Rookie Wednesday: Why you should fly Delta Air Lines!

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RenesPoints Rookie

Welcome to a weekly feature on the Renés Points blog. Each week this series covers in a “rookie” way either a Delta or travel related theme and attempts to break down to a basic level each topic. You can read up on all the previous posts HERE. Now on to this week’s feature.

We Delta loyalists tend to get “the look”. Oh you know what I am talking about, the look when you say you like Delta Air Lines! I say let them look. Let them stare (they are just jealous of our wifi onboard anyway).

So today, both in a fun way and a serious way, I thought I would take a rookie approach as to why you should fly Delta and why you should be proud to fly Delta. None of this should take away from what we want fixed, but that is not today’s focus. I also want to “HT” the “Mighty MJ” for the inspiration for this from his post last week (as an ATL flyer he is hub captive, but does like Delta and will be PM or higher by year end). So now on to my to top 10 list:

#1) People (a funny place to start right). If you want the best service on the ground or in the sky you need to fly Delta. I have heard so many horror stories about the other airlines. But from the phone agents to the check-in agents to the gate agents to the flight crews to the flight attendants – all are so very respectful and love the airline. Even the social media contacts at @DeltaAssist are just phenomenal. Also, to me anyway, Delta pilots do a great job of keeping me up to date when things are not going as planned (or as planned for that matter). I see all this each day I fly.

#2) The Jets. Delta has done and is doing a ton to upgrade both the economy and business class products domestic and internationally. Wifi is standard domestically and coming internationally. The seats are leather so you don’t (most times) have to worry about sitting in anything you don’t want to (yuck) and I just like leather seats. Also in-flight entertainment. So many now have the upgraded video and TV. Even if you have to pay in coach for a movie on a 5+ hr flight, it can be a nice way to pass the time.

#3) Drink and food choices. When a flight is properly catered, the snack boxes or cheese plates are very nice and now on flights to and from NYC to LAX and SFO you can even order custom meals. There is a ton to like here and more than just munchies are there for you to choose. Internationally in business the food is very good and truly enjoyable. I look forward to the “grub” on those flights and that says something to me. And then there are always Biscoff’s; who doesn’t love a Biscoff cookie now and then right! 😉

#4) Skymiles. For all the griping, we have great value when we can find and redeem for low level coach and business (or mix and match) across the planet on such a large partnership (even if they do not always play nice we can work around that – see E7 posts). With work, other than maybe 2 or 3 times, over millions of miles of redemptions, I always find low level seats and enjoy the trip (even in coach now and then)! Plus, if you cannot find a seat, spend your points from another airline as your Skymiles never expire.

#5) On time. I have done a BUNCH of mileage runs with tight day after day after day schedules. I mean 12 flights back to back over 3-4 days. Just about every time the flights are ALL on time (I say within 10 min counts). This is just stunning and impressive. Other than when I fly the partner Pinnacle Airlines (that is never on time) Delta is always just where I need to be when I need to be there. Perfect!

#6) Drinks in flight. Seriously (I know this sounds silly, but it matters). Drinkable red wine and there is Woodford. I mean Woodford! And Coke (not the “P” – word – sorry if I upset the other side of the cola war). I will say as loyal as I am to Coke, I hate Dasani water. Aquafina is just the best water on the planet to me.

#7) Help when you need it. This sorta works with the “people” but not really. Here is why. When there are say schedule changes or the times when you do miss connection or other issues both the tech and the reps can get the job done. Most rules go out the window and it is all about getting you from A-B. This matters and they walk the walk when it comes to this area. You don’t need MORE frustrations when these events occur. Also help with jets. If there is a broken jet with Delta, they can some times drag over another one or with many routes get you there another way (but you should know your options to help out when this happens)!

#8) Skyclubs. OK I have given the Skyclubs drinks a hard time as of late, but I love my Skyclub. I love the quiet and power ports everywhere. I love the lounge chairs in most of the clubs. I love the showers after a long flight. I love the people who help me when I need it. I love the wifi that most times works good enough. Also the fact GM+ plus flyers, even in coach, can enjoy the lounge here and “there” with flying internationally! Nice perk Delta.

#9) Phone app (before they broke it that is). If you have either an iPhone or just a few reservations the Delta phone app is amazing. Fast, slick and just loaded with good information. Most times great updates if issues happen and you can even check where your bags are (that is on your flight or maybe on another one)! Even the updates with TSA Pre check just rock and get me from the car to the Skyclub as fast as possible.

#10) The airports. Those who crack on Atlanta or Minneapolis or Detroit do not book enough time between flights. Discounting Skyclub time, there are many massage spas, bars, some very good restaurants and so much more. I like the Delta “hubs” and routes and find the way Delta designs an airport just works for me. I can not wait to spend some time in NYC’s TX4 soon; my fellow bloggers who have been there tell me it is great.

So there is my list. What do you think; does this list make you proud to fly our airline? I could go on and on with a bunch more like the boatloads of MQM’s I can get from the AMEX cards, the upgrades as a DM, but I wanted this to be for just about anyone who wants to fly Delta, not just elites (as promised last week). But what are the other positive and good reasons you fly Delta (this is not a post to bash as we have too many of those sadly already this year). Please take the time to shout out why your fellow Delta flyers can stand up and say with pride they fly Delta Air Lines! – René

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. Rene, I think I completely agree with you (at least more or less ;-))!
    Sure, some people prefer “P”, others RC or whatever. But I’m also the Coke guy and love my coke zero.
    So I do love the combo of three: Coke, Delta, Atlanta.
    I always make sure that I have loads of time when connecting through Atlanta. Just in case I’m in the slow line at immigration, etc. If everything moves fast, that’s great, that leaves more time to enjoy a Sky Club. I’m only Silver but my Amex Platinum lets me in.
    It’s right, Delta planes usually take off right on time. I only remember two major delays. One because of mechanical problems with a toilet (and it was a TATL flight, so a good idea to have working lavs ;-)), the other because some ATC stuff in Ireland was broken down.

    Like you I am also very excited about T4 at JFK. I’ll be in New York around Independence Day, so I am looking forward to experiencing the new facilities and much more, like my time in New York, or flying in BE. It’s my first time in international business class (low level award trip).

    Oh, and the drinks, right. Last time I had a first, since I tried Woodford. Yeah, not that bad!
    What I also like are some cocktails (I usually have a Sky Breeze across the Atlantic and a margarita on domestic flights).

  2. The answer is easy, you should fly Delta Airlines so you don’t take our seats on the other airlines.
    In all seriousness, Delta is a great airline unless you care about the miles. If all the recent changes have not discourage you from flying Delta, you should get a prize.
    Their red wine is horrible but I guess if you are mixing it with coke, doesn’t really matter

  3. dot cahill Reply


  4. I’m in ATL, so also hub-locked, but when it comes down to getting the job done, I feel I can count on Delta. I agree with your 10 reasons, and I could also make a list of 10 things I that need to be changed / improved, but those apply equally to many other airlines.
    I think I’m lucky to live in ATL (all my life), and have access to everywhere through this awesome airport (have you seen the new International Terminal?!?!?!) and Delta.

  5. More changes. Sky Clubs no longer offer Tanqueray Gin complimentary. They have replaced it with Gordon’s, which I happen to like anyway. Yesterdays travel not a good day for me or Delta. First 757 out of Ft. Lauderdale had engine problems, delay 2 hours, then another half hour, then another hour, and finally left over 5 hours late. I gave up and took another flight, lost my first class seat, only to find the next CRJ with mechanical issues, and delayed about 2 hours. The flight I took out of Ft. Lauderdale was delayed 2 hours, plane replacement in Atlanta.

  6. Great 10 reasons to fly Delta – and would like to see a rookie list of 10 things to improve. Misc. commenters: Yes, I’ve seen the gorgeous new international terminal in ATL. And glad you like Woodford – you mean Woodford Reserve bourbon? Made at an historic distillery among the rolling hills and quiet creeks in my home county, Woodford County, Ky. I live a few minutes away…..

  7. Thanks for the great post, Rene! Honestly, I am feeling a bit discouraged with all the changes occurring, especially since they are coming out piecemeal instead of at once, which tends to drag on the pain.
    That said, you outlined all the really great stuff about Delta, and sometimes we need to be reminded of it. Items 1, 2 and 7 are the reason I do not mind paying more for a seat than the competition out of PDX, as it is worth it.
    I would like to add another reason in-frequent regular fliers (those that fly 1-3 times per year) should consider Delta; they have the ability to purchase low-level status via the co-branded credit card. Some have dubbed the Delta AMEX as Bronze Medallion status, and I would agree. I think this deserves to be on the rookie list, as well.
    For $95 per year (gold card), a family can receive one free bag each and higher boarding status, regardless of how the ticket was purchased (or if an award ticket). This is a departure from the seemingly similar cards of the other airlines, and can really save money while making the flier feel important. In addition, SkyClub entry is only $25 for the family (or cardholder and two companions), which is very useful for these irregular operations or just to get out of the traffic of the gate (provided the traveler isn’t enjoying the airport restaurants 😉 ).
    Also for and additional $55 per year (platinum card), the card provides a free companion ticket. Of course, there are other benefits like 10% off in-flight food and drink or the normal service AMEX provides.
    On a personal note, I miss the partnership Delta had with Disney and I hope to see them partnering with other groups soon. I also like the relationship Delta has with Alaska Airlines (another great team), and I look forward to seeing how they interact with Virgin Atlantic. I hope this expands to the other Virgin brands.
    In summary, customer service really is a hallmark of Delta, and this is one area that makes it stand out from their competitors.

  8. When they get realistic on the award travel levels, I’ll start flying them again. On a recent trip to China, a couple in my group, for the identical itinerary paid twice as many miles plus $4K. That’s not worth it under anyone’s rules. Similarly, their reward levels for JFK-LAX are more than their competitors. Thanks, and I appreciate your loyalty, but no thanks.

  9. Sorry I can’t agree. I live in MSP and I TRY my best to avoid them.

  10. Usually, I don’t comment on these post because they’re silly. I have taken several flghts out of DTW, and it is not impressive. On international flights, Delta is sub-par. Food, entertainment, seats, mileage program included. Skyclubs, seriously? The only topic I agree on is that there has been a great improvement in the employee attitude.

  11. @Russ
    I have seen the international terminal, I love diversity of restaurants, gift shops, etc before security. I also like the convenience of riding the metro all the way to the international terminal. Also amazing that they finish it ahead of schedule and within the budget.

  12. I think I need to start a blog called because as a former DL GM that is now an MVP Gold, I was immediately impressed by how much more they are better than the legacies. I would agree with much of your list but tell you that Alaska beats Delta at 1-7 easily. On top of that, you can experience all the goodness of Delta while earning Alaska status so there is really no contest.

  13. Don Douglass Reply

    Delta and the Skymiles program used to be the best. Now they are not even close to best. It has really changed over the years.

  14. Hey Nic, I complained to the FA that the red wine was undrinkable and she got me a glass from 1st class. Nice

  15. Hi Rene,

    I would like to agree that Delta is the best airline,
    but I had a problem on my recent trip to Argentina S A.

    I used my miles to pay for the fare, but I also paid Extra for the RT fare,
    to fly on Extended Economy, because I have an injured knee.

    From FNT to ATL all went well, but the overnight and longest part of my flight,
    from ATL to EZE, I was put on Economy class.

    When I asked the fly attendant why i was not in the Extended Economy section of the plane,
    she said that it was because a different airplane and there was nothing she could do for me.
    She said I need to let Delta in BuenosAires know about it, so my credit card can be credited.

    When I arrived in BsArs I was told, they could not do anything,
    because the ticked was purchased in USA.

    After I arrived back in USA and I mentioned at Delta in ATL my situation,
    and the lady was rude and even ignored my complaint.
    Eventually she then gave me a phone number for me to call when I get home,
    She also told me there was nothing else she could do for me.
    I must say that all this time I was on a wheel chair.

    When I got home, I called that number .
    I was put on hold for a while and then someone directed me to another number,
    where I was told I need to send them the copies of my tickets, my passport,
    and my credit card etc., since they had no way to go back on my fly records!

    I said to the operator I just got of the plane. How come you don’t have my records?
    and that Buenos Aires should had taken care of my situation.
    I said I did asked in Buenos Aires, and that told me the opposite. etc.,
    and all I was doing exactly what I was told to do in Atlanta.
    The final response I was given was…We are sorry we can not help you.

    Needless to say, I could no believe it!

    Rene, maybe you, of someone in this forum may be able to help me or give some ideas.
    My question is, should I call my American Express Card and let them know?

    I’m going back to Argentina this Fall, for medical reasons,
    and this time I have to take my little dog with me.
    Because of my dog and my bad knee, I do need the extra room.

    I don’t know if I should also mentioned that I’m a senior, on a fixed income,
    and I can not effort to pay for a first class ticket, all just so I can have more leg room.
    Family and friends are going to give me again some miles for my ticket.

    Maybe it is time for me to look at another airline?

    Thank you Rene for your site and for the help and information you provide to all of us.


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