Thanks for helping “Bob” with #SkunkyGate 2013 – now what will Bob do?

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As  SkunkyGate  grows and frustration builds over bad beer and undrinkable “s-well drinks” ($6.99 per gallon when not watered down, I think) it is time to review what you readers think “Bob” should do. I really appreciate all your input and the diversity of the answers was great. Now I get this whole “stink up” about SkunkyGate is all about #firstworldproblems. I mean, really, a bunch of people griping over the quality of a free drink in a PVT club is so gosh! to begin with, but then again, it is what we do – right? 😉

Back on track. So here is one of my favorite comments about why we, and Bob, should just get over this from jene:

I could write something very snarky, but I will try not to. I understand your frustration at the drink changes, but seriously, if this is all it takes to cancel your membership and not be in the throes of the rest of travelers, especially in the summer, when families with myriad numbers of children who have never flown, are in the general boarding area, then cancel it. I say, get over it and either drink the cheapo liquor or pay to upgrade. Pull up your big boy pants and be thankful you are not among the inexperienced fliers with bawling kids!!

We hear you “mom” and nothing makes readers more passionate than writing about traveling with children other than maybe “passengers of size”!

But even so, we just don’t have to take #SkunkyGate sitting down (uh… other than in the Skyclub). No darn it – we should STAND UP, GET UP (just like Delta tells us they do) and ask for, nay, demand our right not to drink free swill! I mean, look at what reader Graydon said:

Take the refund. Get a Reserve. Still complain about skunk beer and well brands. Might not seem like much to Delta but to some of us it’s a big problem. If you are reading this Delta you need to be told again – stop it. We like you. We want to fly your airline. We put up with lousy redemptions of the lowest value mile currency and still do things like get AMEX Delta cards to make it work for us. Some of us pay for TWO AMEX Delta cards to make it work. Stop messing with us. I don’t drink that much “free booze” do I?

Here here! Well said. I agree. But if we put all the answers/comments to Bob’s query to readers into a list form, here is what we in general see:

1) Get over it & keep membership – 20%

2) Refund & get Delta Reserve for access – 26%

3) Refund & get NON-Delta  AMEX Platinum  for access – 26%

4) Go other places instead – 26%

5) Nina – ( you just rock girl 🙂 ) – 2%

So these are telling results to me and some are MQM collectors, others not so much (ie Reserve vs AMEX Plat for lounge access). It also says to Bob that it is just up to you to make up your own mind as to what you are going to do (I think he will tell us his choice soon btw). As for me, I now get in free thanks to my Diamond status and for free I can drink almost anything (I did go to college ya know)! – René

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  1. This is Bob. Ironically as I write this I am in a Sky Club. I love the Sky Club and Delta for that matter, for all the reasons that were pointed out. I would be drinking coffee and Bailey’s this morning, but this sky club is not allowed to sell liquor and give free liquor at the same time, so I don’t even have the option of paying $7 for an oz. Oh and the coffee machine is broke, so it’s water for now.

    Thanks to all of your input, I am going to cancel my 10+ year paid membership. I am paid up until Dec 31 2015, and will take the refund graciously offered by Delta. Those of you getting in free might not be heard by Delta, but those of us that pay, perhaps might be listened to and maybe they will understand we do care when they keep lowering the standards.

    Thanks to Rene’s suggestions I will make Diamond by November and then get in free. At that price who can complain? In the mean time, when I need access, I’ll buy a $25 day pass, or ask a fellow FF to bring me in as a guest. So if you meet a Bob outside a Delta club this summer, invite him in.

  2. I’ll be looking for you Bob. I got your back until you make Diamond. We can keep each other company while we drown our sorrows in skunk beer and cheap booze… I mean free water.

  3. Even for free I wouldn’t drink some of their horrible offerings but will be glad to let you in Bob (and Deltapoints people!)

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