Barclays’ – NO – Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard for you!

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Grrrrr. I hate it when this happens. Lisa has two US Air cards. Her credit score before the last round was great. She did not have that many credit inquires on her report. All the other cards, with some calls to either move lines around or close other cards, resulted in approvals. No such joy from Barclays for my Lisa!

At first she did the call to Barclays reconsideration line the day after the application (numbers at the bottom of THIS page). She was told no way no how. There was no budging on closing the oldest US Air card to open this new card that really would be a card she would use much more than the old US Air one. Nope – No way! She could have said OK and called back for rep two but went for a reconsideration letter in the mail instead (it almost always works).

She wrote a letter requesting a further review. She stressed how she had never ever missed or been late on a payment EVER, as well as her outstanding credit score and long standing accounts with other banks like Chase. The letter comes back with the same response as the phone rep – too short a credit history with Barclays to open another account. Grrrr…

This is so frustrating as I really wanted the 40,000 point current Barclaycard Arrival World Master Card (I am also stunned, btw, that it is still available) and this would have been perfect to have and one we would really use on a regular basis so my wife could buy positioning flights for me before a mileage run (don’t feel bad about that as we spend all our points in a communal way and I make sure she always flies in 1st class 🙂 )!

The other issue is this was one of the few cards she had not yet had at some point. Sure there are others she can go for on the next round, but just getting points to get points is not as fun as getting points for a specific goal in mind. Plus, just points for points sake cards tend to “collect point dust” and I just hate that. I like to earn and burn as, unlike a fine wine, your points do not get better with age.

Ah well. I rue the day when I get a NO. I am sure it is on the way at some point. But as we all know, a single NO does not stop one from continuing on in the fun points game we all play! – René

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  1. Barlays is very sensitive to inquiries and new accounts. Just thought you might like to know.

  2. Rene…Do you have any experience applying for 2 personal Amex cards in one day (a charge card and a credit card)? I was going to go for the Lufthansa Barclay’s card in my upcoming churn this week, but I only have a 3 month long credit history with Barclay’s, and have only spent $1 on the card, hoping for the 15,000 US Air bonus spend offer for inactive cards. So not the best customer for them. I have a much longer history with Amex, so thinking of going for Mercedes Platinum and SPG Personal in the same churn instead.

  3. @Jamie – with Amex a personal and business same day works (personal 1st business next will go pending call next day confirm you want both). If you only have one Barclay card my guess is you stand better shot at Luft card.

  4. ​It smarts being turned down! During my last churn in April Barclays initially denied me too. I had 2 USAir cards open, excellent credit, and was shocked that the reconsideration call resulted in a “No card for you”. The Barclays gal knew my credit history and wasn’t budging. Their hard pull showed up on my credit report within 24 hrs.
    Being turned down bugged me so much that I decided to phone again 2 days later. I reached a rep who approved my Arrival card after we moved some credit around and closed my older USAirways card.
    Barclays does not take kindly to customers who have a history of opening/closing accounts and I’ve been churning for years.
    Barclays initial denial has changed the way I look at spending and churning. I now use all my cards to some extent every month. CVS helps with that.

  5. @Troy – I feel you but their products are really great and the way it sounds like from those like Acker (txs for comment btw) that Lisa may just have to call back a few more times (maybe ask to close BOTH US Air cards to get this one)! – Rene

  6. Same thing happened to me with the frontier card during my last churn. Rep complimented me on great credit report, but wanted to see more history with Barclays before using another account. Do youhave any tips for the second reconsideration call?

  7. Same thing happened to me. I really thought I would be able to get approved but too many US cards denied me the World

  8. @Luca – I have not done them as the letter has always worked for me in the past! I plan to have Lisa try to close BOTH cards to get this one as it is much better for us as Delta flyers!

  9. My only rejection was also Barclay. It was for a 2nd US Air card. They told me me I had enough credit with them. I then cancelled my NFL card with them. Now I have less. I just had the two cards.

    I will cancel the US Air card later after I find out what they’re going to turn it into. The 10K miles I get at the anniversary is worth the annual fee, si I will likely wait for that, unless they renege on that deal.

    I had instant approval on Chase Sapphire the same application day.

    Goodbye Barclay.

  10. We’ve been having a very hard time getting additional Barclay’s cards too. They keep saying that they will not give another card until the account owner has a proven history with them, despite perfect credit. They are offended by multiple applications almost when on the phone.

  11. I too got rejected for this card which I tried to get about two months after getting approved for my first Barclays card, the USAirways card. I’ll probably wait until August or November to try. I wonder how long they’d like to see history with them for first.

  12. Rene,

    Time has clouded my memory, but I remember applying for a Barclay’s card one time–necessary to use one of those 12 months same as cash deals. Turned down for no reason–perfect credit history for YEARS. Impossible to get someone on the phone so I promised myself I would NEVER use Barclays. Happy to say I’ve kept my promise.

  13. Heck, they approved me and with my highest starting limit to date – odd.

  14. I picked up this card as it sounds like a good travel option for overseas, but it didn’t have a chip in it. I called and asked for options and they had none, also found the website was not as welcoming as others, so I cancelled and they didn’t seem to care…hmmm.

  15. denied for arrival too. Barclays only co. that has denied my many cards. They Did give me the NFL though the 2nd time i applied, (6 mos) after being denied the 1st time.

  16. I feel like Charlotte too. I’ve kept my promise not to apply for their card again. I’ve had plenty of other cards approved since they turned me down so I feel no need to keep trying to get their card. I just took my business elsewhere. Would have been nice to have it, but reality is you can’t win them all. Barclays is just tough. Congrats to those who got theirs approved.

  17. My husband and I just got approved for separate Arrival cards, but not at first. When we got denied the first time, we applied for the Usairways cards and got approved. We than used them for about 4-5 months, paying off the bills each month (online, before the statements bill date, not due date), so that must have helped. BTW, this is also having a foreclosure and credit card settlements on the report from 2 years ago. We are VERY happy to have gotten the Arrival cards!

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