s been up for some time). Great find René!

    The only time I witnessed something this funny was on a KLM flight. The guy put on a show.. a real show… and rightfully received quite the ovation! One of the few times I went out of my way to find out his name so I could write a letter of commendation.

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