SWAG Saturday: $28+ Amazon coupon / credit up for grabs

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

As always, I thank you all when you use  Delta Points link to buy at  And also, as usual, when I get the proceeds from these I like to give them away to a reader and will do it this week as the SWAG prize.

We are also nearing the end for you to have a chance to qualify for the Silver Medallion gift / grand prize I will give away on July 1st (that is the June 29th SWAG will be your last chance to qualify). BTW I already have enough MQM’s to get another Silver Medallion gift for next year so I plan to give that away again next year as well.

So what shall we talk about this round? How about this, for a chance at the coupon, tell us (on the blog below – NOT via e-mail) what level of Skymiles member you plan to be by year end. That is, just stay as a Skymiles member or reach FO (Silver) or GM, PM or DM. Feel free to add, if you want, if you are flying MORE or LESS with Delta this year and if so, why. The rules, as always, are HERE if you want to look at them. – René

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Responses are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. It is not the bank advertiser's responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered.

René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. Uri Hadelsberg Reply

    I hope to get silver this year. was supposed to get gold but Koreans mqms are only 50%!
    I might stop flying Delta altogether if they keep on cutting on other partner’s mqms. Not to mention skyteam members EXCLUDING Delta, isnt as good as star alliance’s

  2. Since I’m already going for status on 3 other airlines I will probably not make it past general member…Maybe 2014. 🙂

  3. I’m just a lowly no status Skymiles member and will stay at that level. My home airport is a United hub so mostly fly United. I fly Delta only once or twice a year – and that probably won’t change.

  4. Sharon Jones Reply

    I’m actually using Delta less and United more….the connections just seem a little better for me.

  5. I’ll be doing a lot of flying for interviews next year, but I doubt I’ll hit anything more than silver.

  6. Abhishek D Reply

    Just stay as a Skymiles member unless I win your grand prize!

  7. Stay GOLD for sure with some rollover, if I can work in a family trip to Europe will aim for Platinum.

  8. Eric Barreto Reply

    I am current GM and should maintain that this year. Next year? We will have to see.

  9. Gold- I carried over about 24,000 MQMs, and I’ve reduced my revenue flying on Delta this year (cashing in my SkyMiles)

  10. I should be able to reach FO by Dec, but just barely. I’m focusing on flying Delta this year since I accepted a targeted AMEX promotion and have a nice pool of miles from NW before the merger. I’m planning to use those miles to take a nice vacation next year. With the new rules coming, and assuming I actually reach FO, I may status match to United after I “cash out” of Delta.

  11. Dropping to plain SkyMiles member from Silver Medallion. Been crediting all flights to AS.

  12. Gordon parker Reply

    Should stay gold for another year. Planning 1 mileage run plus my regular trips plus amx mqm bonus to hit the 50k needed.

    Contemplating a new alliance as all I hear is about cuts to program. Have not heard anything positive being given back to those who attain the or retain status.

  13. I gave up on trying for Delta elite a couple of years back. You have to be incredibly lucky to score a good redemption, so I’m just going after AA/US now.

    I don’t see any way that I’d be anything but regular “rock bottom” status by year end.

  14. GM and flying less this year because work is not sending me as many places!

  15. I’ll probably hit DM before the end of the year. I keep flying DL because they are a lot more reliable than UA/AA/US.

  16. Just an ordinarily sky miles member but still racking up points 🙂

  17. Delta PM currently but traveling less. Flying mostly on WN so getting more drink coupons but less miles for international trips.

  18. I might remain a silver, but I’m losing interest in even trying with all of delta’s devaluations making it even less worthwhile.

  19. Probably be dirt as I have been crediting all my DL segments to AF but really need to start moving them back to DL.

  20. No status now, but always hopeful. I do have about 140k Delta miles I’m hoping to add to.

  21. I’m pretty new to the game, and I’ve been told to focus on the airlines who have hubs near my home. So I’m afraid Delta will be minimal for me and I don’t expect to reach any sort of status with Delta 🙁 That could change, however, if I end up obtaining status some other way 😉

  22. I’ll make Silver and my husband will be Platinum. We’re flying about the same this year, but we’ll probably be flying American more and Delta less in the future.

  23. Gold! But I am flying less this year, because it’s become more expensive.

  24. Hoping to reach PM by the end of the year. I will continue to fly Delta because they have always treated me with excellent service.

  25. Probably just staying a skymiles member. Don’t have the vacation time to really fly (and being an ATL captive makes it harder and more expensive)

  26. BenTraveling Reply

    I’ll reach GM by next week, and I’m thinking about making a couple mileage runs and spend to reach PM by the end of the year.

  27. I am FO for 2013, only the 2nd time in my life having status. I plan to hit FO again this year to extend FO for 2014 – all this thanks to the insight from Delta Points, including a mileage run or two as fun travel!

  28. Member only. Don’t have the type of job where I can travel, so it is all vacation and credit card miles for me.

  29. Just a member. My miles are all from credit card sign up bonuses and spending. I had status once from a Membership Rewards promotion, but it expired.

  30. Just a member for me too. I don’t live in the best place for Delta flying and only travel for leisure. Maybe sometime I’ll have status!

  31. I am a lowly Skymiles member but I love Delta, have had the Delta Platinum card for years. I fly Delta primarily because it ROCKS!

  32. Maintain no status. Delta doesn’t offer convenient connections for most of my flying.

  33. Less flying this year….probably just stay Silver. At least it makes continued flying tolerable!

  34. I have no status yet. Really hope to get SM by the end of this year.

  35. I will be silver this year. I am flying more with Delta, but not as far.

  36. Looks like GM this year. Goal was PM but moved back to ATLANTA so my segments are half what they were even though I’m flying twice as much as last year. But I’ve still gotten several upgrades even on long haul domestic. Just don’t think Platinum is in the recticle anymore.

  37. I’ll be a Skymiles regular member at the end of the year. Was Silver last year and only a few miles from it again but decided against going for it. This years travel plans didn’t jive with Delta’s schedule. Went with 3 different airlines instead which all flew non-stop to our destinations instead of the necessary connection in Atlanta with DL.

  38. I have been flying less on Delta, so plan to stay a Skymiles member

  39. Silver medallion now, probably won’t requalify because of less travel for work.

  40. If all goes to plan I’ll be GM by the end of the year. May need to make another small mile run towards the end of the year to make sure, but I’ll get that GM.

  41. GM is my likely end. Legs is my way, not miles. Lots of short regional flights.

  42. I’m planning to stay just a regular no status Skymiles member, unless I get very lucky and win your grand prize! I’m flying Delta more this year, but that still isn’t much.

  43. Skymiles member…most of my work travel is always UA, and I don’y have any other planned trips this year on DL (which is similar to last year)

  44. GM for sure…possibly PM though business travel rules may have me at GM with DL and silver with usscare

  45. Thia is the first year I’ve ever had a shot at diamond so that’s my goal. I just hope that diamond doesn’t get “enhanced” to the point it disappears by the time I get there!

  46. Expect to be at least Gold, possibly Platinum between Credit Card and trips to see family in Europe

  47. oops

    ment to say

    where ever my 280,000 points from spend leaves me in the system

  48. Possibly FO or even GM if things get way to dicey over at AA.

  49. I will probably end up silver for next year. I am actually flying less on DL this year since I have recently discovered the joys of points and credit card churning and am enjoying the travel opportunities that have come with it.

    Can you please clarify what FO means? I often see you post it next to Silver Medallion status. Thanks.

  50. I have 6,112 miles in my account, and that’s where I’m expecting it to stay. Delta has done nothing to earn my business, and out of the four flights I’ve taken with them this year, only one was remotely painless.

    So, I guess my answer is “member.”

  51. Will easily make FO, but if some good mileage run fares come around I’d probably go for GM.

  52. PM by combination of spend on Delta Platinum and Delta reserve plus some flights. Flying less because my cards are earning me MQMs needed to reach PM – and I have less need to fly this year. Trying other airlines when I can just to make sure I want to keep investing with Delta.

  53. DM. Flying a lot more and should make DM for 2014 by October with a bunch of rollover.

  54. Just a member, not sure I will end up with any flights on Delta this year.

  55. Fo but close to GM and not sure if I’m going to go for it or let it carry over. Thanks!

  56. Considering making a few runs to reach PM so I can status match and stop flying Delta.

  57. I’m a regular member with no plans to change my status. I’m fine with coach travel and don’t “get” mileage running. I think Delta’s FF progam is the worst among the major airlines, but think they have a solid product and I enjoy flying with them.

  58. I will be a lowly Skymiles member. I’m not flying as much this year

  59. I’m a regular member for now but whenever I fly I usually go with Delta because I’m all about getting miles and using them for free flights and other perks and I’m always looking at ways to get miles either through renting cars, buying stuff sooner or later I will be movin on up and thanks to your blog I will know all the ins and outs of Delta.

  60. I will probably remain a regular sky miles member bit I am flying more with delta because I want to consolidate the points I have.

  61. Charter DM and working on DM through 2015 thanks to rollover MQMs.

  62. No status and will end the year with no status. Flying the same with Delta which is nothing.

  63. I’m at GM right now, will make PM on the trip next week. If this travel schedule keeps up, there is a reasonable chance I’ll hit DM at the end of the year.

  64. I’m a gold, maybe ill reach platinum this year we will see. I’m a hub captive in msp.

  65. I am hoping to remain platinum this year, but seriously considering my options elsewhere with all the Delta “enhancements” lately

  66. Started last year as an FO, made it to Gold mid-year, and after getting a taste of the better life…I’m trying for Platinum this year thanks to a healthy mix of work/vacation travel and Delta Amex Platinum MQM’s Bonus.

  67. No status and will end the year with no status. Flying the same with Delta which is minimally.

  68. Just started new contract w/ work that has me flying every week. I just finished 2 weeks of flying w/ Delta. If I understand the rules correctly, I should have enough MQSs for Platinum by years end (i believe I will be short less than 25 MQSs for Diamond).

    I don’t think will achieve rank via MQM’s (only 2K/week) so MQM’s will fall short of Platinum by quite a bit.

  69. HockeyCoachBen Reply

    Don’t fly Delta because they don’t service my home airport. 🙁

  70. Currently GM, and with the flights I have booked thru the rest of the year, looks like I’ll stay GM, and roll over about 12K MQM for the following year.

  71. Hopefully Silver if I can make it. I fly Delta almost always because my airport (DTW) is a Delta hub.

  72. Currently DM dropping to PM because status match on competition carrier due to the ‘enhancements’!

  73. Katherine Cano Reply

    I am a regular member this year but hope to be silver by next!

  74. PM

    My DL flying is a bit down this year, but I hope to pick it up in the 2nd half of the year. The changes haven’t drawn me away yet – but I’ll be gone if they get rid of MQM rollowever and make material adverse changes to the RDM redemption opportunities.

  75. JP Traveler Reply

    GM hoping to make PM, or high GM to make things easier next year … haven’t decided.

  76. Hoping to maintain silver this year but not sure its going to happen.

  77. Hoping to get to GM *and* that Delta will motivate me to stay with them as my primary airline. With AA/US merger, the new AA will be a far more compelling option for me from my home airport, and they have an award calendar that works! And miles that are redeemable at below 325,000 per business class ticket r/t…

  78. Gold…Silver…Diamond…maybe one day. I live in AA’s backyard and travel mostly to their major hub cities. I do fly Delta when I can, so I just might eventually be able to attain tin foil status. Might… 😉

  79. Non-status (but with AMEX Delta Gold card). I’m flying more on Delta, entirely because they had the best rate to Roatan – you really should look at this for a SCUBA trip, Rene. (I got in on the Alitalia booking deal last September.) I suspect that JAX is such a small market that Delta doesn’t do much to really try to undercut UA and US, so there’s no real incentive. And if I want to drive to Orlando, there so much competition that Delta *** can’t *** undercut too much.

  80. stacy Jordan Reply

    im currently a FO due to rollover miles but I’d eo a mile run so I can be GM.

  81. I am a mid-range GM. Will fall to general passenger next year as I retired in April. Not sure if I am interested in mileage runs starting from zero business miles to keep status. Will for sure book all my Skymiles before next February. Too hard to use them as a non-medallion.

  82. Randy White Reply

    I plan to be diamond. But next year I need to rethink my airline loyalty due to Delta’s change about earning miles and MQM on alliance partner airlines.

  83. Probably just make FO again. Minimal chance for higher, since I don’t have the spend to max out more than a Skymiles Plat for the 10K MQM’s. Flying a little more this year than last, mostly business.

  84. Gregg Goldstein Reply

    I shoul make silver this year and I am currently gold. I was supposed to go to auk rom fll, but the trip didnt happen.

    I am thinking about going back to usaor or aa witj a status match.


  85. Currently DM and plan on requalifying this year albeit with much less rollover

  86. Sarah Humphreys Reply

    I won’t get any status because I’m having my first baby! But, when I need to fly, I hope my dad will let me use his miles for a free ticket.

  87. Just staying a regular Skymiles member… not using Delta much these days.

  88. I am currently DM and will qualify again for DM on my next trip at the end of June. Will probably have more roll-over miles this year than last.

    When traveling on DL, ask the FAs, Red Coats and Gate Agents if they know what is going on with Delta towards the Medallions. I do and in more than 90% of the conversations, they had no idea that the benefits were being reduced on an almost monthly basis. They are very surprised that they are being asked (told?) to thank us for our business and management is taking away benefits.

    But where are we to go if not Delta? AA/USAir that will be in upheaval for a few years? AA doesn’t trust management and the honeymoon with US Management will probably be over in a year or two there. I have over 600K miles with AA. They aren’t the same airline since Mr. Crandall retired.

    UA? That airline has a long, hard road ahead of it. As soon as I step onboard a UA aircraft, I can tell whether the crew is UA or former CO. UA FAs have some of the worst attitude of any carrier I have ever flown (more than 40 years). This includes ground staff as well.

    That pretty much takes care of any carrier that flies internationally. This leaves Virgin America and Alaska as the only carriers I care to fly with in the US. Good service with both of them.

    It really leaves Delta as the best choice, but not as good as it was a year or more ago.

  89. Just an ordinary Skymiles member — I don’t fly much, but like to be informed when I do!

  90. Currently my wife and I are FO’s with 40K MQM’s thanks to Delta Amex Reserve cards and Vanilla. I may be forced to take her on a business trip ATL to HNL. Hey Rene, if we get tickets Y fare and sit up front, do we get bonus MQM’s? If so, I think we make it to GM.

  91. I plan to be gold again. Since hubby gifts it to me as a diamond perk

  92. Hit diamond for 2014 on today’s flight but 2H travel always lighter than 1H.

  93. Just a lowly Skymiles member for me this year, unless I get a job where I start travelling a lot!

  94. A regular member. I don’t fly delta enough to make a difference

  95. Lost Gold and now I’m in the back end for good because I’ve lost interest in pursuing Delta Status and Delta Travel.

  96. leslie brown Reply

    I am shooting for PM. I am a hub city, DTW and there seems to be mileage runs from this hub. Any suggestions? I am brand, brand, rookie new at the mileage run practice. Thank you! Enjoy your blog!

  97. Just a regular member. Not enough Delta flights this year to keep silver.

  98. Will make diamond again this year on my own dime. Not sure if i will qualify under next years mad ruleas

  99. No bling for me, but thanks to blogs like Delta Points, I am flying a WHOLE LOT MORE! I’m flying to Alaska next week to see a new grandson next week, flying to Utah for a wedding in August, and have enough points built up since May 1 to fly my son to the wedding so all the kids can be together for the first time in 15 years!

  100. General member, much less delta due to MQD, bad redemption, last minute bootings from assigned seats, and skunk-gate. I’ve already hit UA gold as a result, and am on track for UA 1k.

  101. Make GM again this year, though looks like I need to go on a 3000 mile run. A mileage run would be a first, so looks like I am flying less this year than last (doesn’t feel like it) and even had about 10 k MQM rollover from last year.

  102. I will be happy if I can make Silver next year. I lost this status last year and have had to manage!!

  103. I want to move up to FO (silver). I have been flying more since I moved to Austin, since they have a lot of great deals out of Texas.

  104. Gonna be a Diamond again. Lord only knows why I fly peso miles same year in and year out,

  105. Definitely can make Gold, but not sure I can maintain my Platinum status. 🙁

  106. I’ll be a lowly Skymiles member without something hugely unforeseen.

  107. GetToThePoints Reply

    Just plain old bottom tier SM member since all my flying is on points these days.

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