How are your SPG-DELTA #CrossoverRewards going / posting?

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I was one of the very first to both break then news that you could register for Delta & SPG’s crossover rewards program and to take a trip that would get points for both (my Istanbul mileage run flights & stay at the SPG Sheraton AMS)!

I have found that my Delta points (like the ones from my ticket purchased with FlexPerks points above) do post very quickly to SPG, but my SPG points take a while and sometimes do not post at all, but most of my SPG stays are on points anyway and yes the below points are sad but they all count, right?!

I love being able to earn Delta Points from my Delta AMEX Reserve card, from my AMEX SPG card and thus with CrossoverRewards double dip in all sorts of directions. My question to you all who are taking part in the program, are your points posting both correctly and in a timely fashion? I would love to know so please share your experiences so far below on the blog below – René

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  1. All my stays have posted to Delta automatically (some even before posting to SPG due to missing stay requests).
    Haven’t purchased a single Delta ticket yet, so have no experience the other way around.

  2. Hi Rene, it took a couple days each till I got my miles for my two SPG stays during my last vacation in March, but not too many. The point amounts posted were correct.
    My Starpoints were also posted a few days after my Delta flights. If the amounts were correct I don’t know.
    The thing is, I paid my flights in euros, and the points are calculated based on the dollar price. Also, I thought points were only earned on the air fare, not the taxes and fees (including the “Punish Europeans Fee”).
    Thus, it was a pleasant surprise when the points were posted. A little more than expected, but maybe rightfully so 😉
    You are right, a few points/miles are better than no points/miles.
    How long it actually took … I don’t remember that anymore, but I considered it being acceptable.
    Much better than the posting of HHonors points for spend on my HHonors Visa card (takes up to a full month).

  3. I stayed at an SPG property two weeks ago and received the SPG points for my stay but no Delta miles yet.

  4. Do you need to have status with delta in order to receive the crossover rewards? I am a gold member with SPG but have no status with delta.

  5. @Marc W.
    In order to earn Delta miles on SPG stays you indeed need to be elite with Delta.
    In order to earn SPG points by flying Delta you need to be elite with SPG.
    For more information you can check the links given by Rene, of course.

  6. I travel every week flying delta and staying at a sheraton. Though it really isn’t a ton of points, every little bit counts and I can’t complain for getting free points. All my flights need to be booked with a WBS so I was very happy to find out I still receive crossover rewards.

  7. I have had some trouble. I have never stayed at an SPG property but when crossover rewards were announced I signed up for an account and called AMEX Platinum line to get my comp Gold status. The status showed up almost instantly which was great. Over the coming months none of my crossover rewards from Delta flights(I am Platinum) were posting to SPG. I sent Delta an email, they responded and said there were some issues with points posting, they were working on it and it should be resolved soon. I waited another couple weeks and decided to message @DeltaAssist. They were reasonably quick to respond as always but they informed me that I did not have SPG status. They then told me to take it up with SPG. When I called SPG they informed me that Delta was responsible for support of crossover rewards coming from Delta flights to SPG. After this little run around I gave up. I figured that since I got free SPG status they weren’t going to give me crossover rewards. Oh well.

  8. I am Delta DM and SPG Platinum so have many delta flights and starwood stays, and I like crossover rewards. My problem, however, is that it is sometimes hard to be sure that I am getting proper credit for flights or stays. I notice some small differences between the points on my SPG account and the miles delta credits. Also, because starwood credits flights by segment rather than an entire trip and taxes and fees are excluded, knowing that proper credit for flights is difficult. I pay for delta flights for the entire trip not by segment and taxes and fees are not broken out. Maybe there is a way to figure it all out, but it takes a lot of work.

  9. @Rene – wow, had to look that word (‘succinctly’) up in a dictionary. Learned something new today 😉

  10. I am new to the double dip. I had to engage American Express to reinstate my gold SPG status as a Platinum Amex holder (Amex card, not Delta Amex) and linked the account. I haven’t bought any tickets yet, but have used my Delta Platinum Amex as much as possible to get my 10k mqm points. Should I see these points appear on SPG as well?

    As far as Hotels are concerned, I am a Platinum Marriot guy and haven’t planned on changing. I put work stays on my Marriott Visa and personal stays at Courtyard, Fairfield, residence Inn, etc on my Plat Amex where I get a 5% rebate for all my stays deducted off my statement.


  11. No status with Delta (11K from silver…, but Plat with SPG). Delta points take about 3 weeks to post to my SPG account.

  12. Can you offer a review of the crossover program for those of us who are left out…thanks!

  13. to clarify: DL Plat w/ no status SPG- do i only get “perks” of SPG Gold or does it actually bump you to gold (so it shows on the Starwood website)? looks like only the perks, but wanted to check and see- also, in practice, have people actually gotten the DL Plat crossover bene’s recognized at Starwood properties or no so much?

  14. oh crap… when Crossover Rewards was announced, I must have not read about it thoroughly. I thought basically it was you get miles instead of starpoints or starpoints instead of miles. As I have found, with Marriott and IHG, your point are more valuable as hotel points than as converted miles, I quickly dismissed crossover rewards as I’d rather get the SPG points. Now I see you get to double dip! Darn – I have stayed at SPG properties for probably 3 stays, 10 nights since this program has been going on. And I am PM, so the upgrades and free internet would have been very nice… ugh….

    DUH TO ME!!!!

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